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Alphaliner: Panama Canal May will welcome the largest container ship 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that the Panama Canal will welcome the largest container ship passed since the navigation in May, and Alphaliner revealed that the evergreen Sea max-i-Neopanamax container ship Triton, which passes through the Panama Canal on the Asia-US east route, is wide Guoyi Shi meters, 20 columns wide (20row), the captain 369 meters, carrying the cabinet volume of 14,424 TEU, had not previously had the class of this captain, the type wide than the ship's ship passed.

According to Alphaliner, the ship is scheduled to pass through the Panama Canal on its way to Cologne on May 15 and continue to sail through Cologne to the East coast port of the United States, where evergreen shipping will become the first carrier to use the new Panama waterway transformed by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) after its successful passage through the canal.

The largest container ship currently on the Panama Canal route is the new Panamanian VLCS (Giant container ship), with a width of 19 columns and a width of Shiba Shi meters and a maximum of 366 metres for the captain.

In April (2018), the Panama Canal Authority announced that it would upgrade the permitted ship wide, allowing the ship width through the new shiplock to be increased from 49 meters (19 columns wide) to Guoyi Hibu meters (20 columns wide), and that the new rules would take effect from June 2018, nearly two years after the stable operation of the new locks.

Despite the increase in the permitted passage, the new rules remain unchanged at 366 metres for the maximum number of captains passing through ships. However, the Panama Canal Authority also mentioned that, after analysing the specific circumstances of the ship, consideration would be given to allowing large container vessels of up to 369 metres, such as Triton, to pass through the canal.

It is reported that the ship this (four) month 18th from the Asian-American and Western routes to Asia-the United States East Route AUE (far East―USEC service AUE), the route is also O-CEAN Alliance shipping network, one of the routes.

Tianjin Port Q1 container traffic 3.782 million TEU annual increase 5.1% 20190422 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the relevant units in mainland China, Tianjin Port group completed 3.782 million TEU of container traffic in the first quarter of this (2019) year, 5.1 per cent higher than in the same period last year, of which the volume of outbound container traffic grew by nearly 20 per cent over the same period last year.

The news points out that Tianjin port is committed to promoting the construction of intelligent ports this year, the three-year action plan, to enhance the efficiency of port operations, intelligent level, the period can reach the international first-class level.

From Tianjin port in the first quarter of this year, the successful opening of COSCO shipping new routes to domestic containers, the promotion of Nansha port to the internal container routes to upgrade, strengthen the coordinated development of the port of Tianjin and Hebei, the Bohai Sea extension to complete the container traffic 254,000 TEU, 10.4 per cent growth over the same period last year, the goal is to create a characteristic intelligent port

Industry insiders said that Tianjin port and promote environmental pollution prevention and control, wharf and yard sprinkler facilities, windproof nets, tent and other wind and dust suppression facilities, and closed transport system transformation, dust on-line monitoring system, strengthen marine pollution prevention and control, build into the sea sewage outlet on-line monitoring system, expand the shoreline surrounding environmental remediation, improve the port green beautification level, And then improve the port environment.

Sri Lankan police said that after 6 bombings earlier today (21st), a new explosion occurred in the north and south suburbs of the capital Colombo (Colombo), the eighth explosion in various parts of Sri Lanka today.

Police said the eighth explosion occurred in Ouro Godavata, a northern suburb of Colombo, and it was not immediately clear which target the blast planned to attack.

During Easter, 3 upscale hotels and 3 churches in Sri Lanka had a total of 6 explosions earlier today, and at least 156 people were known to have died and more than 400 had been injured.

This was followed by an explosion at a hotel in Dahiwala (Dehiwala) in the southern suburbs of Colombo, which killed at least 2 people and increased the death toll by 158.

Ouro Godavata's explosion was the eighth to explode today.

South Korea's two major shipping companies merger and transportation business

April 16, 2019 09:10:48 International Ship Network 


In order to build the scale economy of Korea's shipping industry in the face of the challenge of the global trading environment, South Korea's two major shipping companies, the long Kam Merchant shipping and Xing Ya Shipping (Heung-A), will integrate the transportation business.
The South Korean Ministry of Marine Fisheries (Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries) and the Korea Ocean Business company said that the long Kam Merchant shipping and Hing Ya Line had signed a contract on April 11 to merge its collection operations, And a full merger was completed in October this year.
At present, long Kam Merchant Shipping is the fourth largest shipping company in Korea, with a capacity of 56915TEU; Xing ya shipping is the fifth largest shipping company in Korea, with a capacity of 31345TEU. After the merger, it will become a shipping company with a capacity of 88300TEU, ranking third in South Korea and ranking 19th on a global scale. Most of the two companies are serving in the Asian region.
With effect from April 15, the long Kam Merchant shipping and Hing Asia lines have begun to integrate the collection services and a single entity will be formed in October this year. In order to achieve a smooth transition, the container business of the long Kam merchant ship will be merged in stages-first integrating the Southeast Asian route and increasing the China/Japan route by the end of next year.
The integration of long Kam merchant ships and hing Ya shipping is thought to be a prelude to subsequent integration into modern merchant ships. As early as the beginning of 2017, the long Kam Merchant shipping and Hing Ya line with the modern merchant shipping formed a tripartite cooperation of the "HMM+K2" Alliance, from March 1, 2017, is valid for 2 years of official operation.
It is understood that the long Kam Merchant shipping and Hing Ya line respectively engaged in China, South Korea, Japan and South Korea routes. After cooperation with modern merchant ships, modern merchant ships can make full use of the advantages of Xinghua shipping and long Kam Merchant Shipping on trade routes such as Japan, South Korea and China, and enhance their competitiveness. At the same time, hing ya shipping and long kam Merchant shipping can also reduce operating costs and improve customer service status.

Trade war is the best thing that has happened in container transport in the past few years 20190417 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the British shipping related website, George Youroukos, executive chairman of the Global ship Leasing company, stressed in a container transport topic at Capital Link's International Shipping Forum that the trade war was the best thing that has happened in container transport in the past few years.

George Youroukos stressed that because the characteristics of the shipping industry were cyclical and cyclical markets originated in supply, the trade war had controlled supply and broken the ordering mode of new ships, as the container shipping industry had been in a fluctuating environment over the past few years, particularly with regard to overcapacity. He is not worried about a trade war because he does not believe in the production of goods, which can be transferred from the Far East to the Western Hemisphere, so there is no need to worry about the significant impact of the trade war on the global container transport model.

Howard Finkel, executive vice president of COSCO Shipping (North America), noted that in December last year, US President Trump agreed to leave tariffs on 200 billion of dollars worth of products at a 10 per cent tax rate, while not raising them to 25 per cent during the 90-day tariff break, with large overpayments over the past six months, Long Beach and Los Angeles West Coast ports have seen unprecedented imports as large ships are being redeployed to accommodate the attendant increase in freight traffic as the tariff period approaches.

Cao Deambrosio, managing Partner of Seamax Capital, is also optimistic about the future of the container shipping market. He said the rate and utilization rate of the package has been rising since the beginning of this year, and if demand remains the same, people will not be overly excited about the new orders and should stay in good shape for years to come.

Youroukos added that as the new global low sulphur oil requirement came into effect in 2020, the speed of container transport could be observed to slow down by about one or two sections, and it was stressed that all ships trading in services were expected to slow down. Finkel said on IMO 2020 that the industry needed to agree on the right fuel solution to avoid the potential adverse effects of fuel pollution on ships, and stressed that Cosco planned to meet the new requirements by switching to low-sulfur fuel. Finkel believes that the fuel impact generated by IMO 2020 will be a key factor in the profitability of container scheduled route companies in the 2020.

Implementation of tariff quota agricultural products restricted to the Customs approved bonded warehouse 20190417

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" Keelung closed yesterday (16) day, if the industry imports the implementation of tariff quotas of agricultural products, only to the storage through the Customs review approved the self-management of bonded warehouses, please pay more attention to the provisions of the relevant procedures, so as not to delay the prescription of customs clearance.

Recently, some operators to D8 (marketed into the Bonded Warehouse and logistics center) declarations newspaper import and implementation of tariff quotas of agricultural products (such as red beans, liquid milk, peanuts, garlic, dried mushrooms, dried gold needles, coconuts, betel nuts, pineapple, mango, grapefruit, cinnamon, etc.), first according to the general tax code number to declare the non Then in D2 (bonded goods out of the Bonded Warehouse import) declarations declared out of the warehouse import, the application of the tax code 98th chapter Tariff Quota tax number, so that the goods can not be picked out of the warehouse.

Keelung said that due to the implementation of tariff quotas of agricultural, fishing and livestock products within the quota and quota outside the tax difference is very large, according to the implementation of tariff quotas for agricultural, fishing, livestock products into the Bonded warehouse should pay attention to the 1th provisions, only restricted to the storage through the Customs review approved the self-management of bonded warehouses.

According to the 5th requirement, the mainland goods which are not qualified by quarantine or are permitted to be imported without notice shall not be allowed to be stored in the Bonded warehouse, whether generally or independently managed. For bonded warehouses with autonomous management qualifications, enquiries can be found on the base of the website ( convenience services/Related operators list/Keelung Customs control container terminals, bonded warehouses and import and export warehouse operators ' rosters, which can be used more to avoid punishment.

2M Union invested 20,000 TEU transport capacity to the Guangzhou Nansha Port 

[Reporter Zhou Yang / Taipei】 mainland China according to relevant units, cabinet carrying capacity of nineteen thousand two hundred forty-four TEU, a long three hull hundred and ninety 15 meters of the "Mediterranean Clara" container ships this (four) months on the fourteenth day calling Nansha Port in Guangzhou, the Mediterranean Union on behalf of 2M line AM2 (Maersk (MAERSK) AE11 line, Mediterranean shipping Company (MSC) JADE line) fully open twenty thousand TEU-class transport capacity put into operation. 

Sources pointed out that in addition to "Mediterranean Clara" container ships, hull length of 400m, carrying cabinet capacity of nineteen thousand one hundred TEU's "In the global round" April 11 ports of call in Guangzhou Nansha harbor pier, represents the Union in the East MEL5W ocean transport capacity, from the previous fourteen thousand TEU-class, fully upgraded to twenty thousand TEU-class container vessels. 

Further analysis, Maersk and COSCO shipping (COSCO) put in eighteen twenty thousand TEU-class transport capacity within a week. MEL5W routes upgraded, by the sea into five COSCO, Orient Overseas (OOCL) into two twenty thousand TEU-class container ship operations, Nansha accommodation capacity will increase by 20%, upgraded AM2 line, Maersk Air Operations and the Mediterranean eleven twenty thousand TEU-class container vessels. 

In addition, AM2 route every Sunday calling Nansha, Nansha port mainly provides to Port Said, Gioia Tauro, Port of Barcelona, Walunxiya port, Piraeus Port and other direct services, especially to the Nansha Pasai Port of Barcelona only twenty-five days. 

According to the French shipping consultancy Alphaliner noted, 2M Union AM2 line is the route from Asia to the Mediterranean's first fully twenty thousand TEU-class transport capacity.

Announcement on the draft amendment to the customs clearance method for maritime Express goods 20190416 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" in order to meet the demand for express Cargo declaration appointment, the Ministry of Finance yesterday (15) Day announced the "Maritime Express cargo clearance measures" 18th, one of the 18th Amendment Draft, will be based on air courier cargo clearance measures 17th, set the import of simple declaration of goods, through the customs broker knot, Obtain the appointment documents of the taxpayer after the goods are released.

In order to simplify and speed up the follow-up procedures for the subsequent withdrawal of imported simple declared goods that have been confirmed as unable to handle customs clearance, this amendment adds a provision of article 18th to make it clear that a simple declaration of imported goods shall be confirmed by the courier industry within 7th from the day following the date of Customs declaration before the goods are released from the warehouse. Correction as a tax payer in the name of the holder of the bill of lading or the holder of the goods back to the export.

The case was implemented early, with a notice period of 14th, in line with the urgent need of the Legislative Yuan to consider the main budget resolution of the Ministry of Finance in 108 and to expedite the easy declaration by the operators of the procedures for the withdrawal of imported goods.
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Material-KY optimistic Southeast Asia Middle East market actively expand production
Latest update: 2019/04/15 22:34

(Central News agency reporter Pan Zhiyi Taipei, 15th) Materials-KY production of cellulose acetate, mainly including plastic grade vinegar slices, spinning grade wire bundles, following the introduction of strategic major shareholders in 2012, the expansion of wire harness production capacity, in March this year to expand production capacity, looking forward to the effective supply of Southeast Asia, and the Middle East market.

Material-KY explained that acetic anhydride, wood pulp can be made into cellulose acetate, and then divided into two application products, one is plastic grade vinegar slices, can be made into rubber particles, and then made of rubber plate, making spectacle frames, another application for spinning grade wire bundles, can be made into a filter, the common is cigarette filter.

Material-KY said that spinning grade wire bundles in the world only a few factories in the supply, is a high-tech gate of the oligopoly industry. Wire Harness main sales areas for South America, North Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions, vinegar film is the main sales area for China, are not the United States market, with the current U.S.-China trade war ongoing situation, the company's sales area, will not be affected by the U.S.-China trade war.

Material-KY stressed that the main expansion capacity phase of the silk harness plant in addition to the introduction of strategic major shareholder Macrifer in 2012, the expansion of 6,000 tons, more than 13,000 tons in March this year, Macrifer Group has the largest filter factory in South America and the top 5 cigarette factory, Through the introduction of Macrifer successfully entered the South American market, in order to expand the sea mouth.

Plastic grade vinegar film aspect, the material-KY said, through the upstream vertical integration stage homemade vinegar film, since 2016 the introduction strategy and the technical shareholder Thy Glory (prayer) shares in the vinegar Film Factory medium peak chemistry, causes the vinegar film factory to improve the product quality quickly, shortens the product development time process, quickly captured the vinegar film market.

In addition, after the downstream strategic alliance, material-KY pointed out that in 2019, combined with the 2nd largest rubber plate factory in Wenzhou Jinliang Plastic and pray, a joint strategic participation in Italy's 2nd largest rubber plate factory LA/ES in Hong Kong set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, indirectly into the world's largest spectacle frame brand factory.

Material-KY Statistics, revenue NT $458 million in the 1th quarter of 2019, up 5.21% from the same period last year, due to improved cost structure, the 2019 profession profit is expected to increase significantly from the same period last year. With the completion of the upstream and downstream layout, this year's operating conditions have the opportunity to grow seasonally.

In response to the needs of the previous large wire harness customers, the material-KY said, actively with customers to develop the current growth of highly high heating smoke (IQUS), there is an opportunity to cooperate in production in the second half of the week. 

The central bank of the financial Black Swan: The devastating disaster caused by the grey rhinoceros is stronger 

Reporter Mazheng/Taipei report 6 hours ago 


© Provided by NOWnews Network Co.,Ltd ▲ In many reports of the economic and financial crisis, the risks of Black Swan and gray rhino are often mentioned, and a central bank diagram tells you who is scarier. (Fig/Retrieved from the central bank Facebook)
In many reports of the economic and financial crisis, the risks of Black Swan and gray rhino are often mentioned, and a central bank diagram tells you who is scarier. Rhino. (Fig/Retrieved from the central bank Facebook)
In discussing the economic and financial crisis, the risks of black swan and grey rhino are often mentioned, and the Wall Street Journal has warned of the risks of financial stability in mainland China on the rhino of "Black Swan" and "Grey Rhino". But what exactly does "Black Swan" and "grey rhino" mean? What's the difference between the two? Central Bank on Facebook fan page pointed out that gray rhinoceros appear to be large, giving people a slow, safe and harmless illusion, once running wild, but there will be explosive attack power, and ultimately fear a very destructive disaster.

The Wall Street Journal has warned of the risks of financial stability in mainland China on the theme of "Black Swan" and "Grey rhinoceros". The central bank pointed out that the report, "in the financial zoo in mainland China, should be looking for grey rhinos, not black swans" (in the Swans of the look of Gray Rhinos, not black Zoo), Citing the remarks of Financial Stability Bureau officials of the People's Bank of China, the risk of a number of "grey rhinos" posing a threat to the financial stability of the Chinese mainland was reported, and the report commented that the risk of "grey rhinoceros" in mainland China's financial system was actually higher than the risk of "Black Swan".

And the "Black Swan" and "grey rhino" risk, although familiar in the financial circle, but what is the difference between the two? The central bank explained that the "Black Swan" incident is to describe the occurrence of very low probability, easy to ignore the event, with unfathomable, large impact channel, as well as after the Ming Dynasty, such as 3 major characteristics.
The Black Swan's metaphor originated in Europe in the 16th century, where Europeans used to think that all swans were white, but 1697 years later found Black Swans in Australia, proving that black swans are not "unimaginable" creatures, but also give rise to a special meaning. After New York University professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb published the Black Swan effect bestseller in 2007, The risk of "Black Swan" was widely valued.
As for the "grey Rhinoceros", it originated in January 2013 and was proposed by American scholar Michele Wucker until 2016, when he published "Grey Rhinoceros: How to recognize the obvious dangers we ignore and take action" (the Gray Rhino:how to Recognize and Act on It was only after the book Obvious Dangers we Ignore that it was widely circulated.
The central bank explains that "grey rhinos" are the most likely and influential, but neglected threats, not random surprises, but after a series of warnings and obvious evidence; grey rhinos grow in the African savannah, large body, giving a slow, safe and harmless illusion, it is worth noting that once the gray rhinoceros run wild, There will be explosive attack power, and ultimately fear a devastating disaster.

Wanhai 4/30 increase East China-Vietnam/Cambodia Route 20190415 

"Reporter Liang/Taipei Report" Wanhai Shipping will be added on April 30 by the East China Region link to Vietnam-Cambodia route (China―Vietnam―Kampuchea service referred to as CVK), and with the arrival of shipping to operate this route.

This route is equipped with three ships, from Wanhai Shipping put two, arrived shipping into a real 1,200TEU ship co-operation, the voyage period is 21 days. The maiden voyage will depart from Ningbo, China, on April 30, 2019. Route berthing Port is: Ningbo-shanghai-Da Nang-Ho Chi Minh Kale-Sihanouk-ho Chi Minh Kale-Hong Kong-Ningbo.

Wanhai said that in order to strengthen the layout of the Asian territory and Southeast Asian markets, the establishment of a weekly double-shift network from China to Cambodia, to provide mainland China and Vietnam and Cambodia more convenient, rapid and high-quality services to meet customer delivery needs.

Base port Enhanced wharf facilities for 225,000 tons of large cruise ships docked

"Trainee reporter Zhou Feng/Taipei Report" in line with the development of the international cruise home port and the demand for berthing, the Secretary of the Keelung Port branch, Lin Suru, pointed out that the port company had spent 640 million yuan to handle the whole dredging project in the West 2 to West 4 Wharf of Keelung Port, which would be up to 554 meters long after the construction of the pier. The water depth is minus 11 meters, the construction of 150 tons of Coug, 200 tons of straight columns and related fender, can provide 225,000 tons of the largest international cruise berthing, this whole construction project, will be completed in the near future, put into operation.

Taiwan Port Co., Ltd. held a press conference at the Ministry of Transport in Friday, on the construction of Keelung Port, the main secretary of the Keelung Port branch, Lin Suru, said that the project had commenced since October 14, 104 and had been completed this (108) year January 22. During the construction of the project, it is necessary to maintain at least one ferry terminal to provide operation, that is, half of the construction, half of the operation mode. At the same time, the West Bank passenger terminal is expected to be completed in October of Ming (109), when the Customs and Excise Department will also cooperate with the progress of the project to help expand the clearance volume and improve the efficiency of customs clearance. And Keelung Port Branch will continue to optimize the construction of Keelung Port Wharf, the introduction of literary creation industry, combined with the West Bank travel complex commercial building merchants, the formation of cruise tourism Corridor belt.

Land cut import posting tax on entry items 20190415 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that" mainland China has lowered import duties on imported goods commonly known as "posting tax", including lowering the tax rate of 1 and 2 on import duties on entry items from 15 per cent and 25 per cent to 13 per cent, respectively. Another original application of a 16 per cent tax rate and an export rebate rate of 16 per cent for export goods services, the export rebate rate was adjusted to 13 per cent; the export rebate rate for export goods and cross-border taxable acts, which were originally applicable to a 10 per cent tax rate and had a 10 per cent export tax rebate, was adjusted to nine per cent. The tax rebate rate is one by one per cent for overseas passengers shopping for departure tax rebates with a 13 per cent tax rate; The refund rate is eight per cent for overseas passengers shopping for departure tax rebate items with a nine per cent tax rate.

The Tariff and tariff Committee of the State Council of China has issued a notice to adjust the classification of entry items and the customs duties applicable to the postal tax, the principle of classification and the principle of determination of customs prices unchanged.

The Ministry of Finance, the general administration of taxation and the Customs Administration of China jointly issued a notice to determine the specific measures for substantial tax reduction of VAT, including: VAT Taxable sales of VAT or imported goods, the original application of 16 tax rate, the tax rate adjusted to 13 per cent; The original application of 10 per cent tax rate, the tax rate adjusted to nine per cent. Taxpayers purchased agricultural products, originally applicable to 10 per cent deduction rate, the deduction rate adjusted to nine per cent. Taxpayers purchase agricultural products for the production or commissioning of 13 per cent of the taxed goods and calculate the input tax at a deduction rate of 10 per cent.
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Note: The three major port terminals are adjusted for dangerous cargo handling

Recently, Qingdao port, Zhangjiagang Yongjia container terminal, Nanjing Port Longtan Port Container terminal and other adjustments to dangerous cargo handling, the following are specific measures:

Qingdao Port

April 23, 2019, in order to celebrate the 70 anniversary of the founding of the People's Liberation Army Navy, the Chinese navy will hold an international ship on the coast of Qingdao, Shandong province.

During the major event, Qingdao Port will take interim control measures against dangerous goods. The following are specific interim control measures:

1. From April 15 to April 30, stop loading and unloading production of 1-7 types of dangerous goods containers (including dangerous cargo container yard operations).

2, April 21 from 0 o'clock to April 26 18 o'clock, stop the oil products ship, chemical ship, liquefied petroleum gas vessel, bulk solid dangerous goods (except coal ships) ship off and ship loading and unloading operations.

3, April 22 0 o'clock to April 23 24 o'clock, the cessation of all tankers (buckle crude oil) ship off and ship loading and unloading operations.

On the April 4, Yancheng held a meeting of the municipal committee to point out that it is necessary to completely eliminate the small chemical industry with low safety factor and serious pollution problem with the will and determination to break the wrist with a heavy warrior. Careful study of Xiangshui Chemical Park and the city's chemical industry comprehensive management work, the complete closure of Xiangshui Chemical Park. Then Jiangxi, Henan, Shandong and other places also put forward proposals on the regulation of the chemical industry. Many ports in Jiangsu are affected:

Zhangjiagang Yongjia Container Terminal

April 1, Zhangjiagang Yongjia Container Terminal Co., Ltd. issued the "notice on the adjustment of dangerous goods operations" also made dangerous goods loading and unloading adjustment. The following are specific elements:

According to the requirements of the Zhangjiagang Environmental Protection Agency, at present, our company can only operate the following 19 United Nations-numbered dangerous Goods: Paint (1263), Ethyl acrylate (1917), Butyl acrylate (2348), isoprene (3295), solvent oil (1268), Resin solution (1866), Propylene alcohol (1274) , Chromium trioxide (1463), P-aminophenol (2512), lead oxide (2291), chlorinated benzene (1578), pesticides (3349), acrylic acid (2218), alkyl phenol (3145), bromine (1744), Amine (2734), environmentally harmful substances (3082), Heating liquid (3257), lithium Battery (3090), other dangerous goods suspended loading and unloading operations.

The present import of dangerous goods, please customers in the suitcase before April 15, the presence of dangerous goods, please arrange shipment as soon as possible.

Division I is communicating and coordinating with the relevant management departments, if there is progress, will be the first time to inform you.

Nanjing Port Longtan Port Container Terminal

The relevant shipping companies, freight forwarders companies:

In order to ensure the safety of dangerous goods port storage operations, in accordance with the higher authorities to further increase the supervision of dangerous goods requirements, in view of the lithium battery (UN3480) with high temperature and easy to burn explosion of physical and chemical characteristics, from April 15, 2019 (Next Monday), All dangerous goods entering the port UN3480 lithium battery must be carried in a freezer, and our critical cargo yard has a maximum stock of 30 40-foot standard containers per day.

We hereby inform you that all relevant shipping companies and freight forwarders are requested to communicate with each other.

Nanjing Port Longtan Container Co., Ltd.

April 8, 2019

(Source: Logistics BA Ba)

PIL President: Strong demand growth in Asia region container shipping is expected to benefit 

Mr. Zhang Songsheng SS Teo, President of Taiping Shipping (PIL), said there would be strong economic growth in Southeast Asia over the next few decades and that the container shipping market was expected to benefit from growing demand.

"Trade in the Asian region is bound to continue to grow, which will be the largest and most recent of us," said SS Teo, president of Pacific Shipping, Singapore, "13th session Maritime Lecture", one of the 2019 Singapore Maritime Week Series events, April 8. The most promising market. ”

"By 2035, ASEAN will be the fourth largest market in the world," he said. ASEAN has a population of 650 million, half of whom are under the age of 20. "This means that many resources and goods will flow from resource-rich countries to Asia to meet the needs of the growing middle class in the coming years.

Teo recalled that in the late 1990s, especially after China's accession to the WTO in 2003, economic growth was mainly concentrated in Europe and the trans-Pacific region. The economies of North America and Europe grew by 1% per cent, while container traffic increased by 10-11 times and about 8 times times, respectively.

"Economic growth in regions such as South-East Asia, Africa and Latin America may not lead to volume growth due to different economic structures, but consumption patterns and consumption levels in these emerging markets are changing. "Teo shared the Tao.

"Even in Africa, we are seeing the region slowly industrialize," he said. "For example, PIL is currently transporting processed rubber from West Africa to Asia.

In his view, the growth of regional trade, within the Asian region and even within the African and Latin American regions, would have great potential for development. 

PIL is now focusing its operations on Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and has upgraded its Asian to South American route services to take advantage of the growth in demand in these emerging economies. 

Teo said that for container transport, it is really necessary to take advantage of some quantities such as the demand for goods, economic growth, population size, etc., but these quantities are "variable". This will eventually lead to changes in the size of the deployed vessels, as well as the emergence of different hub ports.

"On the whole, I am optimistic," he said, "just carefully consider the direction of the growth of the goods and fully adapt to the trade development model when deploying fleets and route resources." ”

(Source: Maritime Services Network CNSS)

Trump trade war new front: the EU will announce $ 11 billion of goods taxed 

according to foreign media reports, the time when the United States said on Tuesday that Trump will be worth $ 11 billion EU trade tariffs, making the United States and Europe for a long time due to aircraft manufacturing subsidies triggered by disputes heat up, they opened another new front Trump global trade war. 

Twitter content, said:! "WTO that the EU subsidies to Airbus had a negative impact on the United States and now the United States will value the European Union to impose tariffs on $ 11 billion over the years, the EU has been accounted for in US trade cheap. this case is about to stop! " 

according to Bloomberg News reported on the 8th, the US Trade Representative's office late Monday in a statement citing the conclusions of the World Trade organization, namely aid to Airbus" and again "to" United States had a negative impact. " Therefore, starting Monday, it will be 1974, "Trade Law" Article 301, launching a program, based on "prior to the cancellation of these subsidies in the EU is determined, can impose additional tariffs on EU goods and products." 

The US government said that only after the World Trade Organization (WTO) final approval this summer, the United States will impose tariffs on about $ 11 billion in imports from the EU. This in many ways provocative. The emergence of this threat comes as the EU member states for the final phase of the negotiations on the terms of the European Commission authorized the government to negotiate with Trump on industrial tariffs. Therefore, the latest threat may make the negotiations more complicated. 

The United States and Europe blamed each other for their respective aviation giants Airbus and Boeing illegal aid, assist them in the global jet industry advantage. War of words between the United States and Europe has been going on for many years. 

In response to the United States, the European Commission earlier on Tuesday said it will begin to develop plans for revenge Boeing subsidies. 

"The European Commission has already started preparations, so that the EU can take action on immediately ruled the retaliation authority pursuant to an arbitration institution," European Commission spokesman said. "The EU and the United States for consultations remain open-minded, provided that, without any preconditions, and is committed to reach a fair result." 

(Source: Logistics Baba)

Qingdao Port construction of two wharf projects this year 20190410 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the relevant units in mainland China, Qingdao Port This (2019) year will focus on the promotion of the former Chengwan Automation Terminal Phase II project and Dong Jiakou Port crude oil terminal Phase II project will also be started.

The news pointed out that this year, Shandong Province will focus on promoting Qingdao port pre-Chengwan Automation Terminal Phase II project construction, 2019 Shandong actively built six major projects including Qingdao Port Chengwan Dubai Global Wharf Project, the project will build two 100,000 tons and two 30,000 tons of container berths, wharf length of 1320 meters, Design year through the ability of 2.2 million TEU, the total investment amount of 7.11 billion yuan. In addition, Qingdao Port Dong Jiakou port Area crude oil Terminal Phase II project will build a 300,000-ton oil berth, hydraulic structure in accordance with 450,000 tons of tanker design and construction, design year through the capacity of 18 million tons, the total investment amount of 1.56 billion yuan, and strive to complete the construction of the wharf main body within the year. It is reported that Qingdao port is currently planning the four major port area functional layout, such as the construction of container Green Demonstration Wharf, the Old Port area Garden Wharf, dry bulk cargo dust-free specialized wharf and odorless liquid Chemical wharf.

Promoting trade liberalization in Shanghai to implement the reform and innovation plan of the FTA pilot area 20190410 

[reporter Chen Weiqiang / Taipei] Shanghai has implemented the implementation plan of free trade pilot area reform and innovation measures. In order to enhance trade liberalization and facilitation, it will allow the bonded maintenance enterprises registered in the customs special supervision area of Shanghai pilot free zone to try out the multi account exchange management of bonded maintenance and bonded logistics, and encourage enterprises to operate in multi-mode. It will further promote the "single window" of Shanghai's international trade and port (ports) between member economies of the Asia Pacific electronic demonstration port network (AP-MEN), and connect with the main port ports along the "one belt and one road".

In addition to optimizing the investment environment and enhancing the level of facilitation of trade liberalization, the implementation plan will also promote financial openness, innovation and innovation of human resources protection mechanism. In the promotion of trade liberalization and facilitation, we will support more qualified foreign trade enterprises in the Shanghai free trade pilot area to carry out bonded maintenance business, optimize the process of declaration, approval and refund of deposits, and discuss the system of enterprise credit guarantee. It will speed up the construction of the public service platform for bonded vessels and supplies, simplify the operation procedures of the relevant documents in the area of special customs supervision of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and support the supervision and management mode of "distribution and collection" for the bonded maintenance of the aviation and shipping department, so as to improve the convenience of transit.

In order to further deepen the 3C certification reform of parallel import cars in Shanghai pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai will promote the establishment of standard compliance places in the special customs supervision area, so that Pudong International Airport airport port will become a designated port for parallel import of automobiles, so as to promote import vehicle bonded storage and display business in Yangshan Bonded Port Area. In the future, Pudong New Area will also implement the free import and export technology paperless registration and management pilot in the future.

In addition, in order to promote the construction of an international bulk commodity spot trading platform in the Shanghai free trade pilot area, we will carry out pilot projects such as Bill of lading, letter of credit settlement, pre-sale transactions, and the mutual recognition of warehouse receipts by the Shanghai futures exchange, and conduct spot commodity bonded, non bonded and offshore trading in Shanghai free trade zone. At the same time, we will deepen the pilot of customs tax guarantee insurance, promote more enterprises and insurance companies to participate in the pilot projects, and reduce the cost of trade import and export funds.

In order to optimize the process of acquiring air cargo manifest data, it will speed up the sharing of Shanghai international trade "single window" and the national standard edition data, accelerate cooperation with banks, insurance, ports, electricity suppliers and other related industry organizations, and promote more Shanghai FTA pilot business into Shanghai international trade "single window" FTA.

Taiwan new born shipping network

ICS, ASA, ECSA signing MOU strengthen cooperation in pursuit of the best interests of shipowners 20190410 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the UK shipping related website, the International Shipping Association (ICS), the Asian Shipowners Association (ASA) and the European Community Shipowners Association (ECSA) signed a joint memorandum (MOU) in Singapore on 8th to enhance mutual cooperation on maritime related issues.

According to the message, the three associations, which account for about 90% per cent of the global merchant fleet, recognize the membership of their respective national shipowners ' associations and their relationship with their national governments, and through this memorandum of cooperation, recognize ICS, ASA and ECSA as major global and regional associations, Representing shipowners and operators in all shipping departments and the shipping industry, global and regional organizations, regulatory bodies and other transport agencies that are sufficient to affect international interests.

According to Esben ICS Chairman Poulsson stressed that shipping is an industry that requires global rules and that relationships between them should be further consolidated to ensure effective support for the global shipping regulatory framework and opposition to regional or individual measures that may impede normal trade between maritime transport and are unpopular.

The representative of ASA also said that, in particular, the overall demand for shipping services in Asian economies was becoming increasingly important and that the benefits of Asian shipping were appropriately represented on a global scale.

ECSA President Panagiotis Laskaridis pointed out that the EU's maritime policy has a significant impact on the regulatory development of forums such as the United Nations Maritime Organization, as well as on European and global ship operators, whether in cooperation between the International Maritime Organization, ICS and ASA, or with institutions such as the European Union, Strengthen cooperation between each other, can pursue the best interests of shipowners.

Can Nigeria step in to assume continental leadership now that South Africa has slipped from top spot

With South Africa going the way of Zimbabwe with the seizure of white farms, there those who are now dusting off old ideas about Nigeria becoming the continent's leading nation.

Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world.

On the face of it, Nigeria (pop 186 million) has what it takes to assume the leadership of Africa. It is the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous country in the world. As the world's 20th biggest economy, it overtook South Africa to become Africa's largest economy in 2014.

However, say critics, its regional power and capacity sometimes seem to be stunted by internal and external problems that challenge the substance of any such ideas.

On the surface, Nigeria meets the conditions for qualification as a regional hegemon. At the same time, like any other middle power, Nigeria has strengths and weaknesses that both reinforce and deflate its capacity and willingness to play the role of top dog in Africa.

Over the years, Nigeria has been able to use its economic strength positively within Africa. For instance, at the peak of its economic recovery following a devastating civil war, Nigeria persuaded its neighbours to form the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Then Nigerian leader, General Yakubu Gowon, not only played a pivotal role, but also pledged that his country would be responsible for a full one-third of ECOWAS funding.

First, the oil boom of the 1970s brought about a buoyant economy, then increased the impetus of Nigeria's rising continental prominence. The confident posture of Nigerian leadership and the economic prosperity and its increasing well-being allowed a more rigorous foreign policy.

Nigeria became the world's 12th biggest producer of petroleum and the eighth largest exporter, and has the 10th greatest proven oil reserves and joined the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). Oil plays a big role in the Nigerian economy, accounting for 40 per cent of GDP and 80 per cent of state revenues.

Externally, this manifested itself in the leading role Nigeria played during the struggles to secure independence for Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Namibia and Zimbabwe, as well as the dismantling of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

At last, its inability to shake the need for military government to ensure stability ended when Nigeria regained democracy in 1999 with the election General Olusegun Obasanjo, the former military head of state, as the newly elected President of Nigeria.

This ended 32 years of military rule (from 1966 until 1999), excluding the short-lived second republic (between 1979 and 1983) by military dictators who seized power in coups and counter-coups during the period of military juntas before 1999.

Although the elections that brought General Obasanjo to power then and again in 2003 were condemned as unfree and unfair, Nigeria has since shown marked improvements in attempts to tackle government corruption and to hasten development.

While history notes these promising developments, Nigeria still has serious problems that block the road to continental leadership.

First, Nigeria is divided between its simmering Muslim north and predominently Christian south, which is frequently near the boil. Once the Miss World pageant was moved from the nation's new capital Abuja to London after violent protests by Muslims in the northern part of the country that left more than 100 dead and more than 500 injured.

Then rioting erupted after Muslims in the country reacted in anger to comments made by a newspaper reporter. Muslim rioters in Kaduna killed an estimated 105 men, women and children with another 521 injured sent to hospital.

More important, Muslim Boko Haram terrorists have left 12,000 people dead and 8,000 people crippled. Beginning in 2019 they killed six soldiers in an ambush. Benin, Chad, Cameroon and Niger have long since joined Nigeria in a united effort to combat Boko Haram in the aftermath of the Chibok kidnapping of 276 schoolgirls.

In April 2016, over 500 people in 10 villages in predominantly Christian areas in Agatu were murdered by Fulani herdsmen. A visiting Nigerian Senator reported that all the primary and post-primary schools, health centres, churches as well as the police station in the area were destroyed. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) representative said in 20 years of work, she had "never seen such a level of destruction".

While the Nigerian Army has had some success in rescuing a number of Boko Haram kidnap victims, it still far away from eliminating this scourge. Last year, the Nigerian Army killed 15 Boko Haram insurgents and rescued 49 persons in separate encounters between the insurgents and troops throughout the Southern Lake Chad Basin. Kidnap ransom is Boko Haram's primary revenue source.

The Nigerian troops also killed 11 insurgents during a battle in Gamoran Village, while the remaining insurgents were killed escaping. The Nigerian troops rescued four men, 33 women and 16 children from the insurgent bases in the area.

Last October, Islamic Movement of Nigeria activists marched in Abuja to protest the detention of their leader Ibrahim Zakzaky. The group blocked traffic and were met with troops. Rioters threw rocks and the soldiers who fired back killing between 20-40 and wounding 100. The army disputed the figures, saying they only killed three.

In the face of this evidence, one might disqualify Nigeria as fulfilling any grandiose role as continental leader. But on the basis of two points of comparison, it can be said Nigeria's the situation, however bad, is getting better, while South Africa's is getting worse.

South Africa's crimes are fewer in number and represent fewer fatalities, yet they contain an element of racial hatred not present in Nigeria. Nigeria, on the other hand, finds itself in common cause with the forces arrayed against jihadhism worldwide in which it shares a common front with America, Europe, Russia and China, and from which, it can expect support in its campaign to suppress the Muslim terror.

One might dispute the nature of the degree of evils between one and the other, but it is safe to say that South Africa's animus against white is unhelpfully directed against those who provide much, if not most, of the foreign direct investment and development assistance.

Drury: IMO 2020 will bring M & amp; a activities to the shipping industry 20190408 

According to Drury Drewry, a leading British maritime advisory body, Zhou Jia's more vulnerable shipping companies may be subject to mergers and acquisitions due to additional costs added to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) low sulphur fuel regulations.

Drury pointed out that the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2020 is likely to trigger the bankruptcy of some operators, or lead to more defensive mergers and acquisitions, IMO will inadvertently promote the integration of the shipping industry, so that operators closer to the needs of customers, in order to have sustained profitability. The agency also said that although the increase in demand and freight costs in the last quarter of the year (2018), while helping the container shipping industry to restore about $1.5 billion in profits, the shipping industry has not yet fully recovered from the global financial crisis and damaging losses.

Drury stressed that as the International Maritime Organization's sulphur limitation period became closer, the carrier would inevitably be worried about the overall impact and whether the carrier would be able to deal with the additional associated costs added, such as the cost of installing the scrubber and the additional funding requirements for fuel credits.

The agency's analysis, the last wave of M & amp; A activity from now on, was the merger of COSCO Group and China Shipping, a Japanese operator, and NYK, MOL and Kline in the first quarter of 2018. It is worth noting that the current leading seven shipping companies The actual control of the global container fleet is about three-fourths. Although previous mergers and acquisitions have brought control of the global market to almost a few routes, there is still varying degrees of competition in the marketing section.

Even if the 2020 sulphur limit does stimulate another wave of shipping consolidation, there are still enough shipping companies to block the high concentration of large transactions, which may require some unexpected large mergers and acquisitions to consolidate.

East Asian oil tankers filed for bankruptcy protection

Following the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping, another South Korean shipping company, Dong-A, filed for bankruptcy protection in Seoul.

The East Asian tanker was founded in 1968. It had 17 fleet, consisting of 2 bulk carriers, 4 container ships, 8 oil tankers and 3 automobile carriers. It was a well-known brand in the Asian shipping industry. Its court bankruptcy application has attracted many people's surprise and has been profitable in recent years.

The East Asian tanker said that because of strong pressure from the state backed banks, the Korean Industrial Bank and the Korea import and export bank, it had to go bankrupt protection. This shows that the company failed to refinance vehicle operators, forcing them to seek court protection.

In recent weeks, due to the company's efforts to find a non court solution to break the financial deadlock, the East Asian group began selling some of its ships. Last month, it was reported that East Asian tankers had sold two chemical tankers built in 2009.

Wanhai Shipping adds Vietnam Haiphong-US-West Direct route
Reporter Chen Jonglu/Taipei Report

In order to enhance the faster and more convenient service of the Far East to the United States, Wanhai Shipping will launch a direct route from Vietnam Haiphong to the United States and West at the end of April, the current CP1 route is the first time to be attached to Haiphong for April 30, and covers the South China Port-Nansha/Hong Kong/Yantian, fast direct to Long Beach/Auckland In addition, a new direct route to the United States and west of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, is CP5, with the time of the port of Hong Kong, which is April 28.
CP1 Service has a total of 7 ships sailing, Wanhai sent two ships, and with PIL cooperation, CP5 route is operated in the form of swap accommodation.
Wanhai Shipping offers China/Southeast Asia direct to the U.S.-West route, the path is as follows: 
CP1: Haiphong/Nansha/HONG Kong/Yantian/Long Beach/Auckland/Yantian/Haiphong
CP2: Lianyungang/SHANGHAI/Ningbo/Long Beach/Seattle/Lianyungang
CP3: Fuzhou/Nansha/HONG Kong/Yantian/Xiamen/LOS Angeles/Auckland/Fuzhou
CEN: Tianjin/Qingdao/SHANGHAI/Los Angeles/Auckland/Tianjin
CP5: Port Gedo/LOS ANGELES/Auckland/Hong Kong/gaime Port

One shipping launches new surcharge pricing system due to 2020 sulphur restriction order
Reporter Li/Taipei report

This (four) month celebrates the first anniversary of one shipping as a result of the 2020 Sulphur Restriction order, the company joined the interbank competition to collect the "fuel surcharge" strategy, the introduction of a new pricing system called "one Bunker surcharge".
The source stated that the company intends to disclose its pricing mechanism to customers prior to the entry into force of the sulphur Restriction regulation in 2020, adopting price mechanisms similar to those of major shipping companies such as Massek Shipping, Mediterranean shipping and flying shipping, using indices that take into account fuel prices, load factors and uneven flow of goods. The new pricing system, known as the "one Bunker surcharge", applies to all new contracts until further notice, while existing contracts contain existing BAF mechanisms up to the due date.
Cheng June a year of one shipping claims a year of operating results, such as: 
-Boost its refrigerator energy, one is now among the top five refrigerated shipping vessels in the world (over 250,000 TEU)
-Introduction of 31 mega-container vessels (including 20,000 TEU vessels)
-Launch of four large container vessel berth terminals (4 million TEU) at Pasir Panjang Pier in Singapore, one with the Singapore Port Group (PSA Singapore) joint venture.
-Obtain the highest productivity record of "NYK Swan" at the Pasir Panjang Pier in Singapore.

Dry port port Electric layout completed 40% Estimate 2020 completed 50% 20190328 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the relevant units in mainland China, at present, all over China has completed more than 2,400 sets of onshore electrical equipment, covering more than 3,200 berths, of which "Port Port electrical Layout program" has completed about 40%, the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal Water service Area basically realized the full shore power coverage, in the (2018) year published " Views on innovating and perfecting the price mechanism for green development will be free of charge (capacity) for Port bank operators with two-part electricity prices by the end of 2025.

The news pointed out that China's promotion of port power policy, in 2017 issued the "Port Port electrical layout Plan", plans to 2020 the main port more than 50 of the container, cruise ship, passenger roll, 3,000 tons above the passenger ship and 50,000 tons above the dry bulk cargo and other five types of specialized berths will have the ability to provide shore power.

Industry insiders believe that the development of a low-carbon economy, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, effective response to climate change is the current global common responsibility, port ships on the shore of electricity to enable berthing ships to achieve " Zero emission ", is currently one of the most effective ways to save energy and reduce emissions in the field of Hong Kong airlines, the crew can reduce the labor force on duty, the shipowner can reduce fuel costs, reduce the cost of equipment operation and maintenance, the port terminal can optimize the harbor environment, and through the shore power services, enhance the overall competitiveness of the wharf.

Ho Chi Minh Port greets 222 meters long container ship 20190328

Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei reported that according to relevant units in mainland China, the 222-meter "Morotai Morotai container ship of the" CMA CGM "arrived at Ho Chi Minh SP-ITC International Container port, This is the port to greet the largest container ship ever.

 According to SP-ITC International container port, the port has been greeted for the first time since the port's direct opening of Australian ships, and this year SP-ITC international container Port will invest in the expansion of docks, container depots, technical infrastructure and so on. The SP-ITC international container port, which has been in operation since September 2016, is the first private investment in Ho Chi Minh City to develop the largest international container port with advanced machinery and equipment, with an investment of about $200 million, a total land area of 48 hectares, a port main wharf length of 1000 meters, and a port design with 34,000 containers The first phase of the port, which developed 20 hectares of land, could be moored by cargo ships with a length of 230 metres and a load of 35,000 tons (DWT). The operationalization of the port of SP-ITC is of great significance to the economic development of the Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces and cities of Vietnam, and also relieves the problem of container throughput and transport congestion in the port of Ho Chi Minh City.

Customs to strengthen the verification of high-risk areas import express goods, parcel 20190328 

Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that "Taipei Guan continued to strengthen detect in mainland China (including Hong Kong, Macau), Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand and other high-risk areas, such as the import of express goods and postal parcels, to prevent the collection of smuggled pork and related products, in order to prevent the outbreak of invasion."

Taipei closed yesterday (27) said that in recent years, the development of international e-commerce and online shopping, people online ordering all kinds of foreign goods at the same time, should avoid violating the relevant quarantine regulations. In addition to pork, any animal products, such as those referred to in regulation fifth of the Regulations on the prevention and control of animal infectious diseases, shall, in accordance with the first provisions of regulation 34th of the Ordinance, be applied for quarantine by the importing person or agent of the quarantine object at the port of quarantine and the export of the quarantine organ to the animal quarantine organ. In the event of a breach of the regulations, the competent authority may, under regulation 43rd of the Ordinance, impose a maximum penalty of NT $1 million absentia. If the unauthorized importation of quarantine objects referred to in regulation 33rd of the Ordinance is prohibited, the person concerned shall be sentenced to imprisonment for a term not less than seven years and a fine of NT $3 million under the first provision of regulation 41st.

Taipei Guan said that the common plant and plant products of the e-commerce website, etc., may belong to the first provisions of the 13th article of the Plant epidemic prevention and quarantine law, the quarantine object.

The importation of such quarantine shall, in accordance with the first provisions of article 17th of the Act, be applied to the phytosanitary authority by the importing person or his agent for quarantine upon arrival at the port and station.

In the event of a breach of the regulations, the competent authorities may, in accordance with regulation 24th of the same law, impose a maximum of NT $150,000 on absentia. If the unauthorized importation is the subject of the first paragraph of article 14th of the Act or the first item of article 15th, which prohibits the importation and non-importation of quarantine objects, and is afraid to commit a fine of up to three years ' imprisonment, criminal detention or section or NT $150,000 under the first provision of article 22nd of the Act.

Customs Department export containers pointing finger cabinet inspection program implemented in April 20190329 

[Reporter Chen Weiqiang / Taipei】 Ministry of Finance and Customs Department issued "refers to export container inspection program counter pointing" from the April since the formal implementation. Exports of goods by container exports approved C3 manual inspection of the screening by the Customs case selection system implementation refers cabinet Zhiwei inspection, Unchecked who remained refers cabinet inspection. When screened to mean a cabinet of export container inspection Zhiwei, sending N5109 (inspection of cargo notification) message, the container number will increase twelfth code "*", on behalf of the cabinet selected pointing inspection (for example: CAIU1234567 *). 

Provides that to mean by screening cabinet inspection of export containers Zhiwei, have to apply to Customs by the exporter or customs brokers appointed by the Customs (whom by the section chief or deputy thereof) reclassified instrument inspection after approval. 

Through the reclassified instrument of export container inspection, is a cross-customs export shipment (declaration of the first code and the third code is different), it shall be after the release of the original check and correct customs area, he again and again to the customs area export shipment . The preceding paragraph shall outbound containers such as instrument inspection, warehousing should open a "declaration stage Containers (object) instrument inspection notice" referred to truck drivers go through the station, escorted by the inspector to handle the instrument Instrument Inspection Station inspection. Upon completion of the inspection instrument, regardless of whether the abnormal image shall return the original cabinet field waiting for release. 

Is a non-cross-customs shipment exporter, mutatis mutandis, the boat clearance (first estimated a posteriori) way to handle customs clearance. After the completion of assessment points, escorted by the inspector container inspection station instrument to examine the implementation of the instrument; containers as required outbound inspection instrument, shall be open warehousing "Containers (matter) waybill" and "instrument inspection notice" referred to truck drivers handle outbound. When the meter check, went, will be towed back to the original storage cabinet cabinet demolition field inspection. When no unusual instrument check, shipment To ship has been in port, that is signed by the inspector release notice to complete the release of the shipment; To ship port of shipment have not yet rely on, still escorted back to the original inspector storage cabinet field release, waiting for shipment. 

For non-approved by the Customs inspection instruments were reclassified, based upon the pointing finger cabinet examine ways to handle customs clearance.

Vietnam Plastics Market has great potential

According to the Mordor Intelligence Research report, in the 2018-2023 phase of the plastics market, the annual compound growth rate (AGR) ratio can be forecast of about 6.63%, while stamping technology accounts for the highest proportion. This technology is widely used in household equipment, home appliances, automotive regulatory boards and so on. In addition, packaging, automotive, electronics and other related industries are expected to lead the development of the market in China at these stages. It is worth noting that when Foxconn, Samsung and other well-known brands have increased their investment in China, showing that the Vietnamese market has a great potential is increasingly attracting the attention of domestic and foreign investors.

Specifically, the Vietnam Plastics & amp; Exhibition Corporation (VINEXAD), a subsidiary of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam, and the Hong Kong Yorkers shares and commercial company, in collaboration with the Vietnam Plastics Association, organised the "tenth Hanoi plastic, printing and packaging exhibition" At the I.C.E International Exhibition Centre in Hanoi from 12 to April (Hanoi Plas Print Pack), attracting more than 180 domestic and foreign units to register for the exhibition, the number is doubled from last year, the most prominent of which is Taiwan and South Korea's independent exhibition area.

At this exhibition, Toyo and De Paauw will show domestic and foreign operators a variety of different types of high-quality plastics and recycled raw materials; Chyi Yang, Aoxiang and Polystar promote multi-layer plastic film blowing machine; Hemingstone and Chao Wei brings a variety of bags used in different types of bag making machine; Changsheng company showcases the German Leibinger brand industrial inkjet machine; Queesense introduces aniline printing presses that conform to printed polyethylene, mobile phones, roll paper and other packaging raw materials.

In addition, the organizing committee will hold a thematic seminar on April 24: "Vietnam Plastics Industry-Packaging industry: a great opportunity from the fourth industrial Revolution", participants will discuss the background of this revolution and the direction of industrial development in the context of the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). In particular, the seminar will also help domestic and foreign operators to better understand the current development of the plastics market in Vietnam, so as to delineate future investment development strategies


︻ reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that the free trade port area has recently become the focus of attention again, the Ministry of Finance said that I six of the sea and air in the free trade area to provide operating goods and self-use machinery and equipment from abroad, exempt from customs duties, excise duties, business tax and other related taxes, in order to effectively use the capacity of outside the region The customs procedures for the processing of manufacturers outside the entrusted area of the free trade area have been further simplified, and when the import of foreign goods commissioned for processing is to be completed after customs clearance, the diameter is shipped to the manufacturers outside the area.

The Ministry of Finance pointed out yesterday (26) that in order to develop the global Operation management model, enhance national competitiveness and promote economic development, China has promoted the establishment of free trade port area from 92 years, including Keelung Port, Taipei Port, Su Kwan O, Taichung Port, Anping Port, Kaohsiung Port and so on (six seaports), and Taoyuan Airlines (one airport), Special economic zones belonging to domestic Guanwai.

In addition to tax relief, the Customs and Excise Department provides independent management of cargo control, computer on-line customs clearance and accounting processing operations in the area of ease of customs clearance, and the import and export of goods into the FTZ port area shall be subject to application for reduction, exemption or return Monthly reporting "Way to handle customs clearance, reduce customs clearance and cargo handling costs, free trade port tax-exempt goods, machinery, equipment to the tax area for repair, inspection, testing, processing, to avoid providing tax security and other convenient customs clearance measures.

The Ministry of Finance said that the department had further simplified the customs procedures for the processing of manufacturers outside the entrusted area of the port of trade area, and that when importing foreign goods commissioned, they had to complete the customs clearance outside the track, and the measures were subject to two customs clearance, that is, the declaration of F1 (marketed into the Freeport area), F2 declarations and two transport, the goods from the dump to the free trade area and the free trade area to the outside of the district manufacturers, the simplification of the declaration process for only the declaration of F1 Declarations one of the paragraph customs clearance, that is, foreign goods to the outside of the district manufacturers for processing, in order to effectively reduce the operating costs of operators, and shorten logistics operation time.

In order to reduce the cost of customs clearance and enhance the competitiveness of the industry, the Ministry of Finance said that the Customs and Excise Department in the Free Trade port area Customs clearance actively promote the relevant convenient measures, please make good use of the industry.

Dongguan direct flights Cambodia, Vietnam Route opened 20190326

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the relevant units in mainland China, "sea speed 6th" This (three) month, 22nd, berthing 6th, Dongguan Port, Guangdong Province, China, on behalf of Dongguan Port Group Southeast Asia Direct route: Dongguan to Cambodia (Sihanoukville)/Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Haiphong) Route officially opened.

The news pointed out that the route was operated by Antong Holdings (Antong Holdings), invested in two 700 TEU ships, the implementation of Zhou Ban, Dongguan port for the route of foreign ports, four days can go directly to the Cambodian port of Sihanoukville, Dongguan Enterprises connected to the "Belt and Road" along the country another important water convenient channel.

It is reported that the opening of the Cambodian Vietnam route, for Dongguan Port to actively promote the "Belt and Road" important node port construction, enrich the route network of a key measure. As a manufacturing city, Dongguan produces a large number of textiles, footwear goods need to be shipped to Cambodia, Dongguan Enterprises have been hoping that Dongguan can have a high-quality Cambodian route. To this end, Dongguan Port Group and Huitong Holdings through market research and route planning, Dongguan Port as the main route of the export port, in the shipping schedule, class and Cabinet source to provide adequate support. The main goods carried by the first voyage are footwear, textiles and building materials, respectively, from 13 enterprises, this direct route opened, than the original barge operation of maritime transport mode is more time-sensitive and economical.

At present, Dongguan port domestic trade routes have fully covered the main north and south of mainland China ports, and opened six foreign trade direct routes, including two Taiwan routes and two South China Sea defense line, a Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Line, a Cambodian-Vietnamese route.

No agreement to take off Auding: EU air and freight services are still available 20190326 

Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that "the EU has officially allowed the United Kingdom to continue to provide services to and from the European Union for air, cargo and passenger cars under no-agreement Brexit, and that British transport operators travelling to and from the European Union will not be required to apply for permission from the European Transport Ministers ' Conference (ECMT) to enter the EU before the end of this The ECMT permit is to allow transport operators to be transferred through the EU to third countries.

The British government has issued a press release stating that the authorized general commercial buses and long-distance passenger service providers can continue to provide services between the UK and the EU until the end of 2019. The UK has also announced that it will provide the EU's air, transport and passenger operators with equal access rights.

The British government signed an agreement with Norway last week to ensure that transport and commercial bus drivers continue to enter and leave Norway in line with the current model. As the average driver of the UK drives into the EU without an agreed Brexit, it is necessary to apply for documents, including an international driver's license and an insurance green card, regardless of the circumstances of Brexit, commercial trailers weighing more than 750 kg and non-commercial trailers weighing more than 3,500 kg are also required to register. The British government has completed the confirmation of shipping measures to ensure that flights remain in operation under no-agreement Brexit.

In addition, the British government announced last week that if the UK were to leave without agreement, the tariff rate of the operators at the time of import goods might be adjusted and the temporary rate would be implemented from 11 o ' clock on the evening of March 29 for a maximum period of 12 months. Under no-agreement Brexit, the government will update the tariff rate on the UK Trade Tariff website, and operators can use the Customs Code to check the applicable tax rates, including preferential tariff rates (preferential tariff rate), MFN tariff rates (MFN tariff rate) or tariff quota rates.

The temporary tax rate after Brexit is available at: 
Taiwan Freshmen newspaper Shipping Network

Commercial Port Association promotion of New Economic migration Fana commercial Port Wharf Middle Level Technical manpower specification

 Taipei report

Taiwan Commercial Port Business Development Association in response to a draft "New Economic immigration law" proposed by the government department, yesterday (26) on the Board of Supervisors proposal to urge the Ministry of Transport to include the relevant work categories for the handling and transportation of ship cargo (cabinets) at the commercial Port Wharf in the draft medium-Order Technical Manpower specification announcement, as a way to solve the domestic sub
Commercial Port Association pointed out that in recent years, the labor force caused by the lack of children is self-evident, in the case of wharf loading and unloading practitioners, professional technology in addition to the need for experience to accumulate experience, in the continuous training of the labor force must continue to cultivate, should not have faults, in order to maintain the responsibility of China's import and export goods and people's
At present, there are more than 3,000 employees in the domestic loading and unloading industry, whether in the bulk cargo terminal or container terminal, such as manpower supplement and generation fault problems, but also through the campus levy, employment Guidance Center media and other ways of recruitment results are poor, sincerely hope that the "new Economic migration law" dezheng to increase the manpower to solve the international commercial port manpower problems. Talent development and the recruitment of new blood remain ongoing work and are not halted by the opening up of foreign manpower to maintain the balance of manpower supply and demand required for ship handling operations.
The association stressed that the opening up and introduction of foreign talents was not intended to deprive Chinese people of their right to work, but rather as a complement to the manpower, to hire foreigners when the number of people hired could not meet the needs. In order to protect the right of Chinese people to work, the employment of foreigners and the proportion of Chinese nationals will comply with the relevant norms formulated by the competent authorities in order to balance the right to work of the Chinese people and to meet the manpower needs of the operators.
Also under the "New Economic migration law" Draft, will be relaxed, the new applicable object of work qualifications, permanent residence and according to relatives norms, which are applicable to the industry needs "middle-class technical personnel", the period can be commercial Port Wharf ship Cargo (cabinet) loading and unloading and transport of the relevant work categories in the draft Dison the second third paragraph " Other foreigners with the ability to work in the middle order "are included in the scope of the announcement, and the department is sensitive to the characteristics of the industry and the sustainable development of the industry.


Shanghai Port Comprehensive promotion of efficiency reduction and other 22 reforms 20190325

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" in order to enhance the efficiency of cross-border trade in Shanghai, Shanghai Port will comprehensively promote the "early declaration, early exchange of orders" operation, and establish a "early declaration" fault-tolerant mechanism, the full implementation of container equipment handover orders paperless, the implementation of port fee reduction targets, such as 22 reform measures.

Shanghai Municipal Commerce Commission (city Port Office) a few days ago, the United Cities Transportation Commission, Shanghai Customs and other related units jointly issued the development of "Shanghai port to deepen cross-border trade and business environment reform measures", a total of 22 six major items, focusing on the industry's general concern about the Shanghai water Transport port "efficiency reduction."

For the overall promotion of "early declaration, early exchange" operations, enterprises will be encouraged to confirm the transfer of manifests, goods to the customs before the declaration of import Declaration form, at present, Shanghai customs has been in Pudong International Airport, Yangshan bonded port area pilot, Waigaoqiao Port has also begun to pilot export "early declaration", as regards the comprehensive promotion of import cabinets cargo " In advance of the order "section, will establish the import goods" early declaration "fault-tolerant mechanism, not by the enterprise subjective intentional and the enterprise actively to the Customs to report, and can promptly correct the violation, will be lighter, reduced or exempt from punishment.

Shanghai at the same time will further simplify the procedures for the processing of documents, in addition to streamlining the customs declaration accompanying documents, the overall promotion of the "Customs Special contribution book" Enterprises Independent Printing, at present, Shanghai port shipping companies have completely stopped issuing written equipment handover orders, estimated to the end of the year can be a step further to the bill of lading paperless.

In order to further enhance customs clearance supervision operations, Shanghai will also accelerate the establishment of a cross-border trade management big data platform, promote "aggregate taxation", "Tariff guarantee insurance", and gradually promote the import of mineral products "first post inspection" regulatory model.

Shipping companies concerned about the reduction of port costs and norms, Shanghai will implement the cargo port fee reduction of 15 per cent, security fee reduction of 20 per cent of the policy, to promote port enterprises to further reduce the removal costs of 10 per cent, and continue to promote agent operating process reduction costs, while strengthening price supervision and inspection, public charges directory list, no charge outside the list.

As regards the upgrading of port services, Shanghai will strengthen the Single Window service function of international trade, pilot the promotion of "supervision + supply Chain" information services in key industries, and incorporate illegal irregularities in cross-border trade activities, which will be incorporated into Shanghai's public credit information platform in accordance with the law, and the implementation of joint corrections.

Note: Export of Japan GSP concession suspended from April 1 

The General administration of Customs issued a notice, with effect from April 1, the Customs and Excise Department no longer issues GSP certificates of origin and related Japanese feed processing certificates for goods lost on the day.

So you can't apply for a certificate of origin since April 1?

GSP certificates of origin cannot be applied for, but can be applied for the issuance of non-preferential certificates of origin.

The specific announcements are as follows:

About no more goods on the day of loss

Announcement of the issuance of GSP certificates of origin

General Administration of Customs announcement 2019 48th

According to a briefing by the Japanese Embassy in China, the Ministry of Finance of Japan has decided not to grant GSP tariff concessions to Chinese goods for Japanese imports with effect from April 1, 2019. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

First, since April 1, 2019, the Customs and Excise Department will no longer issue GSP certificates of origin and related Japanese feed processing certificates for goods on the day of transmission.

Second, if the shipper of the goods in Japan needs proof of origin documents, may apply for the issuance of non-preferential certificates of origin.

Hereby announced.


March 22, 2019

(Source: Logistics BA Ba)

Trump suddenly withdraw sanctions on Chinese shipping company 

American President Trump policy toward the day appeared in nearly 180-degree turn, lead to chaos and confusion within the Government. 

According to foreign media reports, March 22, US President Trump said that the White House has just announced the withdrawal of a sanction against North Korea. Tweets said: "The US Treasury Department today announced that, in addition to the existing sanctions against North Korea, large-scale implementation of additional sanctions today I have ordered the cancellation of these additional sanctions.!" 

On Twitter Trump issued by White House spokesman Sanders said in a statement, "the president likes North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, he believes these sanctions is not necessary." As for what specific sanctions, she did not say. 

Trump's statement to his aides and administration officials at a loss. Trump referred to is unclear which of the sanctions. However, some government officials quickly interpret that Trump said that on March 21 the US Treasury Department sanctions against two Chinese shipping company, the two companies allegedly helping North Korea and the international community to circumvent US sanctions against North Korea. 

According to documents released by the US Treasury Department, Dalian International Freight Forwarders Ltd. Haibo and Liao Ning Danxing International Freight Co. violation of UN Security Council sanctions resolution on North Korea to help the North Korean maritime activities, to help them "to bypass the sanctions", therefore the US Treasury announced sanctions against these companies. 

US Treasury document published March 21 in that, according to Executive Order No. 13722, US Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) believes Dalian International Freight Co., Ltd. Haibo transport goods to North Korea through the Korean Paeksol trading company. Meanwhile, according to Executive Order No. 13810, OFAC also identified Liao Ning Danxing International Freight Co., Ltd. engaged in the transportation industry in North Korea, "Liao Ning Danxing often use deception that North Korean officials in the EU for the North Korean regime can operate and purchase of goods." 

US Treasury Secretary Mu Nuqin in a statement announcing the sanctions, said the United States believes that "the full implementation of UN Security Council resolutions related to the DPRK is critical to the outcome of the DPRK denuclearization." He said: "The Treasury will continue to implement our sanctions, we once again reiterate that the use of deception to conceal the illegal trade and shipping North Korea will face a huge risk."

US National Security Adviser Bolton also expressed on Twitter: "the shipping industry must take more action to halt North Korea's illegal behavior shipping everyone should pay attention to and review their activities to ensure that North Korea does not participate in acts of evasion of sanctions.." 

To here, in the Department of State, held a regular press conference the afternoon of March 22, Department of State spokesman Geng Shuang said in response, China has always involved towards the implementation of resolutions adopted by the Council scrupulously. He also said that the matter has made solemn representations to the US, urged the US side to stop immediately about the error as to avoid affecting the cooperation on relevant issues. 

(Source: International Ship network)

Land drop port Toll boat will visit the Hong Kong Bureau in effective response to the 20190325 


"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei reported that the National Board of Directors (three) month 20th convened the supervisory Board of Supervisors, Chairman Liu Youmin speech, said, in response to the Ministry of Transport of China announced that since April 1 (108) to reduce port charges of about 5-15%, for a period of five years, in order to promote the economy, hope that the Port Authority and port companies immediately assess, To make effective response measures to ensure the competitiveness of Taiwan's ports.

The National Federation of Shipping Agents ' trade associations of the Republic of China (Jilong) held the "Nineth Joint Meeting of the tenth session" at the Ninth National Congress on March 20, which was presided over by the Chairman, Liu Youmin, and attended by the Chief Secretary of the Customs and Excise Department of the Ministry of Finance, Lin, director of the Northern Aviation Centre of the Aviation Port Bureau. In his speech, Liu Youmin pointed out that the mainland of China announced on the March 18 that it would amend the Port fee billing scheme to reduce some of the charging standards by 15 per cent, 20 per cent, ten per cent and five per cent, respectively, by freight port fees, port facility security fees, pilotage (berthing) fees and the fees charged for sailing ships on routes within mainland China. To ensure the competitiveness of Taiwan's ports, he hoped that the Port Authority and the port company would immediately assess and make effective response measures.

In another, for China's customs to require customs clearance data transmission through the practice of third parties and charges, Liu Youmin suggested that over the years caused a heavy burden on the transport industry, please refer to the Port Bureau commissioned China Telecom Development MTNet and open industry free use of the way, in order to effectively reduce the burden of the transport industry.

This meeting of supervisors, Liu Youmin and reminded member companies, shipping agency industry to apply the Rauki law 36th quater, that is, seven off a holiday, can be adjusted during the cycle, to pay attention to the need for a collective agreement, if more than 30 people, but also to the local authorities to report, in order to be effective.

In addition, Liu Youmin also said that in the past, only the ship transport industry, which has now included the shipping agency industry, will increase the financing pipeline for working capital and that the operators can make good use of it, and he is grateful to the Hong Kong Bureau for its great assistance in promoting the industrial upgrading measures of the Port Authority.

China's Pearl River Delta invites comparisons to America's Silicon Valley in economic importance

Not so long ago, what a lady bought in shops from Montreal to Melbourne, from Cape Town to Cologne likely came from the largest urbanised centre in the world, a conurbation of dozens of interlocking cities and towns from Hong Kong 70 miles to Guangzhou.

If that boast is no longer true, it is because what is mostly bought in shops touches the human body, namely clothes. While clothing was once made along the banks of the Pearl River, these factories have since moved inland in search of affordable labour or to other regions like Indo-China and Indonesia where such can still be found.

While rising standards of living along Pearl have gradually priced its inhabitants out of low-end markets, they have come to dominate a high-end mass market in the manufacture of electronics and the now globally ubiquitous smart phones.

There are streets in Guangzhou that specialise in selling electronic components to the manufacturers of electric and electronic goods, which include watches, clocks and toys as well as infrastructure for devices in everything from computers to land planes at airports to running computer games. Hence, the more recent comparisons of the Pearl River Delta (PDR) to California's Silicon Valley south of San Francisco.

Much of this output is invested by foreign entities and is geared for the export market. The Pearl River Delta Economic Zone accounts for one third of China's trade value.

Privately-owned enterprises have developed quickly in the zone and are playing a growing role in the region's economy, particularly after the environment for privately-owned enterprises had been relaxed.

The delta, also officially known as the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, is a megalopolis, expected to become a single metropolitan area. Today, it runs along the southern coast of China, which includes Chaoshan, Zhangzhou-Xiamen, Quanzhou-Putian and Fuzhou.

The nine largest cities of the delta had a combined population of 57.15 million at the end of 2013, comprising 53.69 per cent of the provincial population. According to the World Bank, it has become the largest urban area in the world in both area and population.

This region was also the source of much Chinese emigration from the 19th to the mid 20th centuries, including to the Western world, where they formed many Chinatowns. Today, much of the Chinese diaspora in the US, Canada, Australia, Latin America, and much of Southeast Asia traces their ancestry to this region.

The eastern side of the Delta, from Shenzhen, adjacent to Hong Kong to Dongguan next to Guangzhou, is dominated by foreign capital, is the most economically developed.

The western banks of the Pearl from Zhuhai, next to Macau, runs to Jiangmen and Foshan, adjacent to Guangzhou on its western side. This area is invested mostly by domestic private capital. New transport links are expected to open up the underdeveloped western side of the river with the recent opening of the spectacular 50-kilometre (31-mile) Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, expected to further integrate the cities, and facilitate trade within the region.

Until 1985, the banks had been mainly dominated by farms and small rural villages, but after the economy was reformed and opened, a flood of investment turned it into an economic powerhouse.

While Europe and the US lead the world in innovation and Singapore, Japan and Korea continue to lead in Asia, there is a game of catch-up being played at a micro level in the Pearl River Delta.

Shenzhen-Hong Kong is now recognised as the world’s No 2 science and technology cluster, behind Tokyo but ahead of Seoul (No 3) and Silicon Valley (No 4). But China’s top two regions have only two such technology clusters between them (one each) while the two US counterparts collectively have six, or three each.

In the US, these technology hubs within the same region are geographically dispersed - one needs to fly from San Francisco to Los Angeles, from Boston to New York. In contrast, the Pearl River Delta is unique - a mega region which is at the same time a metro area. Distance is compressed by high-speed train and a mega bridge. Such infrastructure connects three mega cities and nearby urban areas into a single metropolitan area of close to 70 million people. Such unparalleled concentration of economic activities facilitates growth and innovation.

Herein lies China’s hope to ascend global league tables to top economic regions. Each Chinese city alone is no match for New York. But the Pearl River Delta - through its connected infrastructure - is China’s New York, San Jose and Los Angeles combined. This combination can unleash its full power if each city plays to its complementary strengths in concert with its counterparts.

Thus, as long as wayward politics does not affect what seems to be developing naturally, then the Pearl River Delta is the area to watch for high-tech product development internationally.

Leadership issues in future trade relations between China and the United States

Two separate, but similarly determined leaders have emerged in China and the United States with the advent of Xi Jinping in Beijing and Donald Trump in Washington. Both are very different from those who preceded them.

To be fair, President Trump started the recent trade war, though President Xi was making what has been perceived as mini, if not micro aggressive moves before that, such as his Belt and Road scheme and the seizure and militarisation of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, contrary to the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration in the Hague.

For his part, President Trump decided to act on long-standing popular trade grievances, against the advice of the Wall Street voices of globalisation that seek to preserve the soaring China trade.

But despite such blandishments, President Trump stuck to his popular China trade policy of "reciprocity or else" despite accusations of "protectionism" from the media and the establishment of his own Republican party.

Japan's Nikkei Asian Review traces the roots of the trouble back to when the United States was an embryonic republic after the American Revolution in an article entitled: "Want to Understand the US-China Trade War? Turn Back the Clock to 1784".

Of course it wasn't the Americans who had the first dispute with China over trade. It was the British.

Then as now, Chinese trade policy was governed by the principle that nothing was allowed unless permitted while the west held that everything was permitted unless forbidden.

Thus, China would only allow the export of tea, while growing the tea plant itself remained a state secret. It would also allow the export of silk, though not the silk worm and the means of production. Chinese furniture too enjoyed a brisk sale in Europe and America in the 18th and 19th centuries. But in exchange the Chinese would only accept silver.

This led to a global imbalance of silver bullion in China's favour until the west found a commodity for which the Chinese would part with their silver, however surreptitiously. And that commodity was opium.

This led to the first Opium War after which the Chinese permitted treaty ports to be established throughout China. Apart from the entirety of the Island of Hong Kong, these consisted of urbanised strips a typically a quarter mile deep and a mile to two miles along the waterfront in major cities, though much larger in the case of Shanghai. Through these treaty ports goods could be bought and sold under the laws of the various western powers that shared the space.

These concessions, centred on a "bund", a Persian word for urbanised embankment, A mid-sized one was in Wuhan, then called Hankow, with Hankou being the name that bund district retains to this day.

In the middle reaches of the Yangtze, the Hankow treaty port area was divided into 40- to 150-acre allotments to the British with biggest and Russia with the smallest, with Germany, France and Japan controlling the other. The US while active in these treaty ports never had a plot of its own, but acquired space from others and possessed some of its finest buildings.

But rising Chinese nationalist sentiment expressed in lethal rioting shut down the weaker treaty ports in the 1920s and '30s. By the 1940s, only the French and Japanese concessions were operating. That was because the occupying power, Japan, was allied with the Germans who had occupied northern France, with a treaty with collaborating southern Vichy France, which was allowed to administer French colonies under Tokyo's protection.

All that was swept away with advent of the Communist regime, which led to China's isolation until the age of Deng Xiaoping through the 1980s, whose "opening up" policies led to 30 years of relative prosperity and galloping GDP growth the like of which the world has never seen.

Most welcomed this development when at last it appeared that China appeared to behave like other co-operative nations. All this culminated in China joining the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 2001, a move that had it achieve double digit GDP growth for next decade.

But the Nikkei Asian Review article noted "there was also a growing consensus within the US that China’s entry into the WTO heralded every American economic ill from mass unemployment to the devastation of its manufacturing base. There is doubt about Chinese motives and an underlying fear of China as a dangerous geopolitical rival set on world domination."

China disagreed, of course, “such doubts come partly from the shortage of knowledge of China, and partly from some countries advancing their own interests,” countered Xie Fuzhan, president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

But what was evident to all, not only in America but in Europe too, was that whatever was made locally was now made in China, or increasingly on some ever more distant shore as the Chinese standard of living rose, and ironically priced themselves out of markets they themselves had created. This prompted some production of low-end Wal-Mart consumables to move away from the coast to inland centres where there was still an abundance of affordable labour. Or alternately to Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Indonesia. As GDP soared some alleged that China clung to the trading concessions conferred on third world WTO members well after these advantages ceased to be appropriate.

Overall, these developments had their goods and bads. All welcomed the accompanying dramatic reduction in world poverty. India's living standard were rising too as were those in sub-Saharan Africa, where container terminals were popping up, showing that there were enough local consumers to justify the container loads of goods people were now able to buy.

To this we add China's Belt and Road initiative, forging links and plugging holes in supply chains, that not only facilitated imports, but made, or would make possible, local producers gain access to world and regional markets. And with mobile phones as ubiquitous as plastic bottles, e-commerce facilitated the ordering and delivery of such items. In short, there have been many positive developments in the world that are ignored by the fault-finding media.

Nevertheless, many people, albeit not very important people, in America and Europe have been hurt by offshore manufacturing and want to reverse engines on the process. What few unskilled or low-skilled jobs there are also being taken by those streaming in illegally from Latin America the southern border.

Politically, both left and right are divided internally among themselves on immigration. Half the left fears that low-wage immigrants depress the price of their labour, but other leftists see the newcomers as fresh reinforcements in their perrennial battle against the right.

The right is equally divided. Half see the influx as a source of cheap labour they can profitably employ, while the other half sees the newcomers as a cultural threat that will change the character of the country and bring about higher taxes and a reduction of free markets.

After all, before the 1848 American-Mexican War, California, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona were part of Mexico. Today, vast influxes of illegal Latin American immigrants are forming unassimilated enclave communities, and can over time change the language of work and local government from English to Spanish - and perhaps one day seek re-union with Mexico.

Leftwing parties in America have abandoned their old core constituency, the working class, now casting them aside as "privileged whites", or worse still, as "toxic white males". The left now includes, what one would have thought as rightist too-big-fail Wall Street, which now favours greater protective regulation and high compliance costs and crippling fines that discourage SMEs, symbolised as Main Street small business, whose disappearance through mergers and acquisitions enlarges market share for the larger companies.

Right-wing parties favour unrestricted free markets as the way forward and see re-training as the solution to growing working class unemployment without giving much thought to the availability of such high-skilled jobs or the ability of low- or unskilled workers to acquire such skills. The US military using IQ tests long ago found that there were 10 per cent of males that were mentally unfit to occupy even the lowest ranks in the armed forces. Thus in an increasingly complex world it will be hard if not impossible to find useful employment for 10 per cent of the population.

The left, now bereft of much of its working class support, is largely sustained by the vast intelligentsia, and its burgeoning upper ranks of journalists, NGOs, academics, civil servants etc, who also welcome the availability of affordable household servants that unrestricted immigration provides.

While the death of domestic first world manufacturing and unrestricted immigration topped the concerns in western public opinion polls, the media, academic bureaucratic element tend to favour regulations that result in expansion of public sector jobs that immune to the effects of market forces, and jobs that address global warming, which ranks low or not at all in public opinion polls.

Thus, the left and right party establishments, whose policy differences are palpable, but not that distant, and whose willingness to act on matters of genuine public concern, is largely absent except in election speeches, have been found wanting by an electorate that actually wants something done.

Hence the triumph populism and Donald Trump. In one case the phenomenon has united a right-wing father of our acquaintance and his leftwing son. Both now believe that some manufacturing can remain in North America if we try to make it so, and that however incomplete the effort is, it is still worth making. Both, once opposed, now think immigration should be restricted to those who appear likely to contribute to their host countries.

And on another level, they believe that trade with China should be reciprocal, that at the very least, what can be sold in one country should be able to be sold in the other and trade deals should be transparent and apparent to all.

The loss of the House of Representatives by the Republicans was a blow to these populist forces, but it appears that the populist forces, an apparent union between left and right may well endure - at least long enough for politicians to act on matters that the unimportant people care about - even if populist champions and their supporters enrage their respective political establishments on the right and left.

With any luck, both China and America will come to a compromise on trade so the prosperity of one does not lead to the impoverishment of the other.

U.S.-China trade impact land February export container volume minus 12.9% 20190322 

Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei reported that container transport from Asia to the United States fell for the first time in two years in February today (2019), with a total of 10 Asian countries and territories reducing the number of containers destined for the United States by 5.5 per cent, according to the US research firm Descartes Datamyne. Equivalent to a 1,235,684 reduction in TEU.

According to the news, the number of inbound containers from the United States to Asia fell by 4.1 per cent in January to 411,748 TEU, owing to a decline in waste paper and timber imports from mainland China. On the other hand, there has been an increase in the number of containers destined for South Korea and Japan. According to Descartes Datamyne statistics, the number of containers exported by importation from Asia this year, especially in mainland China, has fallen by 12.9 per cent to 729,599 TEU, the first time in six months compared with the same period last year. Industry insiders believe that the impact of the U.S.-China trade war, from this data can be slightly glimpse.

According to Alphaliner, a French maritime consultancy, the Trans-Pacific route will remain unchanged for 2019 years, and this year the shipping company is cautious about the first time since 2009 that the route has not launched a new trans-Pacific route service during the summer shipping season. The agency said the number of weekly route services from Asia to the West coast of the United States would actually be reduced from 37 to 36 since April this year, as for the three shipping unions that share ships, with the intention of retaining existing East Coast services.

According to Sea Intelligence Maritime Consulting, shipping companies stopped 35 times from February to early March this year, including 22 to the West coast of the United States and 13 times to the east coast of the United States, compared with 11 in the same period last year, and the reliability of regular container routes fell to 40 per cent in January.

Alphaliner noted that the Ocean Alliance cancelled 10 Trans-Pacific voyages from March to April this year.

Draft amendment provisions to the import and Export inspection Guidelines section 20190320 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" the Ministry of Finance yesterday (19) announced the amendment of the "Import and export cargo inspection Guidelines" 31st, 33rd, and 33rd bis Draft. In order to prevent the movement of goods in the process, the approved withdrawal of goods for export and the airlift of unsealed goods will also be included in the scope of re-inspection. In order to strengthen export detect, adjust the principle of point-in-hour implementation of instrument inspection for export goods in order to facilitate implementation. Another update on the way of inspection of exported goods, the duration of application for inspection and the requirements for the registration of warehouse managers should be in conjunction with the handling of matters.

The amendment note indicates that, in order to prevent the movement of goods in the process of cargo withdrawal, this amendment is to be approved for the export of goods and air transport of unsealed goods for some reason to complete the scope of application. Also consider that air cargo is not cabinets, paper seals are directly glued to the outer box of goods, invoking the words to amend the text, in order to air transport practical operations. Amendments to article 31st, the export goods that have been declared for release, for the return of Guanti, or for any reason authorized to return the export of goods, its inspectors, such as the identification of containers (objects) original seal integrity, to be exempted from re-inspection, in the case of non-intact containers (goods), shipping non

In order to strengthen the export detect, the instrument will be adjusted to implement the point-in-hour principle, one of the 33rd article by the "Release after shipment" amended to "before release." That is, the inspection of instruments for the export of containers (objects) should be made prior to release, unless necessary.

This new 33rd bis, set out the method of inspection of the export goods, the duration of the application for inspection and the warehouse manager should cooperate with the handling of the matter, the provisions for the inspection of imported goods should be made clear.

 Drury: The implementation of sulfur restriction so that the shipping industry speed, transshipment may slow down 20190321

Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei reported that according to Drury, a leading maritime advisory body in the UK, the speed and trans-shipment of the shipping industry is likely to slow down following the implementation of the International Maritime Organization (I-MO) 2020 Sulphur Restriction order, and the shipper is likely to demand greater transparency as to how the new fuel surcharge mechanism will work in the future , but if they do not make concessions to shipping companies, perhaps future service choices, competition and rates will be exposed to potential risks.

Drury stressed that 2020 will be a critical year for the transport industry, and that if more fuel costs are not recovered from customers (estimated at about 50 per cent), some routes may not be optimistic.

The agency explained that shippers were generally aware that more fuel costs would be paid in the future. For shippers, short-term victories can also quickly turn into losses, a problem that shippers are afraid to face during the negotiation process, as any cost-saving measures at this stage could add to the pressure on the operation of another shipping company and even lead to confusion in the overall supply chain. Predictably, as new fuel is used by shipping company ships, the cost of fuel for shipping companies will vary greatly depending on the type of fuel used.

Drury analysis, the possibility for shipping companies to reduce operating costs, as to whether they can be successful, depends on how to improve the fuel recovery rate, may also promote the use of trans-shipment mode, due to the speed of ship navigation and the extension of the round trip, some shipping companies may thus abandon the rotation port to ensure that the transit time to key locations can be maintained. With the reduction in the number of arrivals, the demand for transhipment and feeder business will increase. If viewed from the point of view of ports and docks, the benefits of using more transshipment will increase the total volume of global port traffic, when the pier requires four container transport, compared with only two stops from Hong Kong to Hong Kong.

Mediterranean shipping, Dafei ship will work together to provide Europe-Oceania Route service 20190319 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the relevant units in mainland China, the Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) and CMACGM shipping companies will join hands to provide unique shipping services for the European-Oceania route.

The news points out that Mediterranean shipping and flying ships will reach a new ship sharing agreement, which targets routes from Europe to the Indian Ocean and Australia. From now (2019) to mid-September, two shipping companies will provide joint maritime services, from Australia via South-East Asia and India and then back to Europe. Alphaliner, the French maritime consultancy, said that with the launch of the joint service, the Flying Ship and Mediterranean shipping would provide the only direct service between Europe and Australia. Its main routes need to be transshipped in Southeast Asia before arriving in Oceania. Of these, 14 cargo ships of about 9,500 TEU will participate in a new joint venture service to replace the Australian Express service of Mediterranean shipping and the new Nordic Mediterranean Oceania Express service of the flying ship. At present, the new Nordic Mediterranean Oceania Express service of the flying Ship operates jointly with Hapag-Lloyd shipping Company.

It is reported that the global size of container shipping continues to expand, this investment in the new joint venture program to serve the ship, will be docked in the Australian port terminal of the largest ship.
Taiwan Freshmen newspaper Shipping Network

COSCO Shipping: Will expand the layout of South America and other places 20190318

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei reported that according to Cosco Shipping Group senior officials, in the face of changes in the world economy, global trading growth rate is showing a weak situation, the group in the" Belt and Road "countries and regions along the market share and fixed asset investment, this year are expected to maintain the growth trend, after all, shipping is closely related to the global economy, despite many uncertainties, but in terms of overall supply and demand, still full of confidence, at least 2019 years of performance, will not be worse than 2018."

Cosco Shipping Group (COSCO) will next expand its layout in South America, Africa and other regions, including the previous announcement of the acquisition of Qian Kai Wharf in Peru, Terminales Portuarios Chancay S, according to relevant units in mainland China. A.) A 60 per cent stake to fill the gap in the South American South without a pier.

The news pointed out that Cosco Shipping group is the largest shipping company in mainland China, and the group currently has about 22 terminals and integrated parks outside the country, nearly 80% of which are located in countries and regions along the belt and Road, and will actively integrate into regional development strategies such as the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Grand Bay Area. It is considered that the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao is not only the development of a port, but there is undoubtedly a huge industrial chain behind the port. If we can make the overall layout from the port and shipping industry chain, the future will be much greater.

Customs and Excise Department forecast to amend the regulations on Customs clearance and export of goods for the implementation  20190318 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" The Customs and Excise Department announces the amendment of the Export section of the Customs Clearance Declaration manual for the forecast of goods, and this amendment provides for the withdrawal of toxic chemical substances that have not been licensed, registered or approved for withdrawal customs clearance operations, and the requirements for the removal of qualified goods without quarantine. The amendment provides that, if the import is carried out by land transport or by sea corridor to other customs clearance, in order to reduce the risk of domestic transport, except with the consent of the competent authority, the refund limit shall be handled by the port or airport in the area where the receipt is closed and shall be implemented from the beginning.

The provisions state that the Customs and Excise Department shall perform inspection operations prior to the loading of the goods (aircraft), and that the handling of the electronic seal should be carried out, and that the seals of the pre-station enclosure should be checked and sealed after the arrival. Except as stipulated in article seventh, item fourth, of the trade licensing scheme between the Taiwan region and the mainland, the mainland goods shall be returned to the original place of shipment, unless the remaining goods have been agreed by the seller (CONSIGNOR) and approved by the customs.

In accordance with the basic provisions of the export goods Customs clearance operation of the special export withdrawal customs clearance operations, the import of goods imported if the following cases, approved by the customs or ordered to return the ship, should be the export declarations to handle the withdrawal of exports: Before the release of imported goods, taxpayers apply for the withdrawal of exports through customs approval ; To order the taxpayer to handle the withdrawal for a period of limited duration in accordance with the first provisions of article 96th of the Tariff law; other cases which are subject to customs approval for withdrawal customs clearance operations.

When handling a withdrawal case, the import declarations "tax measures" column of the withdrawal case shall be reported or corrected as "94", export declarations "Statistical mode" column shall be reported "9N", and the export declarations " Other declaration matters "column to fill in the original import declarations number, first through the import units to handle the import release procedures, and then by the export units to handle the export release procedures and raise" this case is a withdrawal case, may not refund the Guanti collar "words.

Except for weapons, ammunition, drugs, toxic chemical substances that have not been licensed, registered or approved, and those who have not been quarantined for qualified goods from the ports and airports where they were originally imported, the remainder of the containers or bonded freight vehicles that have been escorted by customs officers and approved sealed electronic seals, It can be transported by land transport or sea corridor to other (including other) ports or airports for loading (aircraft) exports.

In order to reduce the risk of domestic transport, the withdrawal limit of a toxic chemical substance that has not been licensed, registered or approved in the preceding paragraph and which is not qualified for quarantine, such as when imported by land transport or by sea corridor, shall be handled by the port or airport in the area where the receipt is closed, except with the consent of the competent authority.

The European Community Shipowners 'Association announced the next five years, the EU shipping policy strategic focus 

recently, the European Community Shipowners' Association (ECSA) announced its strategic focus EU shipping policy, the policy will guide the Association over the next five years with international and European regulatory agencies get along. 

In the high-level event held in Brussels, more than 120 industry representatives gathered to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the global and European shipping industry faces. 

ECSA Chairman Panos Laskaridis issued an endorsement of the strategic importance of European shipping speech. After the keynote speaker Kitack Lim IMO Secretary-General and Deputy Director-General DG MOVE Maja Bakran, ECSA members and members of the group discussed the EU shipping industry critical issues, from the EU and international level of competitiveness and trade facilitation to take off carbon, innovation and human factors. 

In particular, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim focuses on shipping decarbonization question: "With国际海事组织preliminary strategy for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions as well as the entry into force of 0.50% sulfur limit will greatly promote the well-being of the earth and all the inhabitants. 

In this regard, All stakeholders cooperation and mutual assistance, especially industry and its active role in the regulatory process has great value, very grateful, "" I can not stress how important this is, to our work and in terms of preparation. I can assure you, this year, is committed to the implementation of the follow-up国际海事组织initial strategy and eliminates all the uncertainties associated with the IMO 2020 before its entry into force. " 

with the new European Parliament and the European Commission in the next few within months of taking office, ECSA found should remain calm and to exchange views on how the EU shipping industry to cooperate with European regulators. ECSA look forward to a constructive dialogue with all stakeholders in the coming years to ensure that the EU shipping industry to continue to thrive. Chairman of ECSA with Panagiotis Laskaridis words, "Europe should be proud of its maritime industry. The EU shipping industry is the EU's most important geo-strategic assets, and is committed to the current challenges into growth opportunities in Europe."

He added: "If the policy framework to allow and encourage us to remain competitive, we will be able to retain that status." Decarbonization to reflect Mr. Kitack Lim mentioned challenges, the main席拉斯卡里Diskin said: "We welcome challenges and is committed to leading a greener future on a global scale. we are working to achieve our potential for sustainable development, and called on the European institutions to provide research and development support. " 

(Source: Wal-Sun Marine)

Mediterranean Shipping and Dafei announce new ship sharing agreement

Swiss Mediterranean shipping is known to have signed a new ship sharing agreement with France's flying ship, which will connect Europe, the Indian Ocean and Australia.

Starting in September 2019, two companies will establish new partnerships to operate a joint route linking the northwest mainland and the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean and Australia (southbound), Australia and Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent and Europe (northbound).

The upgraded Mediterranean shipping Australia Express route, or the arrival of the NEMO route, will deploy 14 9,500 standard box class vessels, 9 of which are provided by Mediterranean shipping and 5 by Dafei.

Dafei said the new plan would upgrade the fleet and expand port coverage by making better use of the 6 hubs that provide dedicated feeder services.

The route of the port is: London port → Rotterdam → Hamburg → Antwerp → Le Havre → foos → Sourmes → Genoa → Gioia → tauro → Calais → Adelaide → Port Louis → Sydney → Melbourne → Cynthia in Fremantle → Singapore → Colombo → Valencia → → London port.

According to Dafei, the maiden voyage is expected to be scheduled for mid-September 2019.

(Source: Logistics BA Ba)

South Korean government pushes for merger of modern merchant ships and Sen-Luo merchant ships

It is reported that the South Korean government is working to promote the merger of modern merchant Shipping (HMM) and Mori merchant Shipping (SM line).

Due to the deteriorating operating environment in the shipping industry, the government expects Sen. Merchant Shipping to face a management crisis, and the government seems to have decided that integration will be a solution.

However, not only Sen. Merchant ships and modern merchant ships, the Korean industrial Bank, a major shareholder in modern merchant ships, also takes a negative attitude. As a result, the integration process now faces an obstacle.

The Ministry of Marine Fisheries, which is responsible for promoting the development of the shipping industry, has become an intermediary in the integration of modern merchant ships and Sen-Luo merchant ships.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the global shipping industry and the increasing difficulty of expanding ship capacity (shipbuilding capacity), the Ministry of Civil Aviation believes that medium-sized shipping enterprises may face a management crisis.

However, modern merchant ships and Sen. Merchant ships did not reach a compromise even before two companies sat at the negotiating table.

The management of modern merchant ships has deteriorated to the point where capital erosion can be fully addressed with the support of the government this year. The financial situation has not improved enough to take over another company.

Even if it takes over, it is only interested in the integration of Hanjin Shipping's business network management software and some key employees. Sen. Merchant Shipping acquired the relevant assets by acquiring Hanjin shipping in 2016.

Sen. Merchant Shipping also reportedly responded that it was unhappy with the merger plan because modern merchant ships had never shown any intention of taking over.

Meanwhile, Heo Jeong, an economics professor at Xijiang University, said: "Norway, Finland and Japan are preparing for the shipping industry during the fourth industrial Revolution, including rapid investment in smart ships and self-driving ships. It is even more urgent for governments to open the way to improving high-value technologies, rather than forcing them to expand. ”

(Source: Logistics BA Ba)

Evergreen Shipping enters the second Stage fleet strategy optimization 20190313 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" Evergreen Shipping will enter the second phase of Fleet Strategy optimization this year, Chairman Zhang Zhengji yesterday (12) said, in response to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) requirements from 2020 onwards, the full use of the new regulations on low sulphur oil, the challenge of the ship, The Evergreen Marine Purchase scheme will include 11 20,000 TEU container vessels to be fully delivered by the end of this year, and a total of 20 12,000 TEU container vessels will be gradually added between 2021 and 2020 to replace the existing 5,000 or 8,000 TEU vessels. As the new ship type cargo load larger, more fuel-efficient, and will be equipped with desulfurization equipment, will help enhance the future market competitiveness of evergreen shipping.

Evergreen Group Yesterday (12) held a media spring wine, shipping, aviation, storage and transportation and other business senior executives gathered to explain the 2019 market development and business strategy.

As the international shipping market is still in the United States and China trade war, low sulfur oil and many other uncertainties, for airlines, operating costs are likely to increase. Chairman Zhang Zhengji said that, for the time being, although it is more difficult to achieve a balance between supply and demand in the market this year, it is also a challenge and an opportunity to move towards positive development in terms of overall maritime demand.

With regard to the impact of the new regulations on international seaborne low sulphur oil on airlines, Zhang Zhengji that the definition of specifications and prices in the industry is still different, as opposed to the difference between low sulphur oil and high sulfur oil prices or the fear of 200 US dollars per metric ton, and that the shipping companies will actively phase out old ships in response to market demand.

International container operators in recent years after more than 2-3 years of integration, the number of shipping companies smaller, larger scale, the market share of airlines will increase, but the market demand growth is slow, can increase how much, but also need to see the various shipping companies can provide services. However, the change in the shipping market since spring is more optimistic than originally expected, in which the lower oil prices have helped to reduce the operating costs of shipping and aviation.
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Customs to strengthen detect express cargo 20190313 

Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that "the epidemic of African swine fever in mainland China continues to spread, has now expanded to 17 provinces/cities/districts, the customs yesterday (12) Day reiterated to express goods continue to strengthen the detect, express goods are all X-ray equipment inspection, high-risk goods to strengthen manual sampling." In order to smooth customs clearance of goods, while ensuring border security, the Customs and Excise Department has deployed additional manpower 24 hours a day to handle the clearance and inspection of goods.

From January this year to February, the number of untested Chinese pork and its products (such as sausages, bacon, pig feet and pork filaments) has been seized in 42 items, totaling Gote Hili kg. The Guan yesterday stressed that the delivery of goods will continue to strengthen the detect, and actively cooperate with the Agricultural Council animal and Plant epidemic prevention and Quarantine Bureau detect the mainland imported related meat products, agricultural products and other control items.

In order to prevent the blocking of express pipelines may become a loophole in epidemic prevention and circumvention of the relevant provisions, Taipei Guan for specific courier goods from China, Hong Kong and Australia, including meat products, agricultural and fishery livestock products, drugs, counterfeit goods, or zero to avoid taxable prices (NT $2000) and other goods to improve the artificial sampling rate, due to detailed verification needs, will increase the retention time.

Taipei said that in order to prevent unscrupulous operators from illegal smuggling through courier goods, the Customs and Excise Department has set up a "express goods to strengthen the Detect project plan", each month to launch a second wave of project verification, overtime to deploy additional manpower to implement, and will be based on the effectiveness of the study in the monthly occasional promotion. Also for the three big festival period, two times a month to implement, in order to effectively ensure the safety of express cargo clearance.

In order to increase the performance of express cargo detect efficiency and risk control, the current level of continuous promotion of sub-manifest forecast, and on February 1 announced the relevant promotion period and penalty provisions, Taipei Guan Xu Express operators cooperate with the processing, and jointly create a safe and convenient express customs clearance environment.

Alphaliner: Panamanian container ship Asia under pressure 20190312 

According to relevant units in mainland China, Panamanian container ships scrapped many old ships three years ago and have only just emerged from their predicament at the beginning of the year (2018), the reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei reported. According to Alphaliner, a French maritime advisory body, 4,000 to 5,299 TEU container ships currently have 41 in the spot market, but only 32 previously, a figure that shows the sudden emergence of classic Panamanian container ships, which makes it difficult to find work again, It is feared that shipowners will consider scrapping a shipment of ships.

 Alphaliner pointed out that since September 2018, the supply environment has been deteriorating due to insufficient demand to absorb existing energy, and if future demand does not increase, leaving idle situations re-emerging, old ships may face dismantling or selling them to other terminal operators. The agency said that the growing capacity of chartering rates in Asia has led to overcapacity, with 4,250 TEU container ship daily rents of about $8,000 trillion, and for 5,000 TEU container ships, the daily rent is about 7,000 US dollars.

EU aviation Safety Authority bans Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from operating in Europe 

It is reported that March 12 (Tuesday), the European Union Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) announced the suspension of Boeing 737 MAX 8 and 737 MAX 9 flights throughout Europe from 19:00 (coordinated World time) until further notice.

The directive applies to 28 EU member States, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland. It comes after Ethiopian Airlines flight NO. 302 crashed on Sunday, March 10, killing all 157 people on the Boeing 737 MAX 8.

The crash prompted aviation authorities in several countries to suspend flights involving the aircraft in their respective airspace.

Airlines in several countries have grounded flights scheduled to use the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Many airlines are inspecting their 737 MAX fleet and waiting for further reports of Flight 302 investigations.

Serious related flight disruptions, including flight delays, cancellations and diversions, are expected to occur.

In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a circular to the international community (canic) on March 11 in Monday on the continued airworthiness of all 737 MAX aircraft, reiterating the airworthiness of the fleet.

With the exception of countries under the jurisdiction of EASA, the following countries have temporarily banned Boeing 737 MAX aircraft from entering their respective airspace: Australia, India, Malaysia, Oman, Singapore, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition to the airlines under the jurisdiction of EASA and the above-mentioned countries, the following countries and airlines have grounded their Boeing 737 MAX aircraft:

Argentine Airlines (5 aircraft), Brazilian-gol (7 aircraft), Isle-Cayman (2 aircraft), a total of 96 aircraft by China Airlines, Ethiopian-Ethiopian Airlines (4 aircraft), Indonesia-Garuda (1 aircraft), Lion Air (10 aircraft), Mexico-Mexico Airlines (6 aircraft), Mongolia-Miat Mongolian Airlines (1 aircraft), Morocco-Royal Moroccan Airlines (1 aircraft), South Africa-Comair (1 aircraft), Korea-Orient (2 aircraft), Germany-Yi (16 aircraft).

Please pay attention to the flight situation, predict the next few days will be interrupted flights (including flight delays and cancellations), if you need more information, please contact the airline directly.

(Source: Logistics BA Ba)

Hapag-Lloyd CEO: no one but cargo owner should pay the limit on sulfur orders 

With the 2020 sulphur limit coming into effect, shippers have been complaining that the ship company's fuel surcharge is not transparent, in response to which Hapag-Lloyd's chief executive, Rolf Habben Jansen, said at a recent Pan Pacific Shipping Conference (TPM 2019) that the formula was simple: cost of return fuel/ Container volume.

For trans-Pacific routes, for example, factors considered include the number of sailing days in Asia-the United States, fuel consumption, the price per tonne of fuel, and so on.

As for the possibility of new costs being shared between shipping companies and customers, Habben Jansen said that the new cost of a box of 100 dollars is so many that it should not be passed on to customers.

Lars Jensen, chief executive of Seaintellingence Consulting, also expressed great agreement. "It's not about accommodating each other, the bill should be paid for by the cargo owner, and no one else is paying for it," he thought. The sulfur limit will add $10.015 trillion trillion a year to the entire shipping industry, while the total profit for the industry as a whole over the past 7 years has been $8 billion. ”

Habben Jansen expects that by 2020, an estimated 200 of the 5,000 container ships will have scrubbers installed. The remaining 96-97% container ships will burn low sulphur oil or LNG.

Although each shipping company has its own pricing method, Habben Jansen expects Hapag-Lloyd to take the form of a floating BAF, updated every three months to ensure transparency.

On the other hand, Schoren, chief executive of Maersk, said: "We plan to implement a BAF that can be adjusted more flexibly." We are obtaining the shipper's consent to allow the BAF to be adjusted relatively quickly. ”

"At Maersk, a container requires an average of 0.9 tons of fuel, and if a ton of fuel rises by $300 trillion, the cost per container will increase by $270 trillion, which is equivalent to 10% to 15% of the fare," he added. In an unprofitable industry, it's going to cause huge turbulence. ”

On the issue of fuel supply, Habben Jansen expects that there will be sufficient supply of compliant fuel for major routes such as the Trans-Pacific, but some routes with smaller shipments are not good to say.

Another complication is that the conversion process from heavy oil to low-sulfur fuels is long and complex, and if the conversion process is not professionally treated, the engine may be damaged. To address the issue and guarantee sufficient time for proper testing, Hapag-Lloyd will begin the transition in the fourth quarter of this year, Habben Jansen said.

(Source: Shipping sector)

Maersk quits construction of oversized container ship battle 20190311

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to relevant units in mainland China, in the Pan Pacific Maritime Conference (TPM) held in Long Beach, USA, on the 6th, MAERSK Scott, chief executive of Maersk Shipping (Soren Skou), said The company has no intention of building larger ships and intends to invest its money in other areas in the future and will not invest in mega-container ships.

Scott, who has described mega-container ships as A380 mega-airliners, believes that mega-ships can only dock in a handful of ports around the world. Kris Kosmala, a splash columnist, Cosmara the deep agreement. Cosmara said that as many airports do not deliberately rebuild the airport for the A380, the current global trading situation is rapidly changing, the "new, small" market, is gradually rising in unknown locations, which is a common phenomenon.

Tobias Koenig, director and general manager of Lexington Maritime, pointed out that in the cases faced by Maersk, other container regular shipping companies believed to be aware of it, because the carrier knew that large ships did not help themselves much and that the carrier had to find a way to fill the ship, There is also a need to approach many ports, so it can be expected that the trend of such large ships will not continue. However, some people in the industry take a different view, "Shi Gao does not want to build a large ship, but other container regular route companies may not follow."

Hua Joo Tan, an analyst at Alphaliner, a French maritime consultancy, said it was not entirely appropriate to place the example of the A380 airliner entirely in the maritime world. He stressed that Maersk may have called for a timeout in this big boat race, but that does not mean that other companies will do the same, like the Mediterranean Shipping (MSC) is about to receive a group of 23,000 TEU large ships, he believes that even if the size of the ship for a period of time to maintain a certain level, but the large ship race has not yet ended. Peter Sand, Bim-co's chief shipping analyst, agrees.

Sand said the demand for mega-ships was saturated, and what everyone needed now was to stop ordering new ships and fill existing ones. Sand explained that time would tell the outside world whether other companies would follow in Maersk's footsteps, and Maersk's decision appeared to be to send an invitation letter to shipping companies in the hope that other companies would handle it mutatis mutandis. However, there are shipping analysts revealed that there are shipyards for the design of more than 25,000 TEU of ships in preparation, some chartering companies are still watching.

OOCL optimizes existing Japanese routes KTX6 

OOCL announces the optimization of the Japan/Hong Kong/Southeast Asia (KTX6) route to provide more competitive and reliable services to customers in the region in order to strengthen our Japanese route series. The following new order of arrivals will take effect from April 11:

New KTX6 routes by port: Osaka → Kobe → Nagoya → Yokohama → Tokyo → Hong Kong (hit) → Singapore → Klang port (N) → Klang Port (W) → → shekou → Hong Kong (hit) → Osaka

Container terminal workers at Santos port in Brazil strike again 

According to Brazilian media reports, the main Brazilian port Santos (Santos) loaders have been on strike indefinitely since March 1. 

They objected to a previous court ruling that allowed container terminals to work with 100% of officially contracted workers without having to hire freelancers. The previous legislation stipulated that 25% of the work must be carried out by Ogmo (Labour administration).

Dockers from the Port's Ogmo free labor force erected warning lines outside all 5 major container terminals to curb job losses at the port. Wharf managers said they expected the strike to last at least until March 7 and could continue for longer.

The pier's productivity is likely to fall by about 20% per cent, and he expects some confusion and delays, with many exporters already placing their own crates at the docks, but with no OGMO workers, it will be seen that productivity will be affected in the coming days and delays are inevitable.

(Source: Coffee Financial Network)

Strengthening the East Association market Wanhai 3/24 SES route 20190308 

"Reporter Liang/Taipei Report" Wanhai Shipping 〈wan HAI lines〉 to strengthen the East Association market layout, and to provide customers with more perfect and convenient delivery services, from March 24, will open the Taiwan-South China-Subic eight goose-Cebu route (Subic Express service, SES).

It is reported that the route for Wanhai the first Philippine Batangas (Batangas) Direct route, will shorten the overall delivery time, to provide customers with more convenient, faster, high-quality choice to meet customer transport needs.

 The company said the route would be equipped with two 900 TEU ships as a regular cruise service. Cruises for a total of 14 days, along the port order: Taipei (Taipei)-Kaohsiung (Kaohsiung)-Hong Kong-Shekou (Shekou)-Subic (Subic)-eight Goose (Batangas)-Cebu (CEBU)-Taipei ( Taipei).

Fujian Silk Road Shipping 18 named routes released 20190308 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the relevant units in mainland China, this (third) month 6th Fujian's second batch of "Silk Road shipping" named Routes officially released, a total of 18 routes, including Xiamen Port 16, Fuzhou Port two, covering Manila (Manila), Ho Chi Minh port The "Belt and road" important ports such as Tanjung Parapas Port (Tanjung Pelepas), Jebel Ali Port (Jebel Ali) and Bandar Abbas (Bandar Abbas).

The news pointed out that "Silk Road shipping" is the first in mainland China to take the shipping as the theme of the "One Belt, One Road" international integrated Service platform, opened on December 24 last year. As at 28th (ii), the first batch of 16 named routes opened 142 flights and completed container traffic of more than 100,000 TEU. Of these, Xiamen Port completed 112 flights of 82,000 TEU, up 10.6 per cent over the same period the previous year, and Fuzhou Port completed 30 flights and 31,000 TEU, a 6.78 per cent growth over the same period a year earlier.

 Xiamen Port, Fuzhou Port jointly issued port service standards, involving ships, containers, sea and rail transport and other services, in order to enhance the overall operational efficiency. March 3 this year, Xiamen Port opened the "Silk Road shipping" Two-way custom class, completed Nanchang | Xiamen, xiamen | Ganzhou "Silk Road Shipping" container sea rail intermodal transport class in both directions. It is reported that through the sea rail transport to other ports, the time takes 5-7 days, such as the change to Xiamen Port only 3-4 days.

Newspaper import goods should be detailed declaration of price information 20190307

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that" the customs recently found that imported workers in the import of aquatic products, not in declarations fully exposed the declaration of product grade information, customs clearance after the release of the customs reported that the goods as sub-products, but the import of goods have been released, the customs is difficult to confirm whether the case is indeed a sub The Customs and Excise Department (Sat) yesterday (Saturday) urged the industry to forecast the customs clearance of goods Customs declaration manual, according to the invoice contained in the name of the goods and specifications, etc., for the factors affecting the price of goods are not listed clearly, it should be supplemented to facilitate the approval of tax payment prices.

The Customs and Excise Department stated that the valuation of the tariff pay price was calculated on the basis of the transaction price of the imported goods, which referred to the price paid or payable by the imported goods from the sending State to the Republic of China, that is, the actual transaction price of the buyer and seller.

In view of the fact that the relevant quality, specifications, models and grades may affect the price of goods, the Department specifically calls upon the aquatic industry to provide detailed information on matters affecting the prices of cargo when importing customs declarations, and to fully disclose the customs declarations, such as fishing or breeding, product patterns, freezing methods, packaging and grading, in order to facilitate the clearance of goods.

Land-lowering enterprise tax rate Taiwan merchants must make a good tax assessment before clearing 20190307

China announced a downgrade of its corporate tax rate on 5th in response to the U.S.-Chinese trade war. In this regard, Mr PwC said that although China's taxman of enterprises had eased more than in the past, Taiwanese businessmen who intended to withdraw from China would still have to make a tax assessment before they could be liquidated, so as not to pass the taxman.

Last year's U.S.-China trade war hit China's economy hard, and in response to the impact of the trade war on China's economy, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said 5th that it would reduce tax rates such as manufacturing from 16 per cent to 13 per cent this year; and reduce transportation, construction and so on from 10 per cent to nine per cent. In addition, it will also reduce the contribution ratio of five insurance one gold at the same time, in order to reduce the personnel burden of enterprises.

Coshiliang, a cross-Strait tax presiding accountant at Prudential United Accounting firm, said that in response to its own rapid economic development, China is constantly carrying out tax reform, from the previous business tax reform VAT, VAT tax reduction, national land tax integration, to last year's personal income tax system significantly renovated, are a continuous tax reform policy, Basically, the context of the continuation of tax reform is to reduce the tax burden of enterprises and individuals, with the aim of promoting enterprise investment and personal consumption.

Coshiliang said that during the two sessions, China's renewed declaration of reducing the burden of corporate tax and five risks should be a recipe for the stagnation of foreign investment in the US-China trade war and the confidence of private consumption that may be associated with it, especially as the United States demands that China contribute to the RMB exchange rate, and the Chinese government's monetary policy against the volatility , in the future environment of Sino-US confrontation, fiscal policy such as tax reduction should be the best tool for the Chinese government.

However, Coshiliang said that after the warming of the U.S.-China trade war last year, the local tax bureau was indeed a lot friendlier, the overall taxman situation is much more relaxed than before, but for enterprises that have decided to leave, in the liquidation must first pass the tax bureau this pass, the tax bureau will first check the last three years of tax, If there is a transfer pricing problem will be traced forward for ten years, there are many Taiwanese enterprise companies are not shut down are stuck in the taxman this pass.

Therefore, Coshiliang suggested that before the liquidation of Taiwan businessmen, we must do a good job of their own tax assessment, hasty liquidation, may have to spend more costs and time to shut down the company.
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C.H Robinson acquires Spanish freight forwarding space Cargo 

Recently, Robinson Global Logistics Freight (C.H Robinson) officially announced the acquisition of 42 million euros (about 48 million U.S. dollars) for the Spanish freight forwarding company Space Cargo, as a way to expand its global business network. It is understood that Space cargo is a Spanish freight forwarding company founded in 1982, headquartered in Madrid. The company's main business in Spain and Colombia, is the region's leading logistics freight forwarder suppliers.

C.H Robinson's chief operating officer and chief executive, Bob Biesterfeld, said the acquisition of space cargo had advanced our global strategy and we looked forward to working with space cargo customers to provide a full range of logistics supply chain solution solutions, At the same time, in conjunction with C.H Robinson's Global Services and network, there will be better financial returns in the future.

Since then, Jordi Pellice, chief executive of Space Cargo, has said he is delighted to be joining the best third-party logistics supplier C.H. Robinson's extended family, which is based on our past 10 of basic business cooperation. Future space cargo will pass through C.H. Robinson's global network, better served customers in the Spanish and Colombian regions, is believed to lead to better business growth.

Bob Biesterfeld also said that we will continue to use the means of acquisition to strengthen themselves in the future, in the past we through the acquisition of outstanding local freight forwarders, to provide first-class service, which allows us to better provide logistics services for a variety of different sizes of customers.

2019 Refrigerated container shipping market expected to increase by more than 5% 20190306 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that the global refrigerated container shipping market is expected to show outstanding Performance Today (2019), Seacube container leasing companies forecast that the market growth rate is expected to exceed five per cent, exceeding the long margin in the dry bulk market.

According to Seacube analysis, opportunities for growth this year include increased demand for fresh imported food, a shift to leasing, accelerated conversion to containers, new ship construction, container speed, population growth, continued prosperity, and the pharmaceutical industry.

As the proportion of its own and leased containers has changed in recent years, the ratio is about 70 (owned) to 30 (leased), but it has now become about 50:50, showing that leases are more flexible, do not require the capital investment of shipowners, and can reduce costs.

To observe the reasons for the further growth of containers in recent years, including the conversion from air to sea mode and the transfer from bulk to refrigerated containers. If planned under IMO 2020, it will have an adverse impact on the old bulk refrigerated cargo fleet, which will make it possible to speed up the conversion of transport modes into container transport and drive an increase in the demand for refrigeration equipment.

Seacube analysis, as a result of the construction of new vessels in 2019, the delivery time of ships will also need to expand the container fleet and increase the demand for new containers, so the refrigerated container market is expected to become a more flexible and higher growth market, and the new ship configuration may also increase the capacity of additional refrigerators.

Although the operators have strengthened their management fleets, they will also pay close attention to the size of the ship, its versatility and the capacity of the refrigerated socket, which may further increase the demand for equipment.

In addition, with the emergence of inland and anticipated challenges in recent years, the equipment fleet will need to be further expanded to include more replacement time and faster downgrade. Seacube expects that the capacity ratio of the equipment fleet to the ship will increase to be replaced by slower equipment.

UPS Saturday Pickup Service on the road accelerates U.S. exports to Asia cargo transport time 20190306 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" UPS announced yesterday (Friday) the launch of a Saturday pick-up service for international goods exported from the United States to 57 major markets, which also includes Taiwan. The service allows orders to be processed in the United States in Sunday and delivered to Asia one day earlier than in the past to facilitate the development of Asian companies importing products from the United States. (see chart, UPS available)

Hong Yi, general manager of UPS Taiwan, said the trade relationship between Taiwan and the United States was very close, with Taiwan's total imports from the United States as high as $28.7 billion between October and January 2018, and UPS's Saturday pickup service could effectively shorten import shipping times from the United States to Taiwan, including faster replenishment of retailers and early start of production line manufacturing time. As more and more high-tech manufacturers have recently moved their production lines to Taiwan, these companies are also continuing to seek faster and more efficient modes of transport. UPS's Saturday pickup service will be in the shortest possible time to obtain important imported parts.

In addition to helping Taiwanese companies, the new Saturday pickup service will benefit U.S. companies that ship six days a week or need to catch weekend orders, extending UPS's in-Saturday delivery and pickup services to local customers in the United States since 2017, and since the company's operations in 110 One of the largest service upgrades for trans-shipment times.

In addition to speeding up delivery, the UPS service upgrade improves online shopping and builds brands for retailers, reducing the chance of online shoppers cancelling orders due to excessive delivery speeds. Taiwanese e-commerce sellers who sell imported products from the United States can also further reduce sales losses by improving and reducing the shortage of goods through delivery services.

Ross Mc Cullough, president of UPS Asia Pacific, said that as the demand for imported parts and products from mid-sized Asian companies continued to grow, UPS continued to strengthen U.S. and Asian trade routes, effectively shortening the geographical gap between Asia and the United States, and making companies importing goods from the United States more efficient, It also allows businesses that have not yet imported goods from the United States to offer more viable service options.

UPS said that the service in markets such as Taiwan and Hong Kong, combined with optional delivery location services to facilitate pick-up locations, would significantly enhance the delivery capacity of importing operators and have a more flexible choice in the time and place of pick-up. In addition, the automotive, high-tech to healthcare and other global industries will have six working days a week to handle international shipments, helping to quickly update inventories, increase space usage and production efficiency.
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Hong Kong and Shenzhen: signing of Hong Kong Airlines in-depth cooperation proposal 

On the afternoon of March 1, the fifth Hong Kong-Shenzhen Port Cooperation and development seminar, jointly organised by the Shenzhen Port Association, the Hongkong Container Terminal Chamber of Commerce and the Shenzhen Port Facilities Security Association, was held in Hong Kong with the theme of "new prospects for cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area and Shenzhen-Hong Kong port". More than 130 guests, including the heads of Hong Kong and Shenzhen government departments, Shenzhen-Hong Kong Airlines and relevant think tank research institutions, participated in the group.

At the meeting, representatives of the Hong Kong and Shenzhen port associations and enterprises, at the initiative of the Shenzhen Transport Bureau, signed a proposal on deep cooperation between Guangdong, Macao, Macau and Shenzhen Airlines, marking a solid step towards the cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong Airlines. 

At the beginning of the New Year 2019, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council officially issued the outline for the development planning of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, clearly calling for the pole driving role of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation, building the core development engine of the Great Bay Area, enhancing the overall strength and global influence, leading the deep participation of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in international cooperation Under this background, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation has entered a new stage of development, and the port industry has ushered in a new round of opportunities for cooperation and development. In-depth promotion of Shenzhen-Hong Kong port cooperation and mechanism innovation, with Hong Kong to form complementary advantages, mutually beneficial and winning ports, shipping, logistics and supporting services system, enhance the development of the surrounding areas of the radiation-driven role, become the new era to give the Shenzhen-Hong Kong cooperation of the important mission.

At the seminar, Bai Jingtao, president of the Shenzhen Port Association and chief executive officer of China Merchants Port Group Co., Ltd., chairman of the Hong Kong Container Terminal Chamber of Commerce, Zhonghui, principal Assistant secretary for Transport and Housing of Hong Kong, Zhang Jiahua, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Transport and Transport Bureau, and Confucianism respectively. Keynote speech session, researcher at the Hong Kong and Macao Institute of Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the State Council, Cai Chimong, executive vice president of China (Shenzhen) Institute for Integrated Development Research, Guo Wanda, researcher, Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Dr. Huanghuihong, director of the global supply chain policy Kunikuni, director of Logistics and Supply chain management, Institute of Integrated Development, China (Shenzhen), Guo Lu, chief operating officer of Dafei Shipping Asia headquarters, He Yonghan, vice president of Guangdong Dapeng LNG Co., Ltd., and other speakers from Hong Kong under the background of the construction of Tai Wan area, Guangdong and Macao, respectively, the role development, advanced technology application, Port collaboration and Shenzhen-Hong Kong two pilotage and other perspectives to express a wonderful point of view, for the participants presented a high-quality seminar.

Subsequently, representatives from the Shenzhen Port Association, the Hong Kong Container Terminal Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong Regular Liner Association, Sinotrans South China Co., Ltd., Zhujiang Shipping Enterprise (Shares) Co., Ltd., and Wuzhou Line Co., Ltd., witnessed the signing of the "Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macao Great Bay Area and the Shenzhen Port Airlines deep cooperation proposal". Joint initiative to promote the innovative application of disruptive technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, new energy and blockchain in the field of Hong Kong Airlines and supply chain through closer co-operation, to jointly study and track the development trends of the global port and shipping industry, and to study and track the opportunities and challenges faced by the Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area port Industry, We should jointly promote technological innovation and institutional innovation in Shenzhen-Hong Kong aviation industry. That night, more than 200 representatives from the Shenzhen and Hong Kong shipping circles attended the Exchange dinner.

Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Bureau Deputy secretary Lou and Confucianism said that Shenzhen Port has high-quality deep-water conditions, the vast hinterland of the mainland, Hong Kong port has a convenient free trade port policy, the two ports between the fast waterway, land unicom channel, intensive Global Maritime route Network, formed a complementary advantages, mutual benefit of the development pattern. Under the new situation, the competition in the shipping market is becoming increasingly fierce, and the introduction of the outline for the development plan of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao has brought a wide space for the cooperation between the Shenzhen port and China Airlines, and pointed out a new direction of cooperative development. In the future, the shipping industry in Shenzhen and Hong Maritime tourism and many other fields to form a closer relationship of cooperation, play a strong joint pole driving role, consolidate the promotion of Hong Kong's International Shipping center status, enhance the integrated service function of Shenzhen International shipping, promote the integrated development of the Shenzhen-Hong Kong port and Sea, and build a Super port group in the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Grand Bay Area.

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China Plus to the United States to buy the United States allies fear of victimization
Latest update: 2019/03/05 11:47

(Central News agency reporter Yun Junjie New York 4th) The Wall Street Journal reported that US President Trumpjo accepted China's more procurement-oriented trade deal, threatening to hit the U.S. Allied economy hard. Barclays Group estimates that Taiwan's exports could lose 20 billion of dollars a year (about $616.6 billion) over the next 6 years.
The Wall Street Journal reported analysis that Beijing's pledge to buy a large number of American products and give in to the auto industry and intellectual property protection is enough to satisfy Mr Chuan, who stresses "America's priority." If the US and China reach a trade deal, America's already competitive industries, such as natural gas, cars and agriculture, could become stronger, at the expense of other countries that are highly dependent on exports.
According to the latest news, in the course of the negotiations, in addition to the commitment to increase the procurement of soybean and other U.S. agricultural products, China Petrochemical Group may also to the United States Energy Exporter Channiel (Cheniere) to buy 18 billion of dollars in liquefied natural gas.
The Wall Street Journal says the losers from the U.S.-China deal will be other big exporters who have invested heavily or intend to invest in liquefied natural gas, including Australia and Canada, both of which are U.S. allies.
In addition, the Asian allies of the United States may also be victimized.
Barclays estimates that U.S. exports to China will surge by $1.35 trillion over the next 6 years if a trade deal is reached, causing Japanese exports to lose 28 billion of dollars a year (3% of Japan's total exports), South Korea's exports to lose 23 billion dollars a year (3.1% of South Korea's total exports), Taiwan's exports lose 20 billion of dollars a year (3.2% of Taiwan's total exports).
Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury secretary, has said China has pledged to Menuchin purchases of $1.2 trillion in U.S. goods and services. The figure is similar to Barclays ' estimate, and China's procurement proposals to 2024 were repeatedly heard during the U.S.-China negotiations.
The report points out that large-scale trade transfers may be difficult in the short term, and that Japanese cars originally to be sold to China may eventually be sold to the United States, but the U.S.-China trade deal could still seriously hurt the United States ' reliance on the Allies ' economy, which checks and balances China's rise in Asia.
In response to China's future efforts to increase exports to the United States, the Ministry of Economy said in December last year that the proportion of energy and agricultural products in Taiwan's imports to China was relatively low and had little impact, but it would still be cautious about the development of the situation and put forward its response at any time. (edit: Liaohan) 1080305

Ministry of Finance Issues Amendment of Single Window operation method for port of trade 20190304 Taiwan freshmen newspaper Shipping edition

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" the Ministry of Finance issued one of the second and sixth articles amending the "Implementation measures for the operation of a single window for the port of trade". The participating operators apply for the issuance of the exclusive certificate of customs clearance, should pay the exclusive certificate fee of customs clearance, the fee benchmark is calculated by the design cost and the total fee of each case system, and the exclusive voucher fee for customs clearance shall be announced by the Customs Department of Finance.

After the amendment, the definition of the scheme is defined for the participating organs (structure), which refers to the relevant government organs (structure) involved in the business of the Single Window operation of Guan Hong Kong, the port of navigation, the trade signing, inspection and quarantine. Participants refer to the domestic import and export industry, transportation industry, warehousing industry, Customs declaration industry, contract Trade, inspection industry, container terminal industry, financial industry, express delivery industry, Freeport area business, personal or other operators related to the import and export of goods through the Single Window operation of Guan Kong trade. Unsealing refers to the disassembly of packets for the execution of the distribution and exchange of electronic data from the Single window of the port of Hong Kong. The exclusive certificate of Customs clearance refers to the certificate issued by the voucher agency which provides the voucher service for issuing vouchers in accordance with the law through the Single window of the Customs and Excise Department.

With regard to the charging standard for "exclusive vouchers for customs clearance", according to the notice of the Customs and Excise Department of the Ministry

The voucher contains two kinds of charges: (a) The legal person's exclusive certificate fee for customs clearance is NT $855 per case. (b) Individual customs clearance of the exclusive voucher fee for each case of 465 yuan (pro cabinet bid for personal customs clearance of the exclusive certificate can be an application form to bid for multiple cases, and the charges are calculated in the number of cases).

How to view the future situation of the international shipping market? The information provided by the Shanghai International Shipping Research Center to the China Economic Times reporter in the 2019 International container transport market and the international dry bulk Transport market respectively published a four Outlook.

Four perspectives of international dry bulk Cargo Transportation market in 2019 years
Outlook I: the world economic and environmental challenges have intensified, and global trade growth is expected to slow overall.
According to the International Monetary Fund, the world economy will grow by 3.7% in 2019, the same as in 2018. Overall, the future trade growth trend is facing considerable risks, and to a large extent biased towards the downside. The World Trade Organization predicts a 3.7% per 0.2% increase in global trade volume in 2019, down from 2018.
Outlook II: International Dry bulk cargo seaborne trade in various types of performance, continue to be optimistic about emerging markets.
Looking ahead to 2019, the volume of international dry bulk seaborne trade will continue to grow slightly. As China's steel demand weakens, it will reduce demand for imported iron ore. China's coal balance continues, import restrictions will greatly affect the 2019-year import situation. Major emerging markets in Southeast Asia remain bullish, and demand for coal imports is expected to rise further. Import demand for Gao Pin mine in India will continue to grow at a high rate, while coal imports continue to soar. The expansion of production capacity in Southeast Asian steel mills has accelerated, and the decline in Chinese steel exports will continue. Shanghai International Shipping Research Center looks forward to 2019 global seaborne trade volume or will be less than 2.1% growth.
Outlook III: In 2019, capacity growth continued to be higher than the volume growth rate, and the capacity delivery pressure of the promontory type ship increased.
Under the influence of the recovery of new ship orders in early 2017-2018, the pressure of subsequent delivery capacity began to increase further, and the delivery plan increased to 40.49 million tons in 2019. Looking ahead to 2019, Clarkson expects the capacity growth of the international dry bulk carrier to rise slightly to around 2.9%.
Outlook IV: Baltic Dry Bulk Freight Index (BDI) the mean is expected to be slightly reversed to around 1300.
International dry bulk cargo transport market is still in the recovery adjustment stage, emerging market seaborne trade is developing rapidly, but the global dry bulk shipping supply and demand growth rate has begun to mismatch, and China's iron ore import decline will be further increased, coal consumption reduction action gradually implemented, it is expected that the 2019 BDI index mean will be slightly reversed to about 1300 points. As the market concentration of large ships and the proportion of long-term cooperation agreements continue to climb, spot market volatility is further enhanced by it negotiations.
Four perspectives of international Container transport market in 2019 years
Outlook I: The global economic recovery will not gain momentum or weaken.
The risk of a weaker global economic recovery rose in 2019. In particular, some emerging economies have their own economic vulnerabilities highlighted, and the economic and financial situation is grim, becoming an important risk to world economic growth.
Outlook II: Global container Shipping volume growth continues to fall.
The tightening of monetary policy, the global trade environment, geopolitical risks and other uncertain uncertainties in the major developed economies will still have an impact on global trade in 2019. Global container shipping volume or affected by this, the growth rate continues to fall. The Shanghai International Shipping Research Center expects the global container shipping volume to grow by 4.1% in 2019 to 209 million standard box (TEU). Among them, the main route of sea freight growth rate or slow down, some cargo owners in 2018 years of concentrated shipments, on its 2019 maritime volume will have a certain impact. The volume of maritime transport within the region and north and south routes will continue to grow at a relatively fast pace.
Outlook III: Global container capacity growth at a low speed.
Taken together, the total capacity of the container fleet is expected to be 22.604 million TEU in 2019, an increase of 3.3% percentage point.
Prospect Four: The market freight level overall pressure.
The International container transport market is still in the recovery adjustment stage, the industry supply and demand pattern is better, but still faces greater pressure of excess capacity. The total annual value of the 2019 tariff index is expected to be between 750 and 800 points.
According to the route, the regional route freight rate performance or will be better than the main route. The market has overdrawn large-scale transport demand, the first half of 2019 freight pressure downward, the delivery of ultra-large container ships in 2019 will continue to be on the Asia-Europe route, at the same time by the European Economic development growth rate, the rapid development of China-EU class, such as the growth rate will also slow, the Asian and European route freight level overall pressure , although the international manufacturing industry chain can not be easily reversed in the short term, but Southeast Asian economies have begun to undertake some industrial transfer, coupled with the upgrading of Southeast Asian port infrastructure, the future development of Southeast Asian routes or will become a bright spot.

Tilsca focuses on 2019 intelligent logistics, New South direction, belt and Road, Yue Hong Kong, Macao and Macau Grand Bay Area Development 20190225 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" in the face of the new international trend of shipping logistics, Taiwan International Logistics & amp; Supply Chain Association (TILSCA) in Spring Wine dinner in addition to Qi to the industry, and pointed out that this year, in addition to strengthening communication with the government and exchanges at home and abroad, will also pay attention to intelligent logistics, new southward, Belt and Road, Trend development in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Taiwan Port Company Keelung Branch briefed on the new planning for the Port of Hong Kong, said that the West Seven reservoir in the construction of the port of Keelung, the West 16 front library two cases are expected to be completed this (2019) mid-December, Taipei Port East 1-1 Two warehouse, is expected to handle the announcement in March-April investment, look forward to the future and the industry will have closer

The two official bodies of Germany and Japan briefed the country on the investment environment, Hangzhou Hikvision technology company also shared the development of TILSCA robots in warehousing automation, and signed an exchange of membership cooperation agreement with the no-store retail Association of the Republic of China. Qin Yuling said that when the government pushes for new southward, it should either take into account the commercial niche of "Japanese-made" sales to the East Association countries to reduce tariffs and increase profits through the transformation of product processing through Japan.

As a result of the rapid movement of the international economic and trade sector, TILSCA will plan to hold a number of seminars this year, train aeo and bonded personnel and IoT talent, as well as visit Taichung Fumin Logistics Center, Yongyuan Yangmei Cold chain warehousing, and plan to participate abroad in Japan Okinawa Special Economic Zone, Thailand cold chain exhibition and Hong Kong Asia Logistics and Shipping Conference ( ALMC).

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17 Types of Industries International Trade Bureau is a subsidy application 20190220 Taiwan freshmen newspaper Shipping edition

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" The International Trade Bureau announced that it should accept applications for grants from the relevant public associations belonging to the 17 categories of industries to participate in international exhibitions or to handle non-exhibition activities for the period ending March 8. The application conditions are in line with the industry Bureau of the Ministry of Economy, as determined by the trade liberalization to strengthen the guidance of 17 types of industries 22 products: garments, underwear, sweaters, swimwear, towels, bedding, socks, footwear, bags, household appliances, stone, ceramics, wood bamboo products, pesticides, environmental medicine, animal medicine and others (textile hats, scarves, Textile gloves, umbrellas, cloth curtains and textile protective gear) and other 17 categories of industries.

The International Trade Bureau (ITC) has announced this (108) year's assistance in enhancing the subsidy to the relevant public associations belonging to the 17 types of industries to participate in the participation of internationally exhibitions or to handle non-exhibition activities in the Provision is made under the extension of the Trade fund by the Ministry of Economy this year, and the relevant budget is currently being sent to the Legislative Council for consideration by the Executive Yuan, at which time the actual budget adopted by the Legislative Yuan and the funds approved by the Department in its resolution to promote the Trade fund management committee will prevail. The exhibition is scheduled to be carried out from April 1 to December 31.

Prospective applicants can be registered and mailed to the Bureau of Management Science of the Republic of China on the establishment of the "Ministry of Economy Subsidy Public association for Trade Promotion Activities Project Office" before March 8, which will not be accepted late or overdue. 
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Alphaliner: Singapore PIL 4/7 withdraw Asia and Europe market
20190223 Taiwan freshmen newspaper Shipping edition

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the relevant units in mainland China, the French maritime advisory body Alphaliner said that the Singapore shipping company Taiping Shipping (PIL) will be This (2019) year April 7 full withdrawal from the Asia-Europe shipping market.

Alphaliner pointed out that Taiping shipping is now gradually reducing the business ratio on the Asia-Europe route, after the implementation of the last voyage, April 7, 2019, will formally withdraw from the Asia-Europe shipping market. The agency analyses that during the past 15 years, Taiping Shipping has been active in the Asia-Europe market, the earliest entry into the Asia-Europe market is with China's round Wanhai shipping cooperation, and later Taiping shipping through leasing and other shipping companies in the cabin, continue to carry out various operational activities. At this stage, Taiping Shipping operates on the NEU3/AEU7 route of the Ocean Alliance mainly through the rental of space to Cosco Shipping (COSCO).

Alphaliner believes that even if Taiping Shipping will withdraw from the Asia-Europe market, it will not reduce the volume of business in this market, because other shipping companies will fill the original market share of the company. Some shipping analysts have recently used "cloudy clouds" to describe the development prospects of the Asia-Europe market, arguing that the business of the Asia-Europe market will remain subdued for a long time. Peter Sand, an analyst at the Baltic Shipping Association (BIMCO), stressed that demand in Europe is likely to be below two per cent in the coming years, that European container import cabinets will be hit harder and represent mega-container ships on Asia-Europe routes, making it more difficult to achieve economies of scale in the future. He even predicted that the European shipping market would be "languishing" in 2019.

Shipping analysts said that in the past, Taiping Shipping core business mainly in Asia, Africa and the Middle East market, especially in the Asian region market, but also has a unique advantage, after exiting the Asia-Europe Route market, Taiping Shipping will be more focused on the development of their own advantage routes, perhaps still have the opportunity to create higher profits.

According to the latest news of the Alphaliner website yesterday (22), PiL can be 418,639 TEU (1.8 per cent of global operations) and currently ranks tenth in the world, with a total of 127 vessels, including 90 owned ships and 37 chartered ships.

One, OOCL3 from the month to levy low sulfur fuel surcharge 20190223 Taiwan freshmen newspaper Shipping edition

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" Expansion of the scope of supervision, one, OOCL two shipping companies issued a notice, from March to levy a low-sulfur fuel surcharge.

One stated in the notice on the collection of adjusted low sulphur fuel surcharges that, as a result of the expansion of the regulatory scope, ships were required to use sulphur fuel below 0 five per cent in designated areas of ECA in mainland China, and one planned to charge a low sulphur fuel surcharge (LSF) for goods exported to mainland China (including Hong Kong and Macau) with effect from March 1.

OOCL exports of low sulphur fuel surcharges for export to Asian routes indicate that OOCL (OOCL) will adjust the low sulphur fuel surcharge (CLS) for exports from mainland Chinese ports to Asian routes (excluding Taiwan port of destination) with effect from March 1. The adjusted fee is RMB 140/20", RMB 280/40", starting from the actual date of shipment.
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Egyptian Customs to implement the new regulations, causing heavy backlog of goods customs 

Egyptian exporters registration system increased four categories of goods, came into effect on February 14 formally introduced. Our exporters until February 13 continues shipments, causing heavy backlog of goods customs. 

January 15, the Egyptian Ministry of Trade and Industry Minister No. 2019 enacted 44 decree that the four categories of products added to the list of goods exporters registration system specified in the 2016 Ministerial Decree No. 43, namely: 

1, luggage (customs codes 4202 the total six 11,12,19,21,22,29); 

2, PACKER bagging packaging (codes to the two co 48.19,39.23); 

3, shaving and hair care appliance (customs codes 8212.10 , 8212.2010,8516.31,8516.32,9510.20,9510.30 a total of seven categories); 

4, mobile phone (8517.11,8517.12 total categories). 

The date of promulgation of the Ministerial Decree begin, starting February 14, Aihai off has been notified, stop above four product clearance. Because the registration of new regulation does not have a grace period, payment in the case of customers in Egypt, continuing shipments of exporters until February 13, resulting in a large number of sea cargo backlog 

Chinese exporters suggested that the relevant minister in accordance with the requirements of Order No. 43, 2016, to prepare the relevant registration materials as soon as possible, application for registration to the General Administration of Import and Export Control Egypt. 

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Fort port completed cargo throughput of 1.35 million tons in 2018.

The Hamburg Port, the largest comprehensive port in Germany, delivered a worthwhile answer in 2018 with a total throughput of 135 million 100 thousand tons.

In terms of land transportation, the total volume of Hamburg's 2018 hinterland rail combined transport reached 46 million 800 thousand tons, an increase of 2.7%, and the railway container handling capacity of 2 million 440 thousand standard boxes increased by 4.7%. In 2018, there were more than 60 thousand freight trains totaling about 1 million 600 thousand train carriages to be transported through Hamburg Port Railway. This figure exceeds the record in 2016 and has reached a record high, raising Hamburg Port as the largest rail transport port in Europe. Jens Meier, chief executive of Hamburg Port Authority, said: "the positive growth of port rail transport figures is the result of our joint efforts with our partners over the past few years. We have reason to be proud of this achievement. " A large part of this advantage comes from over 100 airline operators, who are connected to more than more than 1000 seaports in the world through their hamburgers.

At the beginning of the new year, Hamburg opened a good partnership with four new airline suppliers. The four cross the Atlantic container transport providers not only connect the major ports on the east coast of the United States, but also connect the Hamburg Port to Mexico ports through weekly sea routes, "Axel Mattern, chairman of the Hamburg Port Marketing Association, stressed," finalizing the cooperation of the "alliance" airline service providers, and shipping containers of up to 500 thousand TEUs to the Han Dynasty on the Elbe River. Fort port. "

Railway transportation between China and Hamburg

In addition to shipping, China's container traffic has increased significantly. In 2018, China remained the largest trading partner of Hamburg Port. One container per three containers from Hamburg Port is from China. Hamburg Port has a close relationship with China's cargo transportation on the sea, and there are 235 trains on land every week starting from Hamburg and heading for China along the new silk road. "The total volume of container transportation between Hamburg Port and China's maritime and railway containers is about 4 million 800 thousand TEUs, which is far more than other European destinations, and is truly the first port of trade between China and Europe." Mattern said. Hamburg is an important hub for cargo transportation at sea and on the land silk road. "We will continue to strengthen and expand this geographic location advantage for customers in Hamburg ports all over the world," added Mr Ma.

The Hamburg Port Marketing Association saw tremendous growth potential in the land transport logistics along the Silk Road area and the Baltic States. "No European port can provide such diverse direct access to China's maritime and land transportation as Hamburg Port." Mattern stressed that "convenient sea and sea rail, land and sea combined transport make Hamburg the most attractive transit point for trade with China." About 2000 container railway networks, unblocked highway transport lines, trucks and river barges, and air cargo hub airports make Hamburg the world's leading all-around logistics center.

"The dredging of the Elbe River has begun," said Michael Westhagemann, Minister of economics of Hamburg. "We will implement this project as quickly as possible and hope that the project will not be delayed. This year, I will personally inform the customers of our port in Asia, and actively promote the Hamburg Port. Of course, I will also visit our customers in Europe. I would like to thank you for decades of support for the owners of Hamburg harbour. I also want to let them know that Hamburg can provide more services for them. "

River cleaning project starts

Ingo Egloff, director of the Hamburg Port Marketing Association, also pointed out that the construction schemes under the framework of the Elbe river dredging project sent positive signals to the shipping companies and transportation companies at the downstream and outer rivers of the Elbe River. He is pleased that the big shipping alliance has announced that Hamburg will serve as a destination for the Nordic container handling service after the Elbe deepened and widened project is completed. "Dredging works not only allow larger ships to enter Hong Kong more conveniently, but also increase the volume of cargo ships allowed to enter Hong Kong. The deeper draft depth and the better width of the ship have increased the capacity of each ship. Egg Rolf said clearly.

Prepare for the 23000 standard box super large container terminal ship.

Large container ships and large bulk carriers will be able to load more than 18000 tons of cargo into Hamburg Port after deepened the Elbe River. Port and terminal operators have already handled over 21000 large container ships above standard boxes, and are preparing for larger and larger freighters' access and handling. "We have received an entry order for a new generation of giant freighters. We are working hard to make the necessary preparations for the arrival of the 23000 standard container ship to Hamburg Port. Jens Mayer said.

Hamburg, as the largest industrial port in Germany, combines the technological knowledge in logistics with the development of the latest technology, and attaches importance to the policy of sustainable climate development. As for shipowners and logistics companies both at home and abroad, as a North German logistics and shipping center, she is an attractive destination for the future.

Hamburg Harbor, as a comprehensive port with a long history, provides 156 thousand jobs for the big Hamburg area. Port is also an important industrial residence. The total appreciation of 21 billion 800 million euros is of great significance to the German national economy.

Hamburg Port Marketing Association predicts that in 2019 Hamburg will increase significantly in container throughput, reaching 3-4%, and bulk cargo throughput will remain stable.

(source: Port circle)

MWC2 / 25 Basailongna debut three major highlights compelling 

[Central News Agency, Taipei twenty days (Xinhua) - Global Action Communications Conference (MWC) will debut three bright spot market inventory of folding mobile phones, five G communications, networking and other applications where Samsung, Huawei, millet is expected to debut the first to folding machine, five G also detonated communications chips, telecommunications, cloud opportunities. 

Er ○ Yi Jiunian "Universal Mobile Telecommunications Meeting" (MWC) will be held February 25 to 28 in Spain Basailongna debut, this year's theme focused on the wisdom of linking (intelligent connectivity), and the establishment of connectivity , artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, immersive content, undermine innovation, the number of healthy well-being, digital trust, future prospects and other 8 major focus, the corresponding industrial application of the five G, AI, things, AR / VR, unmanned aerial vehicles, robots. Market inventory has three major highlight of this year's MWC, respectively, flip phones, five G communications, networking and other new technology applications such as IoT, VR, AR, MR, AI and so on. 

"Flip phone" 

MWC for the global mobile communications industry an important trial balloon, each year attracts about two thousand global manufacturers gathered Basailongna expected national wafers, cell phones, telecommunications equipment industry will be a big show of the latest products in the MWC, in addition to five G operators to switch outpost war will start firing, more non-Apple camp made an important moment annual flagship new machine "flip phones" technology is expected to become a new wrestling arena. 

Samsung will be published in early morning GMT 21 flagship in San Francisco, the market is expected in addition to the three S series tenth anniversary of the new machine S10e, S10, S10 + will debut, flip phones Galaxy F will also be on display at MWC, rumors screen folded into four five eight-inch, three inches when expanded to seven, the first production will be over one million, the price should not be less than NT $ 60,000. 

Huawei this year's MWC press conference invitations image is a flip phone, rumored Huawei is expected to launch MateF folding machine, the screen size may spread to 8 inches; Lin Bin, president of millet also previously appeared microblogging millet engineering machine folding movies, but Sources pointed out, LG believes the production of folding screen phone "too early", currently on the sidelines. 

" 5 G Communication"

Since the fifth G with high-speed, low-latency, a large number of networked devices connected and other communication features, will change the mode of operation and management industry, to promote the birth of new economic patterns, five G communications will play a key promoter of expected five G chip would be a major indicator Qualcomm first to the front, Huawei, Intel, Samsung, MediaTek is expected to continue to fight the layout of market share, will become a major highlight of this year MWC. With 5G fever, also continues to hot cloud business opportunities, international technology giants such as AWS, Azure, Google and so this year will be other signs on the MWC. 

International carriers such as AT & T, NTT Docomo, China Mobile, also will focus on the theme 5G, IoT, smart city, edge operations, etc., brought out more with technology providers turn potential, Taiwan's telecom providers such as China Telecom once again participating this year, and announced accompanied by Quanta, Supermicro, Zuo Zhen, trends, Lei, grinds China Netcom and other domestic plants and Taoyuan City government, Taichung City government, national Chung Hsing University to demonstrate independent research and development at MWC Taiwan Pavilion "5G wisdom of edge data centers." solution. 

As for the five wisdom G terminal machine part, the land is still the first to debut at MWC plant, ZTE announced that it will publish the first five G Nex Axon phone in MWC Conference; millet is expected to show Mix3 five G version, powered by Qualcomm is expected to S855 in response to 5G; Huawei clamshell phone MateF, outgoing will be equipped with five published baseband chip G Baron 5000. 

"New technology applications: AI, IoT, VR, AR" 

on the theme of MWC planning, as well as artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, immersive content, digital health and other areas, is expected to respond to technological new eco-technologies evolving also continue to grow and prosper, For example, local technology giant HTC has been actively layout of the VR industry, promising five G VR providers turn will promote further expansion of the industry, in addition to chairman Cher Wang led a delegation to this year's exhibition, the second of the invited speakers also served as the theme of the General Assembly, will be staged afternoon of 25 with "immersive content" as the theme, indicating that augmented reality / virtual reality (AR / VR) applications. 

In addition, the market came, Microsoft's new mixed reality (MR) headset may be published in this year's MWC, the main foundries, including Quanta and wafer foundries TSMC is expected to benefit. 
Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News shipping network

Global container Regular route company can rank 20190220 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to the French Maritime Advisory Body Alphaliner released (2019) February 10 The latest energy performance data show that the world's top container scheduled shipping companies in the first ten, respectively, Maersk Line (MAERSK), Mediterranean Shipping (MSC), Cosco Shipping Group (COSCO).

The fourth to tenth place is: (CMA CGM),  (Hapag-lioyd), (one), Evergreen shipping, yangming shipping,  (Hyundai M.M.),   (PIL). The top 20 companies in the global container term company can have a total operation of 20.2512 million TEU, accounting for 88.64 of the world's total container transport energy.

Ranked 11th to 20th in sequence:  (Zim), Wanhai Shipping,  (IRISL Group),  (Antong Holdings),  (KMTC),  (Zhonggu Logistics), Singapore x- Press Feeders Group,  (SITC),  (Smline Corp.),  (TS lines).

 Mainland China Shipping related units pointed out that the list of Mainland China container regular shipping companies, Cosco Shipping ranked third, Antong Holdings (Quanzhou Fusheng Shipping) ranked 15th, Yunia Shipping ranked 16th, Haifeng International (SITC) ranked 18th, Sinotrans ranking Sanama, Ningbo Ocean ranked 36th, Dalian Shun Feng Shipping ranked 46th, Taicang Port container shipping ranked 60th, Shanghai Hai Hua ship ranking 61st, Shanghai Jinjiang Shipping ranking 66th, Tianjin Yitong shipping ranking 80th, Guangxi Hongxiang ship ranking 83rd name, Dalian Episode Ring Bohai Shipping ranked 86th, Rizhao Haitong liner ranked 93rd.

Attention! India issues cargo manifest and transshipment new rules

There is import and export to India or trans-shipment through India foreign trade, freight forwarding to note that the Indian tax authorities and customs through the 2018/88th, the 2018 maritime cargo manifest and Transshipment Ordinance, the Ordinance will come into effect on March 1, 2019 (Vessel Arrival/Departure date).

The shipping company has now issued a notice. The new regulations provide for a change in the time frame and requirements for the arrival of imported goods in Indian ports and the shipment of exported goods out of Indian ports.

The requirements for imported goods, exported goods, export manifests and arrival lists are as follows:

Imported Goods:

The import manifest will be referred to as the arrival manifest (Arrival Manifest), and shipping companies are required to submit to Indian Customs all detailed information on imports, trans-shipments and onboard containers before docking at Indian ports.

Export goods:

The export manifest will be known as the departure manifest (Departure Manifest), and the shipping company will be required to submit detailed information on all export containers to the Indian customs before the vessel leaves or is set sail.

Arrival Checklist Requirements:

Vessels are required to submit IGM related information, bills of lading, preferred CFS details, etc., to the shipping company 72 hours before the last port of call prior to arrival in India, before calling the Indian port.

Export Manifest Requirements:

Shipping instructions and shipping documents need to be submitted to the shipping company at least 48 hours before leaving the port of loading in India.

The shipping company Hapag-Lloyd said it was in discussions with various stakeholders to determine EDI formats and specifications to facilitate the submission of the list.

In the near future, it is necessary to communicate with the shipping company in time for shipment to India or transshipment through India.

(Content integrated from Marine Network, search network)

Port Liability Company: my new south direction : Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

Taiwan port Limited by Share Ltd (Port Liability Company) yesterday (eighteen) said that in order to actively expand the new south direction, after the establishment of "Taiwan source international Cmi Holdings Ltd" in Singapore in October 10th (10 seven), it has been planned in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Philippines. As a priority assessment market, the state port has recently been actively negotiating with the national airline traders and the citizens' logistics providers to jointly invest in the New South to the state and launch related business.

Port Liability Company said that in the past eight years, the company's management team will take "innovation, cooperation and efficiency" as the three major development spindles. It will introduce business models into business operations, develop intelligent ports, build a good port business environment, and strengthen cooperation with the local governments of the operators and ports, create a win-win situation, and continuously enhance the company's core competitiveness and business performance. The goal is to become a global best port operation group.

Port Liability Company pointed out that in the year of seven, the company's business operations showed bright prospects. In terms of container business, the container volume of Taiwan port group maintained a steady growth, reaching fifteen million three hundred and twenty thousand TEU, a record high. Kaohsiung port also grew nearly two hundred thousand TEU against the trend, and broke through TEU container port for five consecutive years.

In addition to the steady development of the core business of port, there are also concrete results in developing diversified businesses. In the part of the development of the waterfront, Penglai's old port area has been controlled for seventy years, and finally it was completely lifted at the end of seven. From stacks and two storehouses, they gradually develop into a stack library group, and become a new highlight of literary creation and market, bringing more vitality and business opportunities to Kaohsiung port.

Port Liability Company stressed that, for example, the opening operation of OUTLET in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong, apart from creating employment opportunities, it also contributed to the economic development of the surrounding business circles. In the development of offshore wind power, Port Liability Company set up offshore wind power area in Taichung port. Combined with resources of port, shipbuilding and wind power providers, it provides comprehensive services such as port operation, port maintenance, personnel training, marine engineering and so on. In overseas investment, in May, seven, in May, Indonesia set up "Taiwan container storage and logistics company" in Surabaya, Indonesia. It opened the first international investment layout of the Port Liability Company. Now it is gradually expanding its operation scale. In October 2001, Taiwan yuan international holding company was set up with the relevant domestic port and logistics related operators. Set jobs.

In the part of Kaohsiung port, Port Liability Company added that in the face of the challenges of the restructure of the shipping market and the fierce competition from the adjacent ports, the volume of containers last year still increased by nearly two hundred thousand TEU. For five consecutive years, the container port of tens of millions of TEU has been stabilized, and the external viaduct project and the seven container terminal business have been completed. Further adjustment of Kaohsiung port terminal configuration is expected to increase by one million TEU. Container capacity to maintain container hub port status.

In addition, the Kaohsiung port continues to promote construction. The third canal rotation Dagang bridge is expected to be completed in October (October). It will connect the public construction of the Hong Kong port, light rail and barge two special zone to form a sightseeing corridor to promote the economic benefits of the port's waterfront tourism. By the end of January nine, when the port transportation centre is completed, it will provide passengers with more convenient and comfortable transportation.

Korean modern merchant Shipping if exiting 2M Alliance threatens to destroy container market freight 20190219 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to Lars Jensen, chief executive of Sea Intelligence, a Danish shipping consultancy, the partnership agreement between South Korea's modern merchant Ship (HMM) and the 2M Alliance (including Maersk and MSC) is about to expire in more than a year, In the next six months, it remains to be seen how modern merchant ships will sign a new cooperation agreement with one of the three major alliances, or instead deploy the capacity of their many large ships on their own.

The news points out that modern merchant ships have announced that they want to increase their global market share to seven per cent, and are confident that they will have sufficient volume to deploy their operations calmly, and it is not known whether the shipping company will be able to "do what it says" without working with the 2M Alliance.

Shipping analysts believe that if modern merchant ships finally withdraw from the 2M Alliance and choose to "fight alone", in order to ensure that sufficient cargo volume can be obtained, the reduction of freight rates may be adopted, a strategy that threatens to undermine the stability of freight rates in the container transport market.

The biggest challenge for the shipping industry in the next 5 years: Demand growth retardation 20190219 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to relevant units in mainland China, Ryder law Firm (Reed Smith) recently launched a survey on the biggest challenges facing the shipping industry over the next five years, which showed that respondents believed that "slow demand growth" would be the biggest challenge for the shipping industry, accounting for 18.3 per cent, followed by " The trend in industry integration resulted in lower freight costs "(16.7 per cent); the" Response Programme for fuel emission regulations "accounted for 15 per cent, ranking third.

The report notes that as global economic growth slows and demand stabilizes, markets are exposed to the risk of overcapacity, which is bound to have an impact on freight costs and could lead to the elimination of small shipping companies. Andrew Taylor, co-head of the Ryder Global Transportation group, argues that the next five years are likely to be a challenge for the shipping industry, and that companies need to invest heavily in meeting new environmental regulations while remaining competitive. In order to achieve real-time tracking and monitoring of ship performance, enterprises need to expand investment in technology and energy efficiency in the future.

The findings also show that big data analytics and solutions to environmental emissions will be the most far-reaching issues in the next five years, with 40% respondents voting respectively and 20 per cent remaining as distributed books and blockchain technology.

Reminder: Customs no longer accept the 5130 off-zone code! 

HUANGPU Customs Circular on the introduction of a new customs clearance code

Customs declaration enterprises, import and export goods to receive shippers:

In accordance with the arrangements for the reform of the customs institutions, the relevant operations in the Luogang district have been adjusted since February 15, 2019, and the relevant matters are hereby communicated as follows:

First, Luogang customs in the customs clearance system after the official opening of the new Customs declaration code "5224".

Second, the original Guangzhou Customs office in Luogang gang Customs declaration code "5130" no longer accept the new customs clearance business.

We hereby inform you.

Suspected Monopoly ~ South Korea's two major shipbuilding giants merge to attract market worries 

The merger of the two major shipbuilding giants, Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding, will not only create a "Big Mac" with one-fifth of the world's handheld orders, but will also dominate the LNG ship market or push up the price of new shipbuilding for LNG ships, raising concerns among shipowners and questions from rivals.

Clarkson data show that after the merger, Hyundai Heavy Industry and Daewoo Shipbuilding overall handheld order volume will reach 365, 17 million CGT, accounting for more than one-fifth of the world's total handheld orders, market share of up to 21.2%. The combined handheld order volume is much higher than the Jzs shipbuilding (166, 5.25 million CGT) ranked second in the world for handheld orders.

In the LNG ship market, the monopoly situation formed by the merger is more obvious. According to Clarkson's data, Daewoo Shipbuilding LNG ship ranks first in the world for handheld orders, with a total of 38; Hyundai Heavy industry LNG ship holds a total of 14 handheld orders in the world. At the same time, the modern three lakes heavy industry LNG ship, also affiliated with Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, holds a total of 20 handheld orders, ranking third, Hyundai tailings shipbuilding and 1 LNG ships handheld orders.

As a result, after the merger, the 4 shipyard LNG ships will have 73 handheld orders, almost 3 times times the number of Samsung Heavy Industries (27) that currently rank second in the world in terms of handheld orders for LNG ships.

In addition, of the total of 71 LNG ship new ship orders in the world last year, three shipyards of Hyundai Heavy Industries received 25 of them, and Daewoo Shipbuilding received 18. Two companies merged the number of new ship orders to 43, with a market share of nearly 60%.

Vesselsvalue Trading analyst Court Smith said that if the merger of Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding, two shipyard LNG ship handheld orders will form a large-scale integration, modern heavy industrial LNG ship handheld order value will double from 6 billion U.S. dollars to 12 billion U.S. dollars.

Shipbuilding people believe that the merger of modern heavy industry and Daewoo Shipbuilding will bring synergies, especially in the field of LNG ships. Japan's shipbuilding industry has been trying to integrate to compete with China and South Korea, but Japanese shipping companies have not been able to match the scale of the merger of Hyundai Heavy Industries-Daewoo Shipbuilding in any case, a Japanese shipyard said.

On the other hand, many shipowners have pointed out that the merger of Hyundai Heavy Industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding will push up the price of new shipbuilding for LNG ships. According to Clarkson, the price of new shipbuilding for 1 174000 cubic meters of LNG ships is now about $184 million.

The dominance of modern heavy industries and Daewoo Shipbuilding in the LNG ship market is likely to lead to monopolistic disputes. Giant corporate mergers like this will require not only antitrust scrutiny from South Korea, but also antitrust scrutiny in major competitive markets such as China, Japan, Europe and the United States.

For the two shipyards, foreign governments and industry's containment of South Korea's shipbuilding industry is no doubt a big obstacle, should not be underestimated. "South Korea's industrial banks support specific businesses and are causing losses to foreign companies," the U.S. Trade Representative department said in March 2017 through national trade barriers reports.

In fact, South Korea's industrial bank's aid to Daewoo Shipbuilding has sparked strong protests from Japan and the European Union. Last year, the Japanese government took the lead in the EU's involvement in the prosecution of the World Trade Organization (WTO), suing the South Korean government for providing "covert" government subsidy subsidies to its own shipping companies in the name of financing, in violation of WTO regulations, seriously harming the interests of Japanese and EU shipping companies.

"Shipbuilding is a market for more competitive companies around the world," said Professor Park Shangren, Graduate School of Administration at Seoul University in South Korea. Monopoly issues may be magnified in the process of corporate merger review in two companies. "

(Source: International Ship Network)





2019年要認真做好六個方面的工作:1. 做優港口主業,夯實發展基礎。2. 服務國家戰略,融入發展大局。3. 深化改革創新,釋放發展潛力。4. 推進科技興港,打造發展引擎。5. 強化企業管理,提高發展質量。6. 落實國企黨建要求,保障集團高質量發展。








截至2018年底,鹽田港集團資產總額298億元,比年初增長9%,國有資產保值增值率達106%,淨資產收益率達6.17%,同比增長 17%,資產規模和收益回報得到明顯提升。集團積極應對中美貿易摩擦等外部不利因素影響,及時采取有力措施,超額完成市國資委下達的各項經營指標。全年營業收入實現15.09億元,同比增長8%。全年利潤總額實現14.6億元,完成年度指標的127%,同比增長22%。在嚴峻復雜的形勢下,集團系統全年集裝箱吞吐量實現1439萬標箱,完成年度指標的100%,同比增長2.58%,占深圳港56%。其中鹽田港區集裝箱吞吐量首次突破1300萬標箱,再創歷史新高,超出深圳港平均增幅1.5個百分點,連續9年突破1000萬標箱,單一港區規模和效益繼續位居世界前列。
























A new large port in Bangladesh will effectively relieve congestion.

It is understood that Bangladesh is building a large port in order to alleviate the current congestion situation.

European engineering consultant Royal Haskoningdhv, in collaboration with the University of engineering and technology in Bangladesh, was selected as the master planning consultant for the Payra deep sea port development project in South Asian countries.

It is reported that Payra will be the third largest and largest port in Bangladesh. It is designed to increase the required port capacity and allow larger ships to dock here rather than to ports such as Singapore and Colombo.

"This port will become an important link in the economic corridor of Bangladesh, China, India and Burma, and will have a huge impact on Bangladesh's economic development," brigadier general M Jahangir Alam, chairman of Payra Sea Port said yesterday.

Royal HaskoningDHV Eric Smit, director of maritime business development, said of the contract worth millions of euros, "the new port development of this size is very rare, and the new port will help the country achieve growth goals, create greater economic growth, more job opportunities and new opportunities."

The first stage of green port development includes the basic dredging project. The project will be carried out by the Belgian Jan de Nul under the PPAs, and two new port terminals will be built.

The port is scheduled for operation in 2022, and will also link railways, highways and waterways with the capital Dhaka.

(source: logistics Baba)

Cambodia could be subject to EU sanctions

It is understood that due to concerns about human and labour rights, the EU began a 18-month observation process in Cambodia. And the process could mix Cambodia's duty-free trade to temporarily suspend access to EU markets under everything but arms (EBA) schemes.

Cambodia's Ministry of Commerce issued a statement later in Tuesday saying it had eliminated export management fees (EMF) charges, meaning local exporters were no longer required to pay certificates of origin (CO). 

In addition, exporters are not required to apply for CO if the authorities of the country of destination do not require them. 

Some analysts said the move was the EU's desire to crack down on the Cambodian Hun Sen regime through trade sanctions, which would damage the country's economy. Of these, Cambodia's clothing industry of about $5 billion (about $6.8 billion) will be hit hardest, with the country's apparel industry employing 750,000 employees and being the largest exporter of clothing.

It comes after the European Union began imposing tariffs on Cambodia's imported rice last week for a period of three years to protect the interests of EU rice farmers.

(Source: Logistics BA Ba)

2019 Global Air Cargo demand IATA: Prudent optimism

Taipei reported that "global trade tensions continue to have a relative impact on the global air cargo market movements." Global air cargo market demand increased by San Guos per cent over the same period in 2018, but below Jiu Chi per cent in 2017, and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) was cautiously optimistic about the growth prospects of international air Cargo in 2019 and believed that the air cargo industry must improve its value positioning to meet market demand.

IATA released 2018 global Air cargo data show that, in terms of freight tonne km, global air cargo market demand increased by San Guos per cent over the same period in 2018, significantly lower than the growth rate of 2017 Jiu Chi, and that production capacity increased Guos Shi per cent over the same period, as measured by available freight tonne km, exceeding the growth rate of annual demand.

In the IATA briefing, it was noted that the growth in demand for international air cargo in 2018 was dragged down by weak demand in December, with lower results since March 2016. This should be due to the rapid increase in the inventory of goods by international air Cargo customers, the reduction in freight volumes, the weakening of global economic activity, the weakness of global trade and the weakening of consumer confidence in relation to political resistance.

According to IATA's January 2019 survey confidence index for airline chief financial officers and freight executives, this year remains quite challenging. Depending on the recent growth in passenger and cargo demand, a number of changes in the trade war are expected in the coming year.

As the global economies maintain openness to the movement of people and trade, which is important for the growth of global air cargo, the promotion of digital modern logistics technologies and applications will help to expand the contribution of e-commerce to the growth of air cargo.

Notably, the continued growth of e-commerce in 2018 will be an important factor in driving the growth of international air cargo.

Special Report on the Spring Festival Taiwan port and Evergreen shipping, modern merchant shipping contract 20190210 

In the face of the volume of goods, if the "Spring River Plumbing Duck Prophet" described the shipping logistics industry is not too. After the reorganization of the New Maritime Alliance, Evergreen Shipping and the "Ocean Alliance", comprising the French flying Shipping group (CMA CGM) and the China Ocean Shipping Group (COSCO), mainly focused on enhancing the scope of operations and operational efficiency through the route consortium, and how the company retained the airline operators in relative Hong Kong. has become a major task, but also a matter of urgency.

Kaohsiung Port is Taiwan's largest commercial port, also the world's major container port, in order to build Kaohsiung port as the Asia-Pacific container hub Port, Taiwan Port Company actively promote the seventh Container Centre construction project, and assist the first to sixth container Centre leasing operators to improve the terminal and related facilities to enhance the overall port competitiveness.

Taiwan Port Company recently demonstrated the ambition of investment, evergreen shipping and modern merchant shipping also with the completion of the contract, Root stay in Kaohsiung. The port company also negotiated business contracts for the renewal of tenancy contracts in various container centres and finally completed the contract with evergreen Shipping and Hyundai Merchant Shipping Co., Ltd.

Wu Zongrong, chairman of Taiwan Port Company, on behalf of the company and Evergreen Shipping Chairman Zhang Zhengji  signed the Seventh container Centre in Kaohsiung Port S1 to S5 container terminal lease, declaring that evergreen shipping company continued to cultivate Kaohsiung Port as a trans-shipment base in East Asia, and will synchronize investment in the development of the global shipping market.

The total investment amount of the seventh container Centre in Kaohsiung Port (including private investment) is NT $42 billion, a new deep-water container terminal with a total length of 2,415 meters and a depth of 18 meters, which can provide at the same time five Shi Hi Wan teu oversized container wheel berthing and loading and unloading, with an annual loading and unloading energy of 4 million TEU, and maintain the automatic operation and operation of the design, the future will be equipped with advanced front and rear wire equipment, can improve the efficiency of loading and unloading operations, Kaohsiung Port to consolidate the status of container hub port is very helpful.

Evergreen Shipping has been operating a dedicated container terminal in Kaohsiung Port since 75, and at present, 79 to 81 and 115 to 117th terminals have been leased, and container handling operations in 106 amounted to six TEU, accounting for more than 3.6 million of Kaohsiung port, the largest container operator in Kaohsiung Port.

In order to comply with the ship's large-scale maritime transport trend, as the world's major container shipping companies evergreen shipping, the continuation of the fleet replacement plan, has started to operate 20,000 TEU class oversized container wheels, and Kaohsiung Port as the home port, and the seventh container Centre Superior Wharf conditions, has been in line with the future development needs of the company.

Modern merchant ships are optimistic about Kaohsiung port and have renewed their dedicated wharf leases for five years, and at the end of last year, Chen Lian, general manager of Kaohsiung Port Branch, and Tri Gong Hao, general manager of Hyundai Merchant Shipping Co., Ltd., signed a lease contract for container terminals 118 and 119th in Kaohsiung Port for five years. The announcement that Hyundai Merchant Corporation is optimistic about Kaohsiung Port as a trans-shipment base in East Asia will continue to invest in the development of the Asian maritime market, which is very effective in consolidating the container volume and maintaining the status of the hub port in Kaohsiung Port.

Hyundai Merchant Shipping Co., Ltd., the largest shipping company in Korea, has ordered 12 23,000 TEU and eight 15,000 TEU class oversized container vessels in response to the trend of large-scale marine shipping, which is expected to be delivered from 109 onwards. Hyundai Merchant Shipping Co., Ltd. has been operating a special container terminal in Kaohsiung Port since 85 years. To date, 76 to 78 and 118 to 119th terminals have been leased, and the operating volume has reached five TEU, which is the top three foreign airlines of Kaohsiung Port.

The Taiwan port company hopes that by signing the seventh Container Centre Wharf lease, it will attract more mega-container vessels to lean, consolidate the Marine Alliance and Evergreen Shipping Company in Kaohsiung Port Market, continue to strive for new routes and re-export sources, and create another peak in Kaohsiung port growth. 
Taiwan Freshmen newspaper Shipping Network

Nordic market operating environment deterioration short-range transport uncertainty increases 20190213 

 is affected by the deterioration of the operating environment in the Nordic market, coupled with the continuous integration of the maritime transport industry, resulting in future uncertainty for European short-haul transport operators, team lines, a branch owner based in Hamburg, Germany, announced that it would cease operations with effect from 11th.

Alphaliner analysis, the market share of the four major European container transport companies in the Nordic feeder transport has risen steadily over the past decade, and the share of the capacity of Maersk, Mediterranean, Hapag-Lloyd and Dafei on the Nordic routes has risen to five or six per cent from three or four per cent in 2009. Independent operators, including DFDS, Samskip and Fesco, have gradually lost their market share, slipping from 66 per cent in the past to 44 per cent today.

As a result of the reduction in the size of operations, coupled with the suspension of operations by some established shipowners, or the acquisition of other container operators, the total capacity of independent operators has been reduced from 164,000 TEU in 2009 to 117,000 TEU.

 The data show that shipping companies that have been disappearing in Europe over the past decade include Baltic Container Lines, Intermarine (IMCL), United feeder Services, Feederlink, Tschudi Lines and MacAndrews.

Strengthening border epidemic prevention Customs March establishment of X-ray instrument at base port, HUALIEN, TAINAN, KAOHSIUNG airport 20190214

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that" the Customs and Excise Department has continued to strengthen the epidemic against swine fever, and at present all shipping (cruise or rapid rounds, including small three links) customs clearance points for inbound passengers hand-held and checked baggage, are subject to X-ray inspection, air inbound passengers checked baggage are all X-rayed, mainland China, Hand baggage for inbound passengers in high-risk areas such as Hong Kong and Macau has been fully implemented by X-ray or manual inspection. A further six X-ray inspectors will be added to the baggage inspection desk of Keelung port, Hualian, Tainan and Kaohsiung International Airport by mid-March to assist the Customs and Excise Department in carrying out baggage inspection, taking into account the preventive detect and the convenience of customs clearance.

The Customs and Excise Department pointed out yesterday that the Chinese New Year holiday was transferred to the Anti-Inspection Bureau. In the case of penalty, the family tour from Xiamen boat to Taiwan was affected by a 30 grams of ham, and passengers arriving from Hong Kong were unable to enter the country because they were unwilling to contribute because they were carrying a 230 grams of ham and toast sandwiches. There is a fluke from Ningbo, mainland China, to return to Taiwan's own passengers, in the checked baggage hidden sausage three kg attempt to break through, through X-ray examination and manual stop effective obstruction.

Customs statistics, during the Lunar New Year (February 2 to 10th) seized 46 pieces of Guoli Shi kg of smuggled non-quarantine pork and containing pork products, of which the passengers illegally carried 45 pieces of Gosi Jiu kg (including two pieces of two kg) and seized the goods in accordance with the customs Regulations, and moved by the Anti-Inspection Bureau of the Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan in accordance with the animal Infectious diseases Control Regulations Tribunal NT $200,000 penalty absentia 16 cases (from African swine fever affected areas), 11 out of seven cases of expatriates were refused entry and repatriation due to non-payment on the spot, including two cases in Keelung Port, one case of Songshan Airport The parcel seized a piece of Yi Shiba kg.

The Customs and Excise Department stressed that the department's Taipei Guan and Kaohsiung had 30 additional manpower support passengers at Songshan, Taoyuan and Kaohsiung International Airport before the Spring festival holiday, and opened two X-ray inspectors at the second terminal baggage checkpoint at Taoyuan International Airport to tie in with the Anti-inspection bureau quarantine Dogs to step up checks on inbound passengers ' luggage from high-risk areas. At the same time, the Department reiterated its appeal not to bring or buy pork products into the country without permission, and to ask people to inform their relatives and friends returning to Taiwan from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau in order to avoid heavy penalties and remorse.

MOL announced restructuring measures 

Mitsui OSK Lines, Ltd. announced today that the company will restructure the organizational structure, will take effect April 1, 2019, as follows: 

1. Establishment of Chief Security Officer 

MOL will establish a new post of chief security officer, will be responsible for strategic planning and oversight measures to ensure the safety and quality of operations and throughout the MOL Group fleet, and make necessary recommendations to the Executive Director in charge of security. 

2. Establishment responsible for the promotion of sustainable development executive director of 

MOL established a new executive director is responsible for the promotion of sustainable development, will oversee strategic planning and to take positive impetus to promote measures aimed at sustainable growth and operational activities through the whole group, achieve the company's sustainable development goals. 

3. The establishment responsible for the Europe / Africa operations executive director and executive director of operations for the Americas 

MOL will specify two executive directors, are responsible for the Europe / Africa and the Americas business operations. Before Europe, Africa, the Americas performed only by a director responsible for supervision, will separate to ensure faster decision-making, to achieve the greatest overall profitability in these areas. 

4. Recombinant ship management organizations, the establishment of marine technology management department 

in order to speed up the development of response measures and preventive measures of ships and strengthen ship maintenance, to ensure the long-term safety and profitability of MOL fleet assets, MOL will integrate tankers, dry bulk carriers, motor transport oversight functions ships and container ships, the establishment of new marine technology management department, responsible for managing the fleet, the company has become the world leader in safe operation. 

5. split and changed its name to two dry bulk carriers, dry bulk shipping a renamed 

according to the type of cargo, MOL will dry bulk carriers and changed its name to two split wood chip carriers and bulk carriers sector departments, provide stress-free service to customers in both areas. The dry bulk carriers and a renamed Collier iron ore sector. 

6. The department was renamed coal transport ship 

MOL will transport coal and thermal coal ship department was renamed the department of energy projects, highlighting once again the importance of coal service in MOL to meet customers' changing needs, while working in related fields and energy projects .

(Source: International Ship network)

Optimized container service Maersk will push captain Peter Virtual assistant 20190212 

According to the British shipping related website, the Danish Maersk Line (MAERSK) will launch a virtual assistant called Captain Peter today (2019) to enhance its remote container management (RCM) platform and thereby improve the overall container transport service.

Maersk Shipping points out that technical transformation is under way to simplify the process of integration into the remote container Management (RCM) platform. The company will launch a new platform in the first half of this year to improve design and new product functionality, a feature that the virtual assistant will strengthen. Anne|sophie Zerlang Karlsen, head of global refrigeration management at Maersk, stressed that the company's goal is to make RCM products look and feel like the general public's favorite smartphone app, because there is still a lot of paperwork and related technology to be overcome in the shipping industry process, Captain Peter will be able to assist with these complex processes and provide better service to our customers.

Maersk Shipping supplements, Captain Peter will follow some simple rules to send up-to-date information about container temperature and atmospheric conditions, as well as arrival schedules, through customer requests and contact channels, such as newsletters or e-mails. If any errors or delays in the goods are found in the process, Captain Peter will be notified to the customer. Until the container reaches its destination, Captain Peter will also check the status of the container and send updates to the customer, who will receive the latest information on customization according to specific needs. RCM Technology also provides refrigeration cabinet temperature, humidity, position and power status, so that customers can master. If any problems are identified, the customer can alert the supplier or check the goods by a local surveyor to reduce the number of goods that may be lost by up to $ millions of.

Anne-sophie Zerlang Karlsen notes that as the RCM platform continues to roll out, it is expected that captain Peter will be able to gather enough information to predict potential cargo damage and provide advice on configuration prior to container shipment. It is reported that the RCM was first launched in 2017 to provide information transparency from 270,000 Maersk refrigerated containers equipped with machine-to-machine technology, and more than 2,300 customers have now successfully signed the RCM solution.

Early warning! The country will implement a new weight-limiting policy! An emergency notice has been issued by the shipping company!

There are exports to Tanzania's foreign trade, freight forwarders friends pay attention!

The Tanzanian National Transportation Department will implement the new weight limit policy from March 1, 2019 (whichever is the date of unloading), 40 foot container cargo weight does not exceed 25 tons, 20 feet heavy cabinet cargo weight does not exceed 25 tons, 20 feet light cabinet cargo weight does not exceed 11 tons, violators may cause delayed delivery and fines!

At present, shipping company PIL has issued an emergency notice, please tell each other!

The port of Rotterdam will predict the best time to load and unload cargo

It is reported that the port of Rotterdam is about to launch a new IoT platform. The platform is known to have been developed by the Port of Rotterdam in conjunction with partners such as IBM and Cisco, and will use 44 smart sensors to follow the weather and hydrological conditions in ports.

Through the new platform, the Rotterdam Port Authority will send signals on weather and hydrological conditions in real time to make it easier for the port to carry out cargo handling plans. The port of Rotterdam said the sensor would then be applied to every aspect of the ship's voyage to the terminal for loading and unloading.

It is understood that the future from wave height, to wind speed and other data can be transmitted in real time, which will help the port to effectively predict the best time for cargo handling.

Ronald Paul, chief executive of the Port of Rotterdam, said it was a crucial step in the development of "smart ports" in the Rotterdam. He said real-time weather data would also help the port improve its "critical process of customer service."

The Port authority of Rotterdam said it was the first step towards building an innovative port that could use the latest technology, including artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, real-time analysis, and more.

For the growing port, digitalization is becoming increasingly important to infrastructure. In the future, sensors will be installed on wharf walls, roads and traffic signs, which will continue to create and measure data and interact autonomously with the terminal system.

(Source: Port Circle)

Qingdao Port completes the world's first 5G long-distance crane operation-shipping industry 
2019-02-09 12:00 

A few days ago, Qingdao port fully automated container terminal successfully completed the 5G connection based on the automatic Shore Bridge Crane control operation, to achieve through the wireless network crawl and transport containers. This is the first 5G remote crane operation in the actual production environment in the world.

In the face of the arrival of the global 5G technology wave and the vast number of shipowners, shippers on the higher terminal operation efficiency needs, Qingdao port to speed up the "smart port" construction and automation terminal continued upgrade. "Intelligent port" on the communication connection has a short delay, large bandwidth, high reliability of the stringent requirements, automation wharf of large-scale special operating equipment communication system to meet the control information, multi-channel video information, such as synchronous and reliable transmission, at present, the main use of traditional optical fiber communication means. However, the optical fiber communication mode needs to design the special actuator on the mobile device, and will cause the equipment structure to be complex, the manufacture, the operation and the maintenance cost is relatively high. The low latency, high bandwidth and large capacity characteristics of 5G technology provide a new solution for the port to solve the communication problem of automation equipment.

It is understood that this test to achieve millisecond delay of industrial control signals and higher than 30 HD camera video data in the 5G network mixed load, support the actual production of automatic Shore Bridge Crane Wireless control and video return, performance stability, verified the 5G network in the "smart port" scene of the application and a number of key technologies, A comprehensive assessment of the feasibility of the deployment of the 5G network at the Smart Wharf was carried out.

Qingdao Port Group Co., Ltd., China United Network Communications Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. and Ericsson Quartet jointly participated in the 5G "Smart Wharf" test, and according to their own advantages of deep resource investment.

Source: China Economic Network

"Special Report" New Economic and Trade Bureau treacherous Taiwan Enterprise Challenge

In recent years, the rapid changes in the international economic and trade situation, coupled with the U.S.-China trade war to add variables, our trading manufacturers are facing many practical problems and challenges in their operations, and the recent outbreak of swine fever in Africa has been a major test of our border inspection control measures, and even on the customs clearance of passengers and goods have an impact. 2019 Whether it is true, as the outside world says, is a year of extreme change, worth observing.

In the recent observation of the evolution of global trade, there will be roughly three variables in 2019, and the attitude of the United States still plays a key role, one is the U.S.-China trade war, trade disputes between the two countries are likely to ease, but there is a possibility of a full-blown war, and the car trade with the United States Congress, as long as any Have the potential to affect global economic stability.

International institutional Analysis, 2019 years later, the biggest problem is how the United States and China to solve the major differences in trade issues. Trump is under pressure from financial markets and farmers, and hopes he can strike a trade deal. But the most likely scenario for a U.S.-China trade war is to seek a freeze on conflict rather than a full armistice. That is, the United States may continue to impose import tariffs on 250 billion of dollars worth of mainland Chinese products, and of course mainland China will carry out the necessary retaliatory measures.

It is worth noting that this year may be the pressure of the United States and China trade disputes, should belong to the automobile trade. Trump has now ordered a national security investigation into cars and parts imported from the United States and said it will impose a 25 per cent import tariff on European and Japanese cars, while US and European and Japanese car talks are now hard to come by, but Europe, Japan and South Korea are also likely to be heavily taxed in the United States, if this is true, will have a significant impact on the global economy.

It is possible for the United States to introduce new export controls and limit the sale of key technologies to mainland China, while continuing to scrutinize mainland Chinese investment in the United States, and one that cannot be ruled out is that both economies could fall into a new Cold war situation if the US and China continue to deteriorate.

Keelung : Electric machine bicycle 0 components According to the car tax number and the signing of the provisions of the declaration 20190201

Keelung Guan said that the main characteristics of the electric machine bicycle 0 components, according to the car tax number and the signing of the provisions of Customs declaration. Operators should, before declaring imports, carefully examine whether the characteristics of the goods in accordance with the principle of identification, and detail the name, specifications, composition and functions of the goods, in order to correctly declare the tax rules for customs clearance, if there is any doubt as to which tax code should be listed, but also before the import to apply for a pre-examination

In response to the recent increase in domestic electric machine bicycle sales, the demand for 0 components increased, but the import sample is multiple, the completion of goods and 0 components of the tariff rate is very different, and the import and visa requirements are not the same, for the tax exemption is affected by the error of the customs clearance, Keelung warned, the Customs department has issued a " Imported electric machine bicycle 0 components after the combination of complete or complete the main characteristics of the electric machine bicycle identification principle ", the import of such goods should look at the characteristics of the goods, and according to the relevant provisions of the correct declaration of tax rules.

Keelung said that it belongs to the same batch of imported electric machine bicycle 0 components, if in line with the International Commodity Uniform Classification System Interpretation Criterion II (a) of the "main characteristics of the finished product", that is, should be classified into the finished product classification number.

In accordance with the principle of recognition, where the same consignment contains a frame (whether or not a hand steering device, a fork or brake brake device), and a power system 0 components (motor), a control system 0 components (Controller, whether or not an electrical wiring group) or a driving control system 0 components (any wheel, whether or not a tyre) of any part, is considered to have the main characteristics of the vehicle, the number of components of the zero component should be in accordance with the interpretation of Guideline II (a), the approval of electric machine bicycle into a car tax code number.
Taiwan Freshmen newspaper Shipping Network

Differences in Sino-US trade negotiations have not affected maritime market confidence 

Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that the differences between China and the United States trade negotiations have not been reduced, and fear will continue to affect the confidence of the maritime transport market, because the supply and demand of manufacturing products is one of the important standards of the market, container freight is also regarded as an important economic indicator. The recent decline in seaborne freight has highlighted the weakness of manufacturing in Asia, Europe and North America. The slowdown in global economic growth, the unresolved trade conflict between the United States and China, and the uncertainty facing a partial suspension of the US government and Brexit will all affect market confidence.

Container ships and dry bulk carriers are one of the world's leading modes of transport for raw materials and manufactured goods, and market analysis of recent declines in freight costs is the latest sign of a marked slowdown in global economic growth.

The Harper Peterson Index (Harpex Shipping index), which measures container freight, has recently fallen by about 30 per cent, while the Baltic Dry Bulk index (Baltic Dry index) has also fallen by about 47 per cent since mid-2018 and is still declining earlier this year.

Market analysis, the recent decline in the dry bulk index shows that the global economy has experienced a serious slowdown. A report released by ANZ also noted that differences in trade talks between China and the United States have not been reduced and will continue to affect confidence levels in commodity markets.

Tariff deadline looming Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach blockage exacerbate 

the amount of import tariffs with the deadline looming, US exporters are hiring a larger container ships to accommodate the growing cargo, Long Beach and the Port of Los Angeles is facing unprecedented. 

Recently, China requested the establishment of panel to review the case of the United States to impose tariffs on some goods from China's measures to the World Trade Organization (WTO). 

Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero said in a statement: "We have never had so much cargo marine terminal operators in the Port of Long Beach, the International Association of Coastal and warehouses, shipping companies, truck drivers and other stakeholders are working to manage resources. " 

January 25th Yang Ming Marine Transport for the US West Coast port congestion delays also issued a warning: in anticipation of Chinese imports to the United States is about to levy tariffs affecting US exporters are hiring a larger container ships to accommodate the increasing amount of imports. In the coming weeks, the shipping container shipping company could face delays, especially in Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach! 

Taiwanese shipping company Yang Ming Marine Transport at the time to customer inquiries revealed: "Despite the increase in imports ports are working effectively manage this unpredictable, but in all aspects of port operations, from labor and equipment to ships and terminal operator, as well as trucks and the use of the railway are constantly expanding, and will cause blockages, clogging and delays occur. " 

as explained by Yang Ming Marine Transport, supply of goods continues to be a major problem, because of the extra vessels and the resulting labor shortage will lead to berth congestion and delays. Because of severe congestion, usually holding container importer has been extended through up to three days a week. As if not timely delivery or return containers, Yang Ming Marine Transport will be charged accordingly. " 

According to Cordero's statement, Chinese Lunar New Year should be able to temporarily slow down this phenomenon, the supply chain before the goods traffic within the next few weeks can recover a little better. 

He added:" the port side is working closely with all our partners, will containers to the port, we thank you for your patience. " 

Mayor Long Beach Robert Garcia is leading a delegation of the Port of Long Beach to Southeast Asia to discuss cooperation opportunities in trade, commerce and investment.

After eight days, the delegation will visit Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam, with industry organizations and trade officials sit down and discuss attract and retain more business. Port of Long Beach in 2018 a record throughput, more than 8 million TEUs, compared with the same period in 2017, cargo traffic increased by 7%. 

Port officials expect trade to grow by 2019, but due to the impact of Sino-US trade war, which is an increase compared to last year may be more conservative. 

Cordero said in a speech earlier this month on the status of the port: "As interest contact so great sides of the Pacific, we believe that the United States and China can resolve their differences and maintain economic growth for both of us." 

2018 Port of Los Angeles is also a record record, port of Los Angeles as North America's busiest container port last year handled 9.45 million TEUs, the highest open most of the 111 years in Hong Kong, compared with the same period in 2017, an increase of 1.2%. 

(Source: Sea circle Focus)

Tariff deadline looming Los Angeles and Long Beach port blockage intensifies 

As tariff deadlines loom, U.S. exporters are hiring larger container ships to accommodate mounting cargo volumes, and Long Beach and the port of Los Angeles are facing unprecedented imports.

Recently, China made a request to the World Trade Organisation to set up a panel to review U.S. tariff measures on certain goods from China.

"We have never had so much cargo in the port of Long Beach," Mario Cordero, executive director of Long Beach Port, said in a statement. Maritime terminal operators, international coastal and warehousing associations, shipping companies, truck drivers and other stakeholders are working to manage resources. ”

January 25 YANGMN Shipping also issued a blockage delay warning for US West Coast ports: U.S. exporters are hiring larger container ships to accommodate increasing imports as China is expected to impose tariffs on U.S. imports. Freight forwarders transporting containers could face delays in the coming weeks, particularly in Los Angeles and the port of Long Beach!

"Despite the port's ongoing efforts to effectively manage this unpredictable increase in imports, all aspects of port operations, from the supply of labour and equipment to the operation of ships and docks, as well as the use of trucks and railways, are expanding and can lead to blockages, blockages and delays," the Taiwanese shipping company, Yangming Shipping, said in a consultation with customers. ”

As the yangming Shipping explains, the supply of goods remains a major problem, as additional vessels and the resulting labour shortage can lead to berth blockages and delays. Due to the severe blockage, importers usually hold containers for up to three days and have now been extended to one week. If the container is not picked up or returned in time, Yangming shipping will charge the corresponding fee. ”

According to Cordero, the Chinese Lunar New Year should temporarily slow this phenomenon and allow the supply chain to improve a little better before cargo traffic recovers in the coming weeks.

He added: "The port side is working closely with all our partners to bring containers to the port and we thank everyone for their patience. ”

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia is leading a delegation from the port of Long Beach to Southeast Asia to discuss opportunities for cooperation in trade, business and investment.

After eight days, the delegation will visit Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam to sit down with industry organizations and trade officials to discuss attracting and retaining more business. In 2018, Long Beach Harbor had a record throughput of more than 8 million TEUs, a 7% increase in cargo volume compared with the same period in 2017.

Port officials expect trade to grow in 2019, but its growth may be more conservative than last year because of the impact of the Sino-US trade war.

Speaking on the state of the port earlier this month, Cordero said: "Because of the great links of interests on both sides of the Pacific, we believe that the United States and China can resolve their differences and sustain economic growth on both sides." ”

The Port of Los Angeles also has a history of 2018, with the Los Angeles, the busiest container harbor in North America, handling 9.45 million of boxes last year, the largest in 111 years, an increase of 1.2% compared with the same period in 2017.

(Source: Ocean Circle Spotlight)

Trade war grab shipment Los Angeles, Long Beach port Cabinet volume Innovation high

Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that "Sino-US trade war because of the dense shipment, the United States largest Los Angeles and Long Beach two major port container throughput, hit an all-time high in 2018 years, but market Forecast, this (2019) months ago, the increase in the throughput of the two ports should be slowed, in addition to the reduction in demand, Again, the Asian Lunar New Year plant will be shut down. Although the pre-Spring festival is a high season for the seaborne container market, imports are likely to slow after peak periods due to a surge in cargo traffic at the end of 2018.

The Port of Los Angeles, the busiest container ports in North America, handled 9.46 million TEU in 2018, the highest opening in 111 years, up Yi Shi per cent compared with the same period in 2017. Long Beach Harbor handled more than 8 million TEU of cabinets for the first time in 2018, an increase of seven per cent compared with the same period in 2017.

Geneseroka, executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, analyzed that the volume burst was a new high for shipments under Sino-US trade frictions and related to direct trade in mainland China, which accounts for more than half of the $284 billion in goods. Because many cargo owners are worried that some cargo tariffs will be raised on January 1, 2019.

Mario Codro, executive director of Long Beach Harbor, noted that for the first time in 2018, Long Beach Harbor exceeded 8 million TEU, with cargo traffic growing by more than seven per cent, the second consecutive year, the first in the history of the port in 108 years.

The port is expected to continue to grow in 2019, but will be more conservative than last year as a whole, influenced by the U.S.-China trade war.

Import textile Tax code number of Customs Xu correct declaration 20190131

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that the Customs and Excise Department said yesterday (30) that the tariff Code classification benchmark for imported textiles was stated that when the textile material involved the mixing of two or more fibers, the relevant tax code should be included in the materials containing the most weight in the textile materials. If the composition of textile materials, such as heavy, it is listed as the last tax number. When importing textiles, the operators should correctly declare the tax code number, so as not to affect the prescription of customs clearance.

The Customs and Excise Department said that textiles were widely used in people's livelihood supplies, and in 107 the real income of textiles accounted for Chi Zeba per cent of all imports. In view of the general manufacturers or the public often because they do not know the requirements for the classification of textile materials, derivative and customs differences of opinion, and thus affect the statute of limitations.

In particular, the Department noted that artificial fibre wire (Customs import duties 54th) and artificial fiber cotton (chap. 55th), when mixed with other textile materials, should be combined and compared with other materials. For example, from cotton fiber accounted for 40 per cent (chap. 52nd), Cotton recycled fibers (chapter 55th) accounted for 30 per cent, filamentous synthetic fiber (chap. 54th) accounted for 30 per cent of the shuttle weaving, should first be recycled fibers (chapter 55th) and synthetic fibers (54th) added together, will be greater than cotton fiber (52nd), The content of synthetic fibers is the same as that of recycled fibers, then the 55th chapter of "Artificial fiber cotton" is listed from the back of the tax.

For example, the women's woven shorts (6204.6 mesh) are divided into 44 per cent cotton and man-made fibers five or six per cent, with artificial fibers as the main material (6204.63 mesh or 6204.69 mesh), with 33 per cent acrylic fibers (synthetic fibers; 6204.63 mesh) in artificial fibers, 20 per cent of snail haunting fibers (recycled fibers; 6204.69 mesh) and three per cent nylon fibers (synthetic fibers; 6204.63 mesh) should have the highest content of synthetic fibers (33 per cent), so it is advisable to classify the tax code No. No. 6204. No. 63.1, "synthetic fiber for women or girls with trousers, knee pants and shorts".

European Union steel Declaration shall be accompanied by certificate of Origin 20190131

Since February 2, the European Union has implemented defensive measures for the importation of 26 types of steel products from the European Union, and the High Xiongguan yesterday (30) to the steel products of the European Union, the certificate of origin should be attached to the export Declaration.

Gao Xiongguan said that the defence measures were subject to tariff quotas and that, in accordance with the average import volume for 104-106, the quota would be approved by an annual increase of five per cent, with 25 per cent tariff on imports of off-quota steel products for a period of three years (from July 19, 107 to the implementation of temporary defence measures until June 30, 110).

The EU has granted China a national quota for nine of these types of steel products, and the Ministry of Economy has announced that the goods to the EU should be commissioned by ITC before the release of the goods to be issued by the Taiwan Iron and Steel Industry association with the certificate of origin of China, to the Customs and Excise Department for export, effective February 2, 108, and to "limit the output list" 132 ".

Gao Xiongguan said that according to the Ministry of Economy announced the "Limit output table" output specified code "132" and other 302 of China's production of steel products to the European Union, the exporter should apply to the issuing unit for China's certificate of origin, attached to the export declarations, and in accordance with the International Trade Bureau announcement on January 24 this year three, Relevant precautions to deal with: export declarations content should be reported according to the content of the production certificate, a single certificate certificate can only be used for a single export declarations, start to release, after the issuance of the production certificate within 30th to complete the completion of the case.

Remind! Since February, UAE shipping has charged import service charges for importing containers in the port!

UAE shipping announces that from February 21, 2019, Oman (Oman) charges an import service fee.

Please note: With effect from February 21, 2019, all containers imported into port Amansuhar (Sohar port, Oman) will be charged import service fee (import Services Charge), the new quota charges are as follows:

Port: All imported Amansuhar port (Sohar port, Oman)

Quota: Ro (OMR) 10/per container

Effective Date: February 21, 2019 to reach Suhar time calculation

Maersk Shipping requirements notification for the provision of correct MSDS 

Dear Customer:

Thank you for your continued support for Maersk Shipping, the construction of a safe and reliable maritime transport environment requires your cooperation and support, we are here to remind you to be sure to pay attention to the chemical MSDS material Safety Data sheet/Material Safety instructions for the correct filling.

The complete MSDS should include the following 16 items
Section material and Company identification/chemical name and manufacturer information
Section material compositions and info on ingredients/chemical composition Information
Section Hazards identification/Hazard information
Section I aid measures/First aid measures
Section Fire Fighting measures/firefighting measures
Section accidental Release measures./leakage emergency treatment
Section Handling and storage./operations and storage
Section exposure controls/personal protection/contact control and personal protection measures
physicochemical Characteristics of section Physical and chemical characteristics/
Section 0 stability/reactivity/Stability and reactive activity
Section toxicological information/toxicological information
Section Ecological information/Ecological Information
Section Disposal considerations/Waste disposal
Section Transport information/Transportation information
Section Regulatory information/Regulatory information
Section Other information/additional information

Qualified MSDS must and is not limited to providing the following clear and correct information:
1,msds must be in full English.
2,issue Date (issued, valid for 5 years)
3,material and Company identification/chemical name and manufacturer information: Local Factory (complete domestic manufacturer information, should include company name, address, contact number, etc.)
4,material compositions and info on ingredients/Chemical composition Information: CAS (Chemistry Abstract service) per ingredient
5,hazards identification/Hazard Information
6,physical and chemical characteristics/physicochemical characteristics: If the cargo form is liquid (liquid) or paste (paste), please provide flash point
7,toxicological information/toxicological information: Oral rat LD50 "value (lethal/toxicity information, that is, the amount of death taken orally by mice)
8,ecological information/Ecological Information
9,transport information/Shipping Information: This must contain MO/IMDG relevant information, whether or not it is classified as dangerous in IMO (Federal Maritime Organization).

Please note that:
1. If there is a third party identification agency out of the effective Testing, can be used as identification data;
(third parties may be government agencies, such as inspection and quarantine bureaux of urban ports, or academic institutions that study chemical products, such as a certain Chemical Institute.) The report should contain the Chinese and English versions and require a clear reference to company Name,cargo name, the official seal of the third-party accreditation body and the ride-seam chapter, which appears to be dangerous to maritime transport from the results of the transport. The report is valid for one year from the date of issue. Please note: Shipping identification reports issued by the factory/manufacturer are not accepted)

2. If a long-term letter of guarantee is signed, you do not have to pay MSDS again. If you are willing to sign a long-term letter of guarantee with our company, please contact our counterpart Customer Service Department representative.

Thank you for your continued support for Maersk Shipping. If you have any questions about the above adjustments or would like more information, please contact your local Maersk Shipping customer service or sales representative. To get contact details for our local office, please visit

Shun Sung Shang Qi!

Maersk Greater China
January 25, 2019

APL 4/1 push New global network route products 20190128

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" according to relevant units in mainland China, the United States President Ship (APL) announced that this (2019) April 1 will launch the new adjustment of the global network route products. The 34 routes covering major areas and the APL more than 80 non-ocean alliance routes, including the flagship Route Exx, Asia and Latin America routes continue to provide customers with leading shipping services, setting an example for the global shipping industry.

The message states that since April 2019, all routes operated by APL Worldwide include:

I. Asia-North America:

15 Ocean Alliance routes, eight non-Ocean Alliance routes, a total of 23 routes, as one of the most comprehensive route network in the industry, to provide customers with the fastest direct service between China and the United States.

II. Asia-Europe:

Seven Ocean Alliance routes; two non-ocean Alliance routes, with the launch of the new route FX8 and the FX7 Route plus the port of Piraeus, a more powerful route network, covering more Mediterranean markets.

Iii. Asia-Mediterranean:

Four Ocean Alliance routes; a non-ocean alliance route that continues to cover strategically important ports such as Malta, Peiraievs and Bur Said, providing customers with fast air services from the Far East to the Western Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea.

Iv. Pan-Atlantic:

Two Ocean Alliance routes; three non-ocean Alliance routes, offering direct flights connecting northern Europe, the east coast of the United States and the Gulf of Mexico.

V. Asia-Middle East:

Four Ocean Alliance routes; a non-ocean Alliance route, the adjusted WA2 route (formerly known as "pe2─gulf") eastward from the Middle East to Qingdao to cover more ports, westward to add more flight options. The wax route provides direct services from east to Tianjin Xiangang and Qingdao port.

VI. Asia-Red Sea:

Two Ocean Alliance routes. To provide customers with from mainland China into the Red Sea to Djibouti, and the Red Sea region, from Port Jeddah to Akaba, Port and Sukhnei Port of the highly competitive fast air services.

VII. Asia:

47 Non-Ocean alliance routes. The route network covers a wide range of Asian regions and connects major ports in mainland China, north Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Viii. Latin America: 21 Non-ocean Alliance routes. Covering North and south and east-west, continue to provide customers with competitive delivery time and industry-leading freezer shipping services.

Two international conventions hit Greek shipowners: global shipping fears of imbalance this year 20190125 

  according to the relevant units in mainland China, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has imposed a convention on ballast water Treatment systems, which is expected to be implemented from September 8 today (2019), and the January 2020 IMO sulfur restriction order will also come into effect, with Greek shipowners predicting that under the impact of two conventions, There is a fear of imbalances in the global maritime market this year.

The message states that although the ballast water treatment system allows ships to be installed at a special inspection every 2.5 to five years at the time of the ship type, the deadline is September 2424, but because the International Maritime Organization's January 2020 sulphur limit will come, ships now use 3.5 per cent of high sulphur oil, at which time 0.5 per cent of the low sulphur fuel should be changed, And some ports in Europe, the United States and mainland China limit the use of 0.1 of low-sulfur oil in the port area, low sulfur oil per ton of higher sulfur oil about 200 U.S. dollars, old ships with high fuel consumption, such as the installation of scrubbers and feel not cost-effective. Shipping analysts have argued that the two conventions will prompt the early dismantling of old ships.

Industry insiders estimate that the age of shallow large container ships, large bulk carriers and tankers, most of which will be installed in this year's scrubbers, the daily fuel consumption of 120 tons, about 8,000 TEU and more container ships, docking installation scrubbers for at least 45 days, will significantly reduce ship turnover, so the Greek shipowners boldly predicted, 2019 will be a year of global maritime supply and demand imbalance.

Ocean Alliance Asia-Europe route may surpass 2M Alliance 20190125

According to the relevant units in mainland China, the Marine Alliance has recently revamped its network, including the addition of seven Asia-Nordic loops, and will launch day 3 product products in April to deploy 330 container ships on 38 service routes, which is expected to reach 3.8 million TEU,

The Ocean Alliance on the Asia-Europe route may be surpassing the 2M Alliance of Maersk and Mediterranean Shipping (MSC), according to Sea Intelligence, an international Maritime Analysis agency. Sea Intelligence consultancy analysis, Ocean Alliance with the new network, the number of containers in Asia and Europe may surpass Maersk and its partners. The Ocean Alliance also launched a new "day3" network last week, which is expected to take effect in April. In addition, the network is still required to increase the number of additional voyages per week between Asia and Scandinavia, with a total of seven voyages. As the new route is expected to include some of the largest ships, each shipping can be as high as 21,000 TEU, so the Ocean Alliance's Combined Energy in Asia and Europe this year is bound to grow significantly.

Maersk and the Mediterranean are known to have updated their Asia-Europe network in December last year to add more ships, but have cancelled some ports to ensure higher quasi-class rates. Sea Intelligence believes this is not the first time the 2M alliance has seen itself challenged in Asia-Europe's lead, which is likely to be only temporary. According to container regular shipping company orders, MSC will receive 11 ships capable of carrying between 22,000 and 23,000 TEU from August this year. In the other, the Ocean Alliance's Flying Ship (CMA CGM) will receive nine ships of 22,500 TEU class from December this year. Shipping analysts believe that in the three major alliances of the container and shipping industry, the Ocean Alliance is the largest, the Alliance League ranked third. The world's top nine container carriers have a place in all three alliances, and Taiping Shipping (PIL) is the only container regular route company independent of the alliance in the top 10 shipping companies.

Keelung last year container loading and unloading volume broke 3.13 million TEU annual rise 5.09% 20190125 

Keelung Port to improve the overall operational efficiency of ports, enhance the competitiveness of ports. 

"Reporter Zhou Jia/Taipei Report" to (107) the whole Taiwan was affected by the reorganization of the Maritime Transport Union and the route, in order to attract container operators to increase the container traffic to Hong Kong, Taiwan Port company Keelung Port Branch said that in addition to the continuous optimization of the existing port facilities, and the berthing of the branch's public-owned container terminal operators, To sign the container service agreement, to provide customized port stack operation preferential rates.

Keelung Port Branch stressed that in line with the company's new routes, re-export cabinets, re-export of bulk goods, blue highway and other incentives, container loading and unloading has been successfully highlighted by the trend to grow. By statistics, the number of inbound ships deadweight in 107 was 2.78 per cent higher than in the same period in 106; container handling volume had exceeded 3.13 million TEU, growing by 5.09 per cent over the same period in 106, and bulk cargo handling was 0.65 per cent higher than in the same period in 106; the branch, regardless of container, Bulk cargo handling volume than in previous years of growth, performance is remarkable.

Keelung Port Branch said that the port container handling, mainly container, bulk goods as a supplement, in order to refine the overall operational efficiency of the ports, the future will be integrated East and West Bank container terminals and back-line cabinets, freight forwarding for the West Bank Wharf operations, in addition to the West 22 and West 23rd Wharf equipped with three high-performance container cranes and four new gantry And after the completion of the Cabinet electrical construction project last year, is currently engraved to handle the West 6, West 27th Wharf Steel Pipe pile set up construction works, in order to meet the storage space of bulk cargo, in the West 16th pier back line to build 4,600 ping bulk cargo logistics warehouse, is expected to be completed in December this year. In the external traffic matching improvement part, the current use of land engraving is handling the collection operation. The branch has improved its operational efficiency through the construction of additional warehouses, the strengthening of the wharf structure and the integration of freight routes in the port area. In the future, customers and goods will be diverted to manage, implement the development direction of East passenger West Cargo, give full play to the dual axis function of the port and cargo of Keelung Harbor, in order to strengthen the overall competitiveness

Recently, in the Hunan Provincial government Press office press conference, Changsha customs Guan Tang Ching released 2018 Hunan province Foreign trade import and export "Report Card": 2018, Hunan's total import and export value exceeded the 300 billion yuan mark, a record high, 26.5% of the growth rate ranked first in the central region, the fourth in the country. The adjustment of the National Tariff policy in 2019 will be beneficial to alleviate the difficulty of seeing a doctor in Hunan province, and is conducive to enriching the consumption choice of the masses.

Foreign trade highs

Large increase in imports of high-tech products

The global economic situation in 2018 was complex, trade protectionism was on the rise and effective demand from abroad slowed. In the complex and severe situation, Hunan Province's foreign trade still presents some positive changes and bright spots.

Tang Ching introduced that in 2018, Hunan's total import and export value of 307.95 billion yuan, an increase of 26.5% year earlier. Among them, the export of 202.67 billion yuan, an increase of 29.5%; imports of 105.28 billion yuan, an increase of 21.2%.

Mechanical and electrical products, high-tech products occupy the leading position of export, high-tech product imports have increased significantly. In 2018, Hunan Mechanical and electrical products exports 87.46 billion yuan, an increase of 18.9%, accounting for the same period of Hunan province's total export value of 43.2%. Over the same period, Hunan high-tech products imported 24.07 billion yuan, an increase of 50%.

For the significant increase in Hunan's foreign trade over the past year, Shei Zhijie, director of the statistical analysis Department of Changsha Customs, analyzed this, thanks to the continuous promotion of efficiency reduction in Hunan port, the continuous improvement of the business environment, the remarkable effectiveness of the supply side reform, and the continued release of the potential for cooperation with countries along the Belt and Road. He said: At present, Hunan's open rise strategy is in-depth, cross-border e-commerce, market procurement and other new trade patterns bring new opportunities, supply-side reform of the positive factors continue to release, still maintain the development of foreign trade steady to the good fundamentals. However, due to external risks and uncertainties are still more, it is expected that the 2019 Hunan Foreign Trade Development opportunities and challenges coexist, the growth rate of foreign trade has slowed down.

Tariff adjustment

Anticancer drugs cut from 30% to 3%

With the approval of the State Council, the 2019 tariff implementation Programme has been in force since January 1, 2019. The scheme has adjusted the import MFN rate, the tariff quota rate, the agreement tax rate, the preferential tax rate, the export tariff rate and so on.

The programme implements zero tariffs on important raw materials for the domestic production of drugs for the treatment of cancer, rare diseases, diabetes, hepatitis B and acute leukemia, involving 63 species under 31 tariff lines. Changsha Customs and Excise Department director Xu Lingna analysis, according to the 2018 National import data forecast, it is expected that 2019 for the national pharmaceutical production enterprises to reduce the tax burden of 790 million yuan, for drug price adjustment left room, is conducive to reducing the economic burden of patients and families in our province.

At the same time, the tax reduction of postal items is conducive to enriching consumption choices. Xu Lingna introduced that since November 1 last year, the state has carried out a tax reduction on inbound mail items, involving 260 tax numbers. Specifically, Hunan imports more clothing, bags, footwear, watches, cosmetics and other 259 tax purposes common consumer goods, tariff cuts from 30% and 60% to 25% and 50%, respectively. In addition, drugs were cut from 30% to 15%, Chinese herbal wine was cut from 60% to 15%, and anticancer drugs were cut from 30% to 3%. In the case of passengers carrying the more common high-end watches (pay tax at RMB 10,000 and above) as an example, at least 6000 yuan will be paid in accordance with the original tax rate, and after 10% tax reduction, the tax can be saved by more than 1000 yuan.

In addition, the elimination of export tariffs on 94 products will, to a certain extent, reduce the export costs of Hunan enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of the international market, and the new upgrade or signing of the FTA, help Hunan to expand trade with countries and regions along the belt and road, and impose tentative tax rates on commodities such as miscellaneous meal, which is conducive to the expansion of imports Reduce the cost of import links.

Enterprise Burden Reduction

Tax relief under major technical equipment 988 million RMB

In the 2018, Changsha Customs has made outstanding achievements in supporting the expansion and efficiency of open platforms, promoting the reduction and efficiency of key enterprises, and promoting the rapid growth of new business forms.

At present, the province put into operation of 9 bonded warehouse, export supervision Warehouse 2, covering 9 cities and counties. 2018 the province's "two silos" to achieve import and export value of 1.232 billion yuan, an increase of 51.9%. such as Huanghua Airport bonded Aviation Oil Warehouse July 1, 2018 officially run, the cumulative for overseas flights to add bonded aviation oil 55,000 tons, for airlines to save costs of more than 8 million yuan.

To promote the approval of imported drugs at Huanghua Airport, to support the development of the Central European class in Hunan, and to open the outbound transport channels for cross-border e-commerce in Central Europe. 2018 Hunan Province shipped 163 row of Central European class, cargo volume 194,300 tons.

Reduce the burden and increase efficiency for key enterprises. 2018 for Hunan Enterprises, universities, research institutes tax relief of 1.124 billion yuan, an increase of 163.4%, the highest in nearly 5 years. 5 major technical Equipment policy catalogue adjustment recommendations by the Ministry of Finance and other six ministries to adopt, the whole year Hunan major technical equipment under the tax relief of 988 million yuan, listed as the first in the country.

2018 issued a total of 101,800 certificates of origin, such as FTA, GSP, non-preferential, etc., the visa amount of 4.863 billion U.S. dollars, the increase of 19.94%, 28.59%, respectively, the number of central six provinces first, for Hunan export enterprises to reduce the target country tariff of 211 million U.S. dollars.

In order to promote the rapid growth of new business, Changsha approved the cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area, Takahashi market was approved by the market procurement trade pilot and on December 6, 2018, the first trial run. Support Changsha Huanghua Airport International Express Center to start operations, a total of 370,000 tickets completed throughout the year.

Speed up customs clearance

Overall import and export clearance time is greater than 2017

In 2018, Changsha customs successfully completed the task of institutional reform, the historic realization of the province's municipal and state customs agencies full coverage, for Hunan's open economic development has created better conditions. Among them, Changsha set up 3 regular level under the customs, respectively, is Xingsha customs and under the Liuyang office, Changsha Huanghua Airport customs, Changsha post Office customs.

After the institutional reform, the customs clearance process and links are greatly streamlined and optimized. In accordance with the principle of optimizing synergy and efficiency, vigorously promote the integration of customs inspection business, June 1 last year to cancel the customs clearance list, August 1, the original customs declaration, inspection of a total of 229 declared items combined and streamlined to 105; Integration of the declaration system, the introduction of new customs declaration, the real realization of a declaration, a single customs clearance, Customs clearance is more convenient and smooth, customs clearance costs significantly reduced. December 2018 Closed Area import overall customs clearance time of 39 hours, more than 2017 compression 78.8%, the overall export clearance time of 2.45 hours, more than 2017 compression 73.3%, high-quality completion of the compression of the overall customs clearance time One-third task.

wenty shipping enterprises to "COSCO Shipping Group, and Marine Union Wharf Cooperation Conference", the issue once again to the global port and shipping industry with "a new pattern of trade, port and shipping a new future" as the theme of "Boao initiative" major initiative content includes: Jiyuguize jointly safeguard the free trade system, promote global trade facilitation; development of green shipping, port wisdom, intelligence and ships. 

This a major port and shipping cooperation forum organized by the Department of COSCO Shipping Group, was held in Boao, Hainan, and with "a new pattern of trade, port and shipping a new future" as the theme. COSCO Shipping Group chairman Xu Lirong at the meeting said the second ○ Yi Banian incoming parties to show openness, cooperation and win-win pattern of, in support of global ports, marine league as the world's largest smooth functioning of the Union industry to date. The future of the port and shipping should be more in-depth cooperation on the stake. 

Twenty shipping enterprises and representatives attended the meeting include: COSCO Shipping Group chairman Xu Lirong, CMA CGM chairman and CEO Rudolf Sadie (Rodolphe-Saade), Evergreen Marine general manager Li Mengjie, Orient Overseas Co-execution president Dong Li Jun, a Hong Kong Group chairman Mr Chen, Zhejiang Province Harbor Group Managing Director / General Manager of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Palace dawn, Qingdao Port Group chairman Lifeng Li, general manager of Guangzhou Port Group GRAPHIC, Tianjin Port Group Chief economist Wang Honghai, Director of Xiamen Port Group long Chen Zhiping, general manager of Dalian port Group, Xu Song, Lianyungang port Group president Zhu Xiangyang, general manager of the port Group Cairong Guo Jiangsu Province, Anhui Province, incoming chairman Ding Qing collar, deputy general manager of the Beibu Gulf port Group Xie Yi, Hainan incoming Lin Jian, chairman, Zhuhai port Group chairman Teruo Europe, and the Group Managing Director of Hutchison port Eric Ip, PSA international port Chencong Min, president, chief operating officer of Dubai ports World Matthew Leach (Matthew Leech). 

During the meeting, sea control COSCO, OOCL, COSCO Marine Cargo and Port Group, Qingdao Port Group, Tianjin Port Group signed a memorandum port and shipping cooperation will further promote cooperation in the development of Shanghai Port, Qingdao Port, Tianjin Port and COSCO shipping. Meanwhile, COSCO shipping port on Singapore Ltd. and COSCO PSA PSA - Newport Pier formally signed two new berths put into operation, COSCO - Xingang port currently has five large container ship berths, annual handling capacity of three berths before a total of three one million TEU, up to about 4.85 million TEU.

CMA CGM 4/1 from the two brands join the European shipping version of 20190121 Taiwan Shin Sheng Daily News 

According to the British shipping related sites, said the French shipping company CMA CGM (CMACGM) to    April 1 ,2019 onwards, with a single Containerships brand, to join its Containerships and MacAndrews brand. 

Sources pointed out that by adding the power of two intra-European multimodal transport company, CMACGM believe that it will create and develop a leading brand within Europe, the maritime and inland solutions combined with complementary areas.

The US US trade war, the global economic downturn, and the drop in international oil prices impact the performance of export orders. The Statistics Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced that the export orders in December were $43 billion 380 million, an annual decrease of 10.5%, the biggest decline in 32 months. It is worth noting that the slowdown in mainland economic growth has also hit Taiwan's performance. Last December, the order from mainland China and Hongkong was $9 billion 840 million. Reduce 10.3%, refresh the biggest decline since May 2016.

Nor is it optimistic in January.

Outlook 2019 is also not optimistic. The Ministry of economic affairs estimated that the export orders in January this year will be about 37 billion US dollars to 38 billion US dollars, down 11.8% to 14.1% compared with the same period last year, and the decrease will continue to expand.

Lin Lizhen, director of statistics, said that 12 and January this year, the export orders were greatly reduced. The main reason is that the international forecast organization expects that this year's economic growth rate is much lower than that of last year. In the US US trade war, some of the telecommunications and electronic products were not in the tax list, but the economy declined and consumption weakened, affecting the purchase of mobile phones and affecting the order of electronic products. In addition, the decline in international oil prices and raw material prices also affect the purchase of plasticized products.

The trade war and the machinery industry are the worst.

For the analysis of the main products, many goods even received a record of 32 months and the biggest reduction in financial tsunami. The largest decline in machinery industry was significantly affected by the US US trade war, which decreased by 22.5% annually, the biggest financial downturn since September 2009.

Mainland slowdown

On the basis of regional analysis, Europe's 33.7% decrease in July 2001 compared with the same month last year was the most surprising in July 2001. However, Lin Lizhen explained that due to the source of orders for manufacturers, the actual orders had not been reduced. In contrast, the mainland and Hongkong manufacturers with stable orders in December decreased by 10.3% a year, the biggest reduction since May 2016. Growth deceleration is also a major factor.

The Ministry of economic affairs expects that the first quarter will continue to be enveloped in the haze of export orders which shrank considerably from the same period last year. However, the first quarter was originally a low season, coupled with the impact of the big environment. However, the second quarter is expected to benefit from the off-season replenishment and other factors. Orders will pick up, but the US US trade war will become a major variable.

In response to the United States and China trade Customs to cooperate with customs clearance measures to protect rights and interests 20190119 

"Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei Report" in response to the continued fermentation of trade frictions between the United States and China, the Customs and Excise Department, in addition to stepping up the verification of pseudo-standard origin, and in line with the Ministry of Economy to adopt the relevant controls as a result, the Commissioner of Audit yesterday (18) invited the operators to fully cooperate in the customs clearance of goods in With effect from 21st, the Customs and Excise Department will carry out imports of solar cells and other photovoltaic batteries, which shall be accompanied by a certificate of origin issued by the exporting country, the Government of the producing country or its authorized unit. At the same time, we call on the incoming and outbound operators to cooperate with the relevant measures to handle import and export customs clearance procedures, in the customs clearance of goods and the relevant supporting documents, in order to safeguard their rights and interests, speed up the customs clearance of goods.

he Customs and Excise Department said that in response to U.S.-China trade frictions, free trade port business exports to the United States and the European Union electric Auxiliary bicycles, should obtain the export license issued by the Ministry of Economy in advance, such as imported tools, electric auxiliary bicycles or bicycles, such For domestic sales "use, the export of China's production tools machine to the United States, should be attached to China's certificate of Origin documents, free trade port business exports to the United States bicycles, should obtain the export license issued by the Ministry of Economy in advance." Please cooperate with Customs clearance measures to dimension rights and interests.

According to relevant units in mainland China, January 17, Cosco Shipping Group (coscoshipping) of Cosco Shipping Port Co., Ltd. and Singapore PSA Port Group in Hainan Boao on the Cosco Singapore-Xingang Wharf added two berths, this deepening cooperation, mainly for the layout of the global development Strategy, Further consolidate and strengthen the port of Singapore as a global container transit hub port.

Xu Lirong, chairman of COSCO Shipping Group, pointed out that this cooperative representative COSCO shipping is an important step in accelerating the layout of the global wharf and deepening international cooperation. Wharf Business is the core resources of COSCO Shipping group, is the Foundation and strategic Support point of global network layout, and will form a good pattern of mutual promotion and coordinated development with the group's ship transportation industry and upstream and downstream related business of the industrial chain. The increase in berths and the expansion of cooperation at the Singapore joint Venture Wharf will highlight the importance of the port of Singapore in the Cosco Shipping global network.

Chen Congmin, President of PSA International Port Group, points out that both PSA and COSCO Shipping Group Two companies are an important milestone, with the expansion of cooperation from port operations to supply chain ecosystems, working together to innovate freight solutions, explore digital spaces, and take advantage of the potential advantages of emerging technologies such as blockchain. Zhangwei, vice chairman and managing director of COSCO Shipping Port Board, stressed that the two sides had increased two berths on the basis of the original three berths in Singapore port, and that the total throughput capacity had been upgraded from 3 million TEU to 4.85 million TEU, and firmly believed that the cooperation would further strengthen the status of key strategic hub ports in Southeast Asia, Singapore.

It is reported that Cosco-Xingang Wharf currently has five large container ship berths, the new berths will help COSCO shipping port to strengthen the layout of the Singapore Wharf Network, to support the parent company of the ship and the need for industry alliance. The data show that Cosco-Xingang Wharf was established in 2003 and is jointly operated by COSCO Shipping port and PSA.

January 26, 2018, Cosco Xingang Wharf added a third berth, the Cosco shipping ship loading and unloading ship efficiency of more than 200 of the route also from No.7th of 2017   to No.37th of 2018.

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Ocean alliance enters the third stage of Orient Overseas optimization products

Since the establishment of the ocean alliance, Orient has been working with its allies to bring quality service products to the market. With the goal of continuously providing customers with the best choice, the alliance has announced that it will further enhance its service products in the third years of its operation.

In the highly competitive maritime industry, the alliance will launch third stage service products to enhance competitiveness and meet the changing needs of the global supply chain in the increasingly volatile market environment. Since the launch of the first stage product in 2017, members of the alliance have been working to improve service levels, maintain punctuality of competitive flights and provide the best service network.

For example, in the optimization of the products, Pan Pacific routes expanded the coverage in Southern China and Southeast Asia. In addition to the PSW route plus Taipei and the ECX1 route plus the port of MEE to take care of the needs of customers, the newly added GCC2 routes extended the Mexico coast fast track service portfolio to provide greater flexibility for customers and their supply chains.

The route from Asia to Europe will also increase significantly. With the addition of 7 of the new route, the additional Asian to Nordic flights will allow greater flexibility in the load and enhance our confidence in our commitment to services. The extended coverage network will also have more room for growth.

Our highly efficient barge network in the Baltic Sea can connect important ports such as Gdansk, Hamburg, William and Rotterdam, which will significantly enhance services in the Baltic Sea and Scandinavia. In addition, our customers can also make use of our enhanced Mediterranean services network through the operation of our Piraeus hub, Eurasia and the Middle East market. The connection was strengthened as a result of the constant suspension of the port of the great babe Ali.

Mr. Dong Lijun, CO chief executive of Orient Overseas, expressed his pride in the third phase of the marine alliance's innovative product line. "Under the current difficult industry environment and turbulent global market conditions, it is important to maintain business flexibility and respond quickly to global supply chain changes. The adjustment we made this time reflects that we are trying not only to cater to changes in the market, but also to provide customers with the best option and the most competitive product mix. "

According to the service adjustment of the alliance, OOCL will provide the following routes:

17 Pan Pacific service routes

The 6 Pacific Southwest service route (PSW):

Pacific Central China 1 [PCC1]: Ningbo to Shanghai, Busan to Long Beach, Busan to Ningbo

The Pacific Ocean is 1 [PCN1] in North China: Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Rupert, Port Au Prince, Losangeles, Oakland and Tianjin.

Pacific Southern China 1 [PCS1]: Fuqing to Nansha to Hongkong, Yantian to Xiamen, Losangeles to Oakland to Fuqing.

Pacific Ocean Southern China 2 [PCS2]: Taipei to Xiamen to Shekou, Yantian to Losangeles, Oakland to Taipei

Pacific Vietnam Southern China [PVCS]: Kaohsiung to port Mei Mei, Hongkong to Yantian to Kaohsiung, Long Beach to Kaohsiung.

Southeast Asia pendulum route [SEAP-PSW]: Klang port to Singapore, Jakarta to Lin Cha ban, port of MEE port, Losangeles to Oakland, Hongkong to mee port, Singapore to Port Klang to Colombo [SEAP-USEC]

The 4 Pacific Northwest service route (PNW):

Taiping northwest 1 [PNW1]: Shekou to Hongkong, Yantian to Kaohsiung, Vancouver to Seattle, Busan to Kaohsiung to Shekou.

Taiping northwest 2 [PNW2]: Yantian to Xiamen, Ningbo to Shanghai to Busan, Seattle to Vancouver to salt field.

Taiping northwest 3 [PNW3]: Yantian to Kaohsiung, Shanghai to Ningbo to Tacoma, Vancouver to Tokyo, Osaka to Qingdao, salt field.

Taiping northwest 4 [PNW4]: Hongkong, Yantian to Ningbo, Shanghai to Rupert, Port Au Prince to Vancouver, Yokohama to Hongkong.

7 Asia - North America east coast and US Bay area service routes:

The east coast of China is 1 [ECC1]: Xiamen to Hongkong, Yantian to Kaohsiung, the Panama Canal to the Panama Canal, to Baltimore to Norfolk to New York to Xiamen.

The east coast of China is 2 [ECC2]: Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai, Busan, the Panama Canal, Busan, CNE, Savannah, Charleston, Boston, New York, and colon.

The east coast is fast sailing 1 [ECX1]: port of MEE, Hongkong, Yantian, Xiamen, Shanghai, the Panama Canal, the Panama Canal, New York, Savannah and Charleston.

The east coast is fast sailing 2 [ECX2]: Qingdao, Ningbo, Shanghai, Busan, the Panama Canal, Busan, New York, Norfolk, Savannah and Qingdao.

Southeast Asia pendulum route [SEAP-USEC]: Hongkong to the port of Mei Mei, Singapore to Port Klang, Colombo to Suez canal, Halifax to New York, Norfolk to Savannah, Charleston to Port Klang, Singapore to Jakarta, Lin to ban, to mee port to [SEAP-PSW]

The Gulf coast of China is 1 [GCC1]: Singapore to Hongkong, Ningbo to Shanghai, Ningbo to Shanghai, Ningbo to the Panama Canal, Shanghai to Mo, to New Orleans to Miami.

Mexico bay bank China 2 [GCC2]: Shanghai to Ningbo to Xiamen, Yantian to the Panama Canal, Ningbo to Houston

2 pan the Atlantic service routes:

The east coast of the Atlantic is fast sailing 1 [ATE1]: Southampton to Antwerp, Rotterdam to Bremen, to Le Havre, to New York to Norfolk to Savannah to Charleston to Southampton.

The Atlantic Bay fast sailing 1[ATG1]: Le Havre to Antwerp, Rotterdam to Bremen, to Charleston, to Miami to Veracruz.

Emergency Warning! Germany's eight major airports strike! Multi-flight Cancellations! The goods are piled up! Aging is affected!

Is the year before the shipment season, but at home and abroad but a variety of "not peaceful"!

According to media reports, Germany's Frankfurt, Munich and Hamburg and other 8 airport security personnel in the local time January 15, held a general strike! Airport closures, multiple flights cancelled, more than 200,000 passengers travel delays!

At the same time, also has a serious impact on international logistics, transport delays, cargo accumulation, please inform each other, timely adjustment of the trans-shipment point!

It is understood the strike began 2 o'clock in the morning on 15th and continued until 8 o'clock in the evening. The strikes were attended by passengers, luggage and cargo security personnel from 8 airports, including Frankfurt, Munich, Hanover and Hamburg. The strike was organised by Germany's trade union, the German service industry union, which demanded an increase in pay for all security personnel at airports across Germany, up from € 17 per hour now to € 20.

The strike has a wide range of effects, with Frankfurt Airport announcing that a total of 617 flights were cancelled on the same day, equivalent to one in every two aircraft. German media reported that in this international airport, which has the highest passenger volume in Europe, only the transit area is functioning normally on the same day, and almost all flights from Frankfurt are "unable to board the plane".

"The strike triggered a great mess at the German airport! "German newspaper Bild said on the 15th. Those who took part in the strike, wearing yellow vests and holding signs such as "More wages, more safety," whistled and marched through the airport area to demonstrate.

In response to the strike, Lufthansa cancelled at least 414 flights, including 386 intra-European flights and 28 intercontinental flights. Airlines, Air China, Cathay and Lufthansa have cancelled flights to and from Frankfurt airport.

At present, the employers and employees have passed 4 rounds of negotiations and there is still no agreement. A new round of negotiations will be held on January 23 and 24th. Part to Germany's air transport, aging and delivery have been affected to varying degrees! Also ask you foreign trade, freight forwarders must pay attention to, timely preparation and plan!

(where the content is integrated from the ship)

Imported pharmaceutical APIs and products declarations Note lot number 20190117 

  In order to strengthen the control of the import of pharmaceutical raw materials and product flow, Keelung Guan industry in line with the source management measures of the Department of Health, import initiative in the Declarations "Specifications" field correctly marked "Batch number", in order to specify.

In order to ensure the quality of imported APIs, drug safety and medical efficiency, to avoid the occurrence of abnormal import of APIs, the Weifu Department of Food and Drug Administration to promote the API management policies and the establishment of drug safety monitoring mechanism, to strengthen the implementation of the source management of input flow, the industry imports of pharmaceutical APIs and products, in addition to the existing "501" or " 503"and other input provisions to handle, and in the import Declarations" Specifications "field correctly fill in the product lot number.

Keelung Guan yesterday specifically reminded the industry, "lot number" is not currently imported declarations "specifications" field of the necessary declaration, nor is it a customs inspection of the goods should be checked items, if the industry after the release of the application for correction of the drug lot number, the customs can not check the actual batch number of goods, will be subject to the correction of the case. Importers and customs brokers are requested to confirm the correctness of the data before filing in order to safeguard their rights and interests.

Shanghai free Trade Zone push convenient measures to help cross-border e-commerce expand East China 20190117 

Reporter Chen Weiqiang/Taipei reported that "after the operation of the comprehensive cross-border e-commerce test area in mainland China, the cross-border import and retail market is expanding, and the State Council of China is currently conducting a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce test area in 13 cities across China in two phases, with approved cities including Hangzhou, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Hefei, Zhengzhou Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian, Ningbo, Qingdao, Shenzhen and Suzhou, and now added Beijing, Hohhot, Nanjing, Shenyang, Changchun, Changsha, Haikou, Zhuhai, Dongguan, Nanchang, Wuxi, Kunming, Yiwu and other 22 cities as a test area, the overall number has increased to 35.

The HKTDC SME Service Centre has organised a workshop for TDC economists to discuss the development trend of online shopping and cross-boundary e-commerce in mainland China, and invited experts to introduce the construction and policy profile of the Shanghai cross-border e-business demonstration Park and the facilitation measures of the Shanghai free Trade zone.

Zeng, Assistant chief economist of HKTDC Greater China, pointed out that middle-class families are keen on are and purchasing services, and most of them think that the quality supervision of foreign goods is more stringent, so there will be better protection for the purchase of foreign products, and will buy products or styles that are not sold on the mainland through purchasing or Amoy, as well as cheaper prices.

According to the HKTDC Market survey, the average number of annual trips of middle-class households with a monthly record of 20,000 to 40,000 yuan and more than 40,000 yuan is 20, six and 30 four, respectively, and since the implementation of the pilot Free trade zone scheme in various cities in mainland China, many cross-boundary e-commerce operators have benefited from various trade facilitation measures in the region. , so that online shopping and the atmosphere of the sea is more hot. As Shanghai is a free trade zone and a comprehensive test area for cross-border e-commerce, it is conducive to opening up Shanghai into the Yangtze River Delta and the retail market throughout East China.

The mainland cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test area is implementing the "three single-in-one" simplification process, after the online ordering of the transaction orders will be automatically uploaded to the customs system for the record, after the customs audit passed, the courier company will ship to the customer.

At present, cross-border e-commerce import business model is divided into "bonded import" (B2B2C) and "Direct Mail Import" (B2C) two kinds. Zeng Shiyun pointed out that bonded imports use the "first stock after receiving orders" touch, cross-boundary e-commerce first to the mainland customs, the Customs and Excise Department will check whether the goods are in the positive list column, once confirmed, cross-boundary e-commerce will bring the goods into the Bonded warehouse for the stock, and consumers after the cross-boundary E Logistics messages such as delivery locations will be declared to the Customs and Excise department through the network, and when the Customs and Excise Department passes the examination, the goods will be cleared directly from the bonded area and delivered to consumers within 3-4 days.